Something Old

It’s been hot lately, so yesterday I went upcountry. I thought I’d check out a garden center I hadn’t been to before. It had kind of a meditation theme, with many quiet places and statues of Buddha.

They sold plants there. What was notable about their offerings is how old their plants were. I mean, they had coleus plants with woody stems! And some of their succulents were sprawling and spectacular! I might have gotten something, but all the things I liked were too big. I just don’t have that kind of space.

There were a couple of labyrinths there, too. It was fun to see them. I had a fascination with labyrinths many years ago, and read a lot about them. Probably the most famous labyrinth in the world is in the Cartres Cathedral in France.

This garden center had a labyrinth based on that design. It was cool.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I like the idea of labyrinths, too, but apparently it takes me six tries to spell them right. I’ve thought about secretly painting one somewhere in Seward, Banksy-style. That one is beautiful! If the point of labyrinths is to get lost in your thoughts and zone out, though, I think my couch might qualify.

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