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Stuffed van Gogh

One of my students gave me a Vincent van Gogh plush toy. She saw me admiring “Starry Night”, and talking about van Gogh.

The toy has a removable ear! Ha! It sticks on and comes of with Velcro.

I will keep him in my classroom with my other stuffed toys. There are several, but only my pineapple is visible in the picture.


  1. Lauren

    That. is. HILARIOUS!!!!!! Props to that girl for funniest gift ever! 😀

  2. Carol

    This is a hoot! And the ear is removable?!?! (What sicko company even MAKES dolls with removable body parts? Anyway…)

    [Methinks at least one of your students is very observant and sorta kinda likes her teacher…enough to spend money on him, at least. That couldn’t have been cheap.]

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