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And So It Begins…

A younger-grades student had a birthday on Tuesday, and stopped by my classroom to share a cupcake with me. Yay! I love saying Happy Birthday to people!

The cupcake was blue! So cool!

I set the cupcake aside for later, and then promptly forgot it about it. I lost out on a chance to eat sugar, but gained something exciting in return: the first cupcake for the Permanent Collection in my classroom. Woo hoo!

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  1. Lauren

    Ha! That story did not go the way I thought it was going to go. Hilarious!

    I had a student bring coffee and a bagel on Friday. I’m not comfortable eating extra food in front of the children, so I put it in my closet by my backpack…… and forgot about it. Yesterday I threw away a non-preserved, yucky bagel and cream cheese.

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