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Unusual Spot

On the way to my regular church, I pass the mall, and every Sunday there are signs out that say a church meets in the theater at the mall. In the theater! I’ve wanted to go there for a long … Continue reading

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Christmas in June

I got a craving for what my family calls Christmas cookies, so I decided to make some. But somehow I didn’t pack my rolling pin or my cookie cutters. It was surprisingly hard to find those. I got the rolling … Continue reading

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Yesterday I left my apartment early so I could take my truck to the mechanic. My compressor has been working, but the fan hasn’t been blowing. It was okay during the winter, but the temperatures are getting hotter, and I … Continue reading

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Conclusive Evidence

When Gus had skin problems, I got some prescription food. After giving him some medicine, his skin problems went away, but I had all this special food left over, so I have been mixing it with his regular food. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Collection Complete

While I’m gone to Nebraska, my classroom aquarium will be unattended. I got an automatic fish feeder. It can be programmed to feed the fish up to four times a day. I’ve programmed it for two. The container of the … Continue reading

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