Unintended Target

On Wednesday morning, the sky and mountains outside my classroom looked like a Bob Ross painting. Just as I was raising my phone to take a picture of it, I noticed the woman across the street sitting in her chair.

She's sitting right next to the white SUV.

She’s sitting right next to the white SUV.

I took pictures of other parts of the sky to show her I wasn’t trying to take a picture of her…

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2 Responses to Unintended Target

  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! Good thinking with the extra pictures. That sky is just gorgeous! Such happy little clouds……..

  2. Debbie says:

    Ahh, the nonchalant picture taker move for cover up. Nice job. I, on the other hand, WANTED to take a pic of this lady and her 18″high hair (not exaggerating) at the pool store but couldn’t bring myself to do it… even turned my phone silent so the shutter sound wouldn’t make a noise. There were no pretty clouds in the pool store to pretend to take a picture of? Her hair was truly amazing, i was in awe…. i’m just stumped of how she drives?….maybe another day.

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