Flowers of Things to Come

There’s a room at our school called “The Teacher Work Room”. It’s funny we call it that because I’ve never seen any teacher work in there. It’s like previous schools calling a room “The Teachers’ Lounge”. No lounging happened.

Anyway, I went into the teacher work room so I could get some cleaning wipes, and I saw a lovely sight:

They smelled good...  mmm...

They smelled good… mmm…

Easter lilies! Yay! Because of my move, Holy Week has been and will be so busy this year. I’m sad because I like Holy Week so much. Hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services in between moving all my stuff and cleaning my apartment.

By Easter Sunday, the moving and cleaning will be done. I’ll definitely be enjoying that!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Today is the official move-in day, yes? Congratulations! In…… four days this will all be done!

    I laugh about a teacher ‘lounge’/workroom, too. We have a ‘resource room’, but everybody works in their classrooms and the teachers who get to take a break just leave the building.

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