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I have potted ti plants on my lanai. I really like them, but they have gotten to be really overgrown. I decided I’d chop them. People do it to their ti plants all the time – you just cut them … Continue reading

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Home Again

The trip to Keanae is over and I’m home again. I’m at my delightfully dry apartment. Camping is normally kind of uncomfortable, but the constant rain was just so damp. It was cool outside my apartment last night, but I … Continue reading

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Camp, Day 2

It continued to rain yesterday. The taro patch excursion was canceled. It was disappointing. The kids stayed in good spirits though. The rain stopped late in the afternoon, and we played hide and seek with groups and walkie-talkies. The kids … Continue reading

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Camp, Day One

It’s raining a lot. And cold. The kids don’t care. They’re a fun group. Noisy, but nice. Today we go to the taro patch. More wet! I’m looking forward to it though. It’s really interesting.

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Necessarily New

I’m going to outdoor ed with the fifth graders today. We are going to a YMCA camp that’s halfway to Hana. It’s gorgeous there. There are a bunch of different fun activities for the kids. One of the activities is … Continue reading

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