A Job Delayed

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

I left school pretty quickly yesterday. Well, more quickly than Wednesday anyway. To celebrate my time at home, I finally hung my towel bar. Yay!

I’m glad it’s up. I can hang my towel here to dry each day, and it won’t touch the wall. The old place I was hanging it was on the door, and its contact with the door was sometimes causing mildew. Yuck!

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3 Responses to A Job Delayed

  1. Lauren says:

    That looks great! Can you come over and help me hang up the bathroom mirror that’s been sitting in the guest room for a month?

    Sorry to bug you at work yesterday, but it was great talking to you! 😀

  2. Debbie says:

    That’s a great towel bar with two extra bonus hooks i see! Nice! It’s the little things in our lives that just make it all run more smoothly. Good for you.

    • Brad says:

      I’m pleased you noticed the extra hooks. I looked specifically for those bonus hooks, because I had a towel bar like that in Baltimore. It took a lot of searching to find this one, and it ended up being a special mail order item.

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