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I had an open house at school last night, so I didn’t come home until late. I still beat Mom and Aunt Marlys. They went to Lahaina with Ed and Jo, and were still not back when I got home. … Continue reading

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Happy Rainbow Day

Ed and JoAnn arrived safely yesterday! Yay! I’m still in school today 🙁 After meeting them at the airport, we got them to their hotel, then went out to eat. It was so fun to hang out and have good … Continue reading

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Cupcake Critique

Yesterday kids brought LOTS of treats. In my classroom, it was mostly candy. Kids from other classes kept coming by with cupcakes …so many cupcakes. I only ate one cupcake yesterday, but it was AMAZING! One of my homeroom students … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day! Or should I say Happy Ash Wednesday? Wait… do people ever say “Happy Ash Wednesday”? Also – Happy Birthday to my nephew Daniel! Yay! Happy Birthday to Samith! Yay! Earlier this week, I got together and chatted … Continue reading

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An Extended Birthday

My mom and my Aunt Marlys are here! Yay! They arrived yesterday afternoon. We went to my place, then went out to eat, then went to bed early. A perfect evening! They brought along an extra suitcase filled with birthday … Continue reading

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