Toffee Temptation

One of my students brought me some candy. I shared it with the other students, but there was still a lot left over. Now it sits on my desk and taunts me.

I never just eat one piece. I always eat four or five. Ugh. So bad for me! Hopefully they’ll be gone soon. At the rate I’m going, they will be. Heh

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2 Responses to Toffee Temptation

  1. Lauren says:

    Well, they have almonds in them, so they’re kind of like vitamins, right? 😉

    If you’re going to re-use that can as a pen holder, you could just start putting pens in there now. No one wants to eat candy that’s covered in ink.

  2. Debbie says:

    I love those! Yep, you’ll have to just eat them so they go away. You work out with the sunrises don’t you? It’s all good, eat and be happy!

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