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Hanging Lights

Yesterday I decided I’d put some Christmas lights on my house. Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time for Christmas. But I didn’t have any lights, so off I went….

I started the day by going out for breakfast. I went to a new place. A diner called Spires. They had biscuits and gravy! And it was good! I found a biscuits and gravy place! Woo hoo!

After breakfast, I went to several different places looking at Christmas lights I also needed hooks and a ladder. It took a while to find all the stuff I wanted, and when I got home, I hung the lights.

That is, I hung my new bathroom lights. They were waiting on the porch when I got home. My master bath has not had lights for a couple of weeks. Now it does! Beautiful light! Yay!

But the Christmas lights still need hanging. Maybe today?

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  1. Carol

    Thanks for the chuckle, friend…..ha….hung the bathroom lights instead….

    You do know that, if the teaching gig ever goes south on ya’, a career in writing awaits, right?

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