Like a Bag of Tomatoes

Diane emailed me the other day and asked if I liked dragon fruit. It’s the fruit of a cactus. It looks kind of spiny or scaley. It tastes something like… kiwi? It grows pretty easily here in Maui, so people often have it growing in their yard.

Anyway, I do like dragon fruit, and told Diane so. A little later in the day, a second grader came to my room with a bag full of them.

It reminded me of people in Nebraska who have too many tomatoes, so they’re always looking for someone to take them. I will enjoy eating them over the next few days.

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2 Responses to Like a Bag of Tomatoes

  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! You could make some BLDF sandwiches! Let me know how those turn out. 🙂

  2. Deborah says:

    I tried dragon fruit this summer and likened it to kiwi, also. We paired it with mango. Really good.

    This time of year in Seward you have to lock your doors. Otherwise giant zucchini will appear on your kitchen counter.

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