As Smooth as a Banana

When I posted about playing the Goonies soundtrack, I forgot to mention that I was playing a CD. I’ve had it for a while, and it’s a little scratched. It was skipping. There are many commercial CD polishing products, but I wondered if there was something I could do about it with things I had in my classroom.

There was! The internet is full of instructions on how to use a banana to polish a skipping CD. I had brought a banana for lunch! Yay!

You are supposed to use both the edible part and the peel.

You are supposed to use both the edible part and the peel.

It worked! Sort of. It still skipped, but it skipped way less than before I polished it. Nice.

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3 Responses to As Smooth as a Banana

  1. Lauren says:

    What? What?!?! That is a hack I’ve never heard of and it’s a little jibble for non-banana-lovers like myself. That is amazing that it did anything!

    Also, your test underneath is like clickbait. I want to read the graveyard story!

    • Brad says:

      It’s a little weird to hear that someone doesn’t like bananas. It’s not my favorite fruit, but I eat one every day for lunch.

      You should read “The Graveyard Book”. I like it a lot. It’s written by Neil Gaiman. I have extra copies from my years of teaching it. I can bring you one.

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