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I started doing this before Christmas, but maybe now that it’s the new year, I can count it as a resolution: I want to be more informed about news events.

I used to get my news from the radio. In Baltimore, there was a station that did a rotating news cycle, so if I listened for fifteen minutes, I would have heard everything (including sports!).

Here, I can’t seem to find a talk radio station that isn’t just DJs bantering back and forth, or some 30 minute news story about sheep herders in New Zealand.

Then I realized I already knew of a solution: Every Wednesday, I play CNN10 for my students as a Current Events lesson. We watch… we discuss… It’s nice. CNN prepares a program every day. It’s ten minutes long, and is surprisingly not very editorial.

I am playing it on my phone on my drive to work. I miss some things because I don’t watch it – sometimes they do segments that are captioned instead of narrated – but I’m definitely more informed than if I just listen to the radio.


  1. Lauren

    Very inspiring! I think I could handle 10 minutes of news. Maybe I’ll check it out……

  2. Debbie

    I need to be more informed too….i watch the news in the morning but can tell each channel has their own spin on everything. What’s real? I find my mind wandering and planning my day instead…. good for you to be diligently informed!

  3. Kim

    Hello from Cockeysville! I am home sick today and instead of coughing, I thought I would stalk bradaptation and see what my friend is up to. Imagine my surprise when I discovered you are becoming a Carl Azuz fan!

    I don’t use CNN/10 as often as I would like, but it is a wonderful way to build content knowledge for students. If students want to read more about a story they could try dogonews.com (maybe you already use this site).

    Also, I discovered that I no longer have your phone number in my phone. 🙁
    nu fone, hoo dis?

    Otherwise things are good in the 21030. We were just laughing over winter break how you caught Sean in forgery during the 7th Grade SexEd class. He just didn’t want to talk to us about that stuff. Heh.

    Anyhoo, thanks for giving me a glimpse into life on the island! Miss you!

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