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Friend’s Friends

The conference ended yesterday morning. What a great experience! There was lots of good discussion and Bible study, but also lots of really good fellowship with teaching ministers.

Megan from Maui asked me if I could give a ride to some of her friends from Oahu. They needed to fly out of LAX, which is close to my house. I said yes. Their names were Elizabeth and Morgan.

It was really fun to talk with them in the car. We shared our stories with each other and talked about teaching and laughed a lot. I loved getting to know them, and next year, I’ll already know two more people at the conference.

I only took one picture yesterday. It was a sign next to a road that said it was a toll. Somehow I got on a toll road? It said I was supposed to sign in to a website and pay “to avoid penalty”. Yikes! I signed in and paid last night.

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  1. Lauren

    Those toll roads -they’ll get you every time.

    You are a good friend! Your kind heart is making friends with people left and right! 😀

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