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Starry LEGO

I posted about the Van Gogh plush toy a student gave me, but I didn’t post about the Starry Night thing she saw me admiring. It’s a LEGO version. So cool! There’s even a mini-fig Van Gogh painting the picture in the lower right:

I am fascinated by LEGO things, and I often think about getting them, but I always decide not to, because what would I ever do with them? I’d need to get a shelf or a cabinet so they could be displayed or something…

Double Desktop

When I step away from my computer at school, I lock it using keyboard commands. On Monday, I pressed the wrong keys or something, because the screen did something weird, like it slid to the side or something.

My open Word documents were gone, so I had to open them again. Same thing for my browser windows. I got everything back to normal, but then that weird sliding-to-the-side thing kept happening when I opened files that I had already opened.

Yesterday, my computer was slow, and the sliding kept happening. It was like I had two screens or something. I went looking on the internet, and discovered it: you can have multiple desktops at once. I had two whole desktops full of open files and programs.

I closed down one of the desktops and things seemed to be working better.

Mail Milestone

I get a lot of spam in my email. I try unsubscribing every once in a while, but I don’t keep up with it very well. That means I have a lot of unopened emails. The other day, the number crossed 30,000. Wow!

My inbox was reaching its storage limit, but I had to buy a subscription to Microsoft Office products, and it came with more email storage. Woo hoo! Let the spam flow!

Different Designations

My Tom’s of Maine toothpaste has “EST 1970” on it. That could apply to me! I don’t think the other things apply to me though:

I’m definitely not vegan or gluten free. And I’m terrible at small steps – I usually wait until something has to be done, and then do it all at once. I suppose I could be recyclable, depending on what that means…

Crazy Coincidence

As I was driving around yesterday, I saw an interesting license plate. It said: “LOCNESS”. Interesting.

And then I came to this stoplight. Look at the name of the cross street! Ha!

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