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So Bad, Bundt So Good

I’ve been stress eating a lot lately. It’s not been very good. But the food… mmmm….

My co-worker Sam brought a mini bunt cake for me yesterday. She heard me talking about a place here called “Nothing Bundt Cakes”. Sam gave me a lemon bundt cake. I ate it for lunch.

Unfortunately, my waistline has been growing lately. Fortunately, I’ve contacted my old trainer in Maui to see if I could schedule video call appointments with her. I can! Yay! I start in a couple weeks.

I fly to Washington DC today on the 8th grade trip.
Southwest #1146
Depart LA 5:50am
Arrive BWI 1:50pm


  1. Lauren

    That looks scrumptious, and you were right to eat it.

    I feel you about the waistline thing. We had music class with the St. John music teacher and she asked us to pat our shoulders, then our knees, then our tummies…… and that did not feel nice. So much bounceback. :/

    Safe travels today on this grand adventure!!

  2. Carol

    Why didn’t you tell us earlier about your flight into BWI (I figured Dulles or Reagan until I read this morning’s post) – I might have come down there today to wave everyone in or help everyone retrieve luggage from the carousels or something. Sigh. Safe journey and fun visit, all!

    • Brad

      Dang it. Sorry, Carol. This has all been such a whirlwind. At the beginning of the school year, people were telling me about this trip to Washington DC that the eighth graders go on. Then suddenly it’s here. It’s kind of surreal. The tour company is great, as is the teacher from the other school. We’re with another school because we’re so small. Did I say that elsewhere? Anyway, it’s a Christian school, and they seem really nice.

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