Refrigerator Swap

After school yesterday, I helped move some refrigerators. Andrea bought a new one, and her old refrigerator was better than the one that’s been in the fifth grade room.

So Josh and I went to Andrea’s got her old one, put it in the fifth grade room, and put the fifth grade room refrigerator on the street.

Hopefully someone will come to take it. It works, but it is noisy.

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2 Responses to Refrigerator Swap

  1. Lauren says:

    Good grief, that’s a lot of moving of stuff. I hope you are resting today!

  2. Debbie Fettig says:

    I think those are the only kinds of refrigerators I’ve had? Someone else’s still good one. ha The one we have now is from Marks work, side by side and black so it finally matches the kitchen. I wouldn’t get a side by side tho…..I like the old fashioned kind…and I don’t want it talking to me…..I have conversations with myself just fine. Used to have two fridges…..that was nice! We play musical furniture or get something new/used/found every few years so the one had to go. Good for you to help! Probably nothing for you since you work out regular there Super Brad! 🙂

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