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Air Conditioner Conclusion

I finished the air conditioner installation yesterday afternoon. I can’t believe it! I thought it would take me much longer to get around to it. The actual work didn’t take very long of course. I always build things up in my mind like they’re going to be so difficult, and it really only takes a short time. Stupid Brad.

Here’s the before and after:

But what I’m most excited about in regard to yesterday’s accomplishment is that after I was done, I did not keep the jumble of perfectly good pieces of foam that may or may not have a use sometime in the future. I got rid of it. I’m so proud of me!


  1. Lauren

    That looks so professional! I thought you were going to have to buy some wooden trim to go around it, and that right there would make me put off the task for a while. (I don’t mind cutting angles, but I sure don’t get it right on the first try.)

    Good for you for not letting the extra stuff pile up, too. You are an inspiration!

  2. Debbie

    Ha, i keep things like that too! You just never know? But good for you. I’ve started collecting lids….. oh my….. red peanut butter lids, blue cashews lids, red milk lids, green juice lids, pink shaving cream lids,…they’re so colorful and SOMEDAY i WILL make something with them!

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