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S’more Sweetener

When my erythritol was confiscated at the airport, I was a little disappointed. I wanted to experiment with it a little. My internet research seems to suggest that it’s a pretty good alternative to sugar. I would like to see … Continue reading

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Five Flats

I played piano for church yesterday. My regular schedule is first and third Sundays. What was not regular about my playing yesterday is that we did Matins. I really like the Matins service. The Te Deum is especially cool, because … Continue reading

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Cool Conditions

It’s winter here, so it’s cooler than usual. At night, it’s downright cool enough to sleep without air conditioning. On Friday night, I decided to try putting a fan in the window and not running the air conditioner. It was … Continue reading

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That’s Who

Yesterday during the day I got this text: Ha! It was Chetarra who sent me the ornament that looks like Gus! Mystery solved! She said it came late because it was a custom order. She had the Etsy person make … Continue reading

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Cooling Complication

The air conditioner in my bedroom is leaking. I’ve found water on the floor around it a couple of times now. I’m not sure if it’s some maintenance thing, or if it’s broken. It’s supposed to shut off when the … Continue reading

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