Glass Collection

I don’t cook for myself very often, so I don’t make many dishes dirty. But lately it seems I’ve been making dirty glasses like crazy.

The problem is that after drinking milk out of them, I haven’t been rinsing them. Milk dries in the bottom, and I don’t want to use them again, so I put a little water in them, then let them soak by the sink… where they sit for the next few days.

Ugh. I’m so lazy sometimes…

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4 Responses to Glass Collection

  1. Lauren says:

    I hear you. I just read somewhere that a guy’s grandpa gave him the advice: “If a job is going to take less than five minutes, then just do it.” That looks so good on paper, but is hard to implement in real life. (As I stare at the dirty dishes and stuff by the sink. All told, I have about 30 minutes of work there. I’m going to put it off.)

  2. Kristi says:

    Could you use every glass in your home before washing them? I wonder how many you have.

  3. Debbie says:

    Do you not have a dishwasher?? My filing pile looks like your glasses….. and if i did that as the mail came each day it would be less than 5 min yet i let the papers grow? Hey, use paper cups! But then you would have to take out the trash more and buy more garbage bags? It’s all just a viscous cycle. Build a glass tower at least for your entertainment.

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