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Installation Sunday

I was installed during church yesterday. The regular piano player wasn’t feeling well, so I filled in on the liturgical music, and Charlene filled in on the hymns. It was fun to be playing in church again. If I don’t use my piano skills, I’m afraid they’ll atrophy.

One of the church members took a picture 🙂

There was a reception afterword. There is a woman who always arranges the social things, and she always does such a nice job. Look at that cake!

After church I went to lunch at the home of some people from church. They made pizza from scratch. Yum!


  1. Lauren

    It’s Brad in a suit!! Wow! I only see that in Nebraska!

    Congratulations on your installation! May God use you to further His kingdom and shepherd the children you teach.

  2. Kristi

    Blessings on your new call to God’s children and their families!

  3. Carol

    Awwww…even serving on your installation morning. That’s the Brad we know and love. God bless you, dear friend.

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