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Swarovski Screen

I have about a dozen Swarovski Christmas ornaments that I’ve never really displayed. Beth hung hers in her kitchen window to nice effect. They were very sparkly there. My windows all have shutters in them, so I wasn’t really sure what to do.

I saw a thing online that was a screen made out of circles. I thought maybe I could hang it on the wall and display the ornaments that way. When the screen came, it was bigger than I thought. I fits perfectly into the window. Huh. Maybe I can display the ornaments in the widow…


  1. Carol

    Good luck with that – it should make wonderful rainbows on the opposite wall when the sun shines through, no?

    Side question: is there still a regular window screen on the other side then (to keep out flying creatures, for example)?

    • Brad

      Yes, the windows have screens. The windows and screens are in pretty good shape. The shutters are really nice. I don’t think they’re very old. All the windows in the house have them. They’re nice, because it’s easy to block light or have privacy.

  2. Lauren

    Holy cow – that looks custom-made!

    You could remove the shutters, or keep them in, too. When they’re closed, you’d have bits of sparkle, then you could open them to have the full effect!

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