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I’m at our Lutheran Educator Conference right now. Yay! It’s so fun to be here!

The conference is in San Diego, which is south of LA. It’s about the south-est you can get in California. I drove down. It was a beautiful drive.

The conference is in a Hilton. It’s big and beautiful

The view from my room is amazing

All we’ve done so far is opening worship.

I’m excited for today’s workshops though. So fun to be with other Lutheran teachers. …including my old co-workers from Maui!


  1. Lauren

    Yay!! You’ll get to see some old friends! That is awesome! Does that mean that schools are off for the whole week?

  2. Carol

    How wise of the PTB to offer this the short week before Thanksgiving where, as I recall, more than one school family would likely start their family vacations early and lessons would be less than ideal with shrunken classes…and to reward hard-working teachers by extending their TG breaks a bit in fellowship with other professional church workers. I am SO happy that you get to do this. (I recall the ancient days of regional teacher conferences held somewhere in which we had to stay in hotels and socialize after hours, etc. In the words of Edith and Archie…”Those were the days!”)

    …and yea for reunions with colleagues! BTW, when’s the next time we’ll see you in Baltimore? 😉

  3. Elaine Royuk

    Be sure to visit the CUNE alumni booth!!

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