Perfect Pot

I decided I would get a very large pot for my new taro plant. The instructions for growing this plant say that the more room, water, and fertilizer you get for it, the bigger it will be. I’m going for all three.

My coworker Chloe had given me a plastic pot that looked like a barrel. If the holes in the bottom were sealed, it could be a giant water saucer, and I could get a big plastic pot (which I got for super cheap at a landscape supply store in Kahului) inside it.

I used silicone sealant to do the job:

I had to wait 48 hours before getting the silicone wet. Last night was the mark, so I potted the plant and set it in place. Yay! Now it has lots of room, will be constantly wet, and has super rich potting mix to grow in. I’m so excited to see what happens!

I haven’t said this, but the Latin name for taro plants is colocasia. In the midwest, people call these Elephant Ear Plants. I’ve tried to grow them before. It’s hard to do in a temperate climate. Many people are very successful though. I never was. Now that the deck is stacked in my favor, I’m hoping for some good results!

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2 Responses to Perfect Pot

  1. Lauren says:

    Hey, there’s an elephant ear plant at the center, I think. Right? It’s not black, but it’s really scraggly. I can’t seem to kill it. I’d I think about it, I’ll send you a photo later for identification.

    Grow, tree, grow!

  2. Carol says:

    Before scrolling to your actual story about your new plant, I feared this post would have more to do with positive evaluation of a different type of plant, now grown legally in some areas. Ahem. Relieved to see it was not about that at all.

    Long live the Elephant Ears!

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