Choosing Lanes

Last night was our Bible study group’s night to start up again. On my way there, I stopped for some salad ingredients. I chose my checkout line poorly. It was moving so slowly, I switched lanes.

It reminded me of being at the grocery store a week ago. I was choosing a checkout lane, and I saw one that had all men who were by themselves. It reminded me of a scene from the Simpsons, where Apu was shopping with Marge, and suggested they get in a line that was long. Marge questions Apu about it and he says they’re “all pathetic single men. Only cash. No chit chat.” Ha! I don’t know that the men were single or pathetic, but I chose that line.

The line did indeed move quickly.
The line did indeed move quickly.
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2 Responses to Choosing Lanes

  1. Lauren says:

    All cash. No chit-chat. Where do I sign up? That’s the best line there is!

  2. Debbie says:

    3 words….Self check out! It has its positives. No chit chat….. yet i find myself talking to the machine sometimes?

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