Camp, a Summary

I’m home again, and finally posting today, though I’m about 13 hours later than my usual post time. I didn’t have a signal last night.

It was a great visit to Camp Keanae this year. It didn’t rain as much last year, so we were able to be outside more. Here is the story in pictures:

We always visit the town of Keanae before going to the camp. The shore there is rocky and wave-crashy. The kids love climbing on the rocks.

The view from the camp is spectacular. It is not taken for granted. All the adults and all the kids at one point or another just stand and stare. Sitting outside the gymnasium, I could just look at it while also watching the kids. Nice!

Looking down from the kitchen, we could see Keanae, and also all the taro patches. Taro is a traditional Hawaiian root crop, which is used to make poi and other things. It has been grown in Keanae for generations. It’s grown in pools of water because the plants like water, and because water helps keep the weeds down.

We got to tour one of the taro farms this year. The couple who lives there loves teaching kids about taro farming. The wife is an excellent tour guide and is so good with kids.

It rained the second night, so we couldn’t do a campfire. The parents who came along (who were awesome, by the way) made s’mores in the oven. Mmm…

It was such a fun couple of days. I’m glad I get to go along on these things…

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3 Responses to Camp, a Summary

  1. Carol says:

    Emergency indoor s’mores recipe (for the future, when next it precipitates and awesome parents are not around):
    * Large bowl, into which one tosses: bag of pretzel sticks…bag of mini marshmallows…bag of chocolate flat squares (these must have an official name, but I cant for the life of me think of it right now. They’re sold with the morsels.)…cup of Golden Graham cereal…tea lights and lighter
    * Push a marshmallow on to the end of a pretzel stick and hold over a lit tea light.
    *Once it’s soft enough, make your sandwich out of one Golden Graham, the soft marshmallow, a chocolate flat, and another Golden Graham.
    * Pop into mouth and enjoy. Repeat.

    [I call these Barbie & Ken cookout s’mores. 😉 ]

  2. Lauren says:

    How did I miss this??

    Those views are stunning! I’m also glad for the back-up s’mores plan. 🙂

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