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Jumbled Jade

I have some jade cuttings that I’m trying to root, and they’ve been doing pretty well. They have some new leaves growing on them, which is a good sign.

But the other day, I came out to inspect them, and saw that something had been digging in the pot. One of the cuttings was completely unearthed, and several leaves were torn off of all the cuttings. The leaves even had bite marks in them!

It was a squirrel! Dang ol’ squirrel! I tried to set things back in order, then put a bunch of freshly ground black pepper in the pot. It’s been a couple of days and the squirrel hasn’t been back, so I think it might be working. I hope so. I like this jade, and I’m hoping to keep it alive until I move to my new place, were I will be able to protect it better.


  1. Lauren

    Black pepper, eh? That is useful knowledge. I didn’t know squirrels were so finicky with their food. 😉

  2. Elaine Royuk

    Welcome to the main land and squirrels!!’

  3. Carol

    Never knew squirrels had affinity for succulents. Learn something new every day. Hope the little plant makes a full recovery…but if not, maybe just adopt a squirrel? At least he’ll have a food source already.

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