Road Trip

The condo complex I live in has an extermination company do a treatment a few times a year. They don’t like to spray in apartments with pets in them. It always happens during the day when I’m not home, so I can’t take Gus out and have them spray.

I had arranged for a special visit yesterday because I was home. I held Gus while the guys sprayed, then Gus and I headed out for a drive after they were done. I wanted to let the spray dry a little before I let Gus wander the apartment again.

I drove to Kahului, because that includes a long straight drive for a while, and I thought that would soothe Gus. I stopped at school to feed my fish, then headed home again.

I was sure I took a picture of Gus walking around in my classroom at school, but it’s not on my phone. Dang.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Awwww….. travels with Gus! I bet he enjoyed the warm adventure. 🙂 I haven’t taken my cats anywhere, dang it.

    That spray – is it for lizards or just the killer centipedes?

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