Three Trees

I have been tending some trees behind my classroom. I planted three plumeria cuttings, but only one has survived. That survivor was looking withered and all the leaf-sprouts had turned black and dropped off. I decided I would keep watering it. It’s looking better!

See the new leaf on the branch at the top?

I also planted three puakenikeni trees. Also only one of them has survived. I think it will make it, as long as I keep watering it. Over Thanksgiving break, I spread some potting soil around it to help suppress the grass.

The soil also makes a nice water reservoir.

The tree that looks the best right now is the puakenikeni I planted when I buried Gus. It was larger already, which I think is helping it remain healthy.

I amended the soil around it as well.
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3 Responses to Three Trees

  1. Lauren says:

    Look at you – making a tropical paradise even better. That’s pretty cool, Brad. I hope that they thrive!

    (Is that pop can growing into a tree or is it your watering vessel?)

  2. Rachel S says:

    Did you purposely plan to plant perinials that all started with a proper P, and that I cannot possibly properly pronounce? 🙂 Pleasantly pleased they are prospering. Peace out.

  3. Debbie says:

    Water is the magic liquid. Good for to plant trees where you work. We both have plumarias now! Nice little circle of fun….i would grow there.

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