Boxes of Bags

When I made my lunch yesterday morning, I used the last sandwich bag in my drawer. It surprised me, because it was a big box.

That box of Malama bags are from house guests.

Then I went into my pantry to get a new box, because I bought a multi-pack of boxes of sandwich bags at Costco when I first moved here. I was surprised again. There was only one box left.

I’ve used a lot of sandwich bags. Sorry, Lauren. Sorry, ocean.

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2 Responses to Boxes of Bags

  1. Lauren says:

    *sigh* I forgive you. 😉

    When I saw that drawer, I thought you were using boxes to KonMarie that space up. It looks so organized! You could use that box to sort socks or jewelry or something. 😀 (She originally just used leftover boxes to organize drawers, but now she sells her own brand. What a sellout.)

  2. Debbie says:

    I make marks lunch everyday so I use allot of sandwich bags too…i try to use baby tupperwares when i can but sometimes a bag is just the best thing? I know, i feel bad too. We’ve been to the moon but can’t come up with a non plastic type bag that’s not paper?

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