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Leveling Up

Something weird is happening with my piano-playing abilities. My brain is filling in empty spots or my muscle-memory is taking over or something. It is especially prevalent when I don’t think about my playing.

Yesterday I was playing through some pieces in a new-ish book I have, and when I got to a hymn setting that had only one note in the bass clef, my left hand started playing two notes. It even sounded good most of the time. It was a weird sensation, but fun.

I chatted with Brent about this a week ago, because I had noticed it happening every once in a while. His hypothesis is that it’s an age thing. Age brings new musical abilities to musicians. An interesting concept…

When I talk with my students, I always strongly recommend getting older. Now I have yet another reason to tell them about.

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  1. Lauren

    That is delightful 😀

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