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Superb Sweetener

I was in the baking aisle of the grocery store and saw a sweetener I hadn’t seen before. It was called allulose. I decided to give it a try.

It is really good. It tastes very much like sugar, with maybe a little bit of a molasses flavor. Best of all, I don’t experience any weird aftertaste like I usually do with non-sugar sweeteners. After tasting it straight, I sweetened some cole slaw with it. It was good. I decided to go all out and try a recipe with it. I had lemons from somebody at church, so I made my mom’s lemon pudding.

The batter tasted normal:

When I brought them out of the oven, they looked shinier and smoother than usual:

And the taste?

It was good! It didn’t taste exactly like the recipe when cooked with sugar, and the texture of the cakey part was a little lighter, but it was still lemony and sweet. And zero calories from sugar! The total calorie count of one serving is probably less than 200. The other ingredients are lemon, egg, butter, and flour. That’s practically health food!

*I feel like I should add an asterisk paragraph. The internet says eating too much allulose can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. I didn’t experience any from this serving of lemon pudding, so no problem!

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  1. Lauren

    Fascinating! You have so much experience with non-sugar sweeteners, and I appreciate your honest reviews. (I sound like a robot.) Lloyd accidentally picked up ‘lite’ yogurt for me, and I can’t get over how ‘too-sweet’ it is. I don’t know the sweetener, but…. bleh.

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