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Whey to Go

I have been trying to add protein to my diet. I switched to eating a pouch of tuna at lunch. At first, it was great. Throwing a pouch of tuna in my lunch bag was so easy in the morning. And eating it was so quick. Nice!

But now I’ve gotten sick of it. I need to switch to something else, but I’m so lazy…

But at least I’ve found a new source of protein the morning: whey! I tried a protein shake about a month ago, but it had artificial sweetener in it, so it didn’t work out. Instead, I decided to order just plain whey.

It’s good! Well, maybe I shouldn’t say good. It’s not bad. I mixed it with milk, then mixed in my Carnation powder. It doesn’t taste like when I mix it with just milk, but it doesn’t taste bad. I think I’ll make it part of my routine.


  1. Lauren

    I’m glad you found a solution that is working for you. Is that wire orb for mixing it up? Is powered whey made in a cheese factory? I’m so curious about the whole thing.

    Great title, by the whey. 😉

    • Brad

      I got the Superman bottle because it was Superman, but it is called a “shaker bottle” because it came with that wire thingy. It works very well to mix things.

      I do not know how they extract the whey protein, though the bag does say something about a cold process and about how milk doesn’t have gluten. (Which I always think is weird. Of course milk doesn’t have wheat gluten in it. It’s like saying apples don’t contain any oranges.)

  2. Carol

    Does this make you Mr. Muffet now? Asking for a friend…

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