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A Slow Start

I have big plans for the next couple of weeks. They are supposed to be my not-school-or-church-projects days. I made a list. It is a little intimidating, but it’s also kind of exciting. I have been waiting to do some of these things for months.

Yesterday I thought I would paint, which will be a huge job. Instead, I used the power of positive procrastination to do a few smaller things on the list.

I unpacked my suitcase finally. Bruno helped me:

I moved the hand towel rack in the hallway bathroom. Bruno helped me:

I put door handles in the sliding door to the master bathroom. Bruno didn’t help me. He was scared of the jigsaw.


  1. Carol

    “The Power of Positive Procrastination” – was that a Norman Vincent Peale publication originally? Nicely done, I must say – and cute helper (for most of your projects)! Try to enjoy the no-school-or-church work while you can; “it” is closer than it appears (in the rear view window of the mind, I suppose).

    –she who does not miss the “ugh” of August pre-school-year anxieties

  2. Lauren

    Look at you – making your home all nice and functional! I admire that so much. Maybe everyone needs The Big Job That They Don’t Want To Do looming ahead……

    (I am especially impressed with the pocket door handle. I didn’t know that could be done!)

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