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I found new towels for my bathroom!

I had been looking at Target because I had a gift card, but I didn’t see anything suitable. Then when I stopped there after school, I saw them: towels that hadn’t been there before, but were being stocked on the shelves by a worker. They were perfect! Yay!

They have stripes like my rugs, the blue is the same as my hand towels, and they’re white like my shower certain. Excellent!


  1. Deborah


  2. Lauren

    *Level unlocked*

    Congratulations! You have achieved the Bathroom Amenities Quest with minimal damage and maximum success! Revel in your achievement for now, but know that up ahead lurks Closet Organization. Gird yourself with the Sword of Kon Mari and the Shield of Container Store. Best of luck, warrior.

    **Creaking door sound and rumble of dragons….

  3. Kristi

    Excellent choice, sir.

  4. Elaine Royuk

    I will come use them —— soon!!

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