Feed the Birds

On Saturday, I got Wendy’s for lunch. I’m not a big fan of fast food any more, but it IS fast, so I still eat it now and again. I like eating at Wendy’s in Kahului because there’s a big parking lot next to it. I like to park there and throw fries to the birds.

There are usually chickens, but on Saturday, there were only pigeons and mynah birds.

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2 Responses to Feed the Birds

  1. Lauren says:

    Why does ‘mynah bird’ sound so familiar? Is it a Muppet thing? Monty Python?

    I crack up that you throw fries to them. Those birds are going to have high cholesterol. 🙂

  2. Carol says:

    Wait…are you telling us that fast food restaurants in Hawaii can actually deliver orders quickly?? Apparently they didn’t get the same memo many of ours on the mainland received. I believe it read something like this: “We’ve got ’em over a barrel. Take your time. No rush any more. Where else they gonna go?”

    And did you see the video of the poor helmeted young boy on a bike being chased by a pecking mynah bird? Wonder if he was withholding fries? hmmm…

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