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Two More Things

I actually hung the toilet paper holder and the towel rack! I can hardly believe it! It was pretty late when I started and when I ended, but still… it’s done!

One Small Thing

Happy Mother’s Day to all those mothers out there!

I’ve had bathroom hardware (towel racks and toilet paper holder) for my hallway bathroom for a long time. I’ve just been living without the use of them. But my towel isn’t drying on the door hook anymore, so I wanted to get the regular towel bar up.

I started with the hand towel ring. The outlet is in kind of a weird place, so the hand towel hangs low. But it’s still reachable, and I guess it’ll be easy for little kids to get to, so that’s nice.

I went to do the next things, and discovered that I was out of drywall screw anchors. I went out to get some more, but by the time I got back home, I was tired, so I took a nap, and then I remembered that I wanted to watch the latest Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so that was that.

Maybe I’ll get the towel bar hung next weekend.

Metals Must Match

In my hallway bathroom, the knobs on the cabinets were all different – three different cabinets, three different knobs. And none of the knobs were oil-rubbed bronze, which is what the shower hardware is. Yikes! I can’t have brushed nickel with oil-rubbed bronze. In my bathrooms, metals must match.

Yesterday, I replaced the knobs. Here are the before and after shots:

The screw for the knob was too long for the wall cabinet. I went to Lowe’s and got a replacement, but I didn’t get it on until late at night, so I didn’t take a final “after” picture of that…

Painting Progress

I had a wonderfully eventful day yesterday.

I started with breakfast at IHOP, where I ate the crispiest hash browns I’ve ever had. They were crunchy and delicious.

I was in the mood to paint. My hallway bathroom has needed painting since I removed the old towel bar and other accessories. I couldn’t match the old paint, so I’d have to do a whole new paint job. The new paint is lighter. It really brightens up the room.

Since I was already doing something in the bathroom, I took out the shower doors. I don’t really care for shower doors. They’re nice looking, but they make bathrooms look smaller, and the glass is always dirty. Here are my progress pics:

The bathroom looks so much bigger now. I love it! And I can see my window orchid so much better.

Cabinet Construction

My master bathroom is small, but it needs storage. After extensive searching on the internet, I found a cabinet that is thinner than regular. Normal cabinets are 15 inches from back to front. This one is 12 inches.

When it came in the mail, it was in a LOT of pieces:

It took a long time to assemble it, but it turned out nice:

And here’s where it goes:

It takes up some space in the small bathroom, and looks a little awkward maybe, but it provides storage! And a flat surface to put things on! I think I’m going to like it.

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