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Whonderful Wheat

Happy Birthday to my niece Anna! Woo hoo!

Yesterday in eighth grade religion class, we read from the Bible about Jesus’ disciples walking through a wheat field and picking wheat heads to eat the grains. I know what uncooked, unprocessed wheat kernels taste like because my grandpa and uncle grew wheat.

As an added point of interest, because of the gluten, if you just keep chewing, and don’t swallow, you eventually have wheat-flavored gum. It’s a fascinating sensation.

The kids in my classes haven’t had the experience of eating wheat kernels, so I like to go to tree-hugger grocery stores to look for wheat. They call it “wheat berries”.

One of the places in town had it! The kids had a mixed reaction. Some of them really liked it. Others spit it out immediately. I risked eating some, even though my teeth are in bad shape and the hard wheat kernels were dangerous for breaking a tooth.

It tasted like childhood summers 🙂


  1. Elaine Royuk

    This is really a sweet memory’

  2. Lauren

    Sweet memory, but the thought of chewing wheat until it turns to gum is….. not my favorite.

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