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A Game and Dinner

There was a soccer game after school yesterday. Our team is inexperienced because covid has prevented any kind of sports for a long time. It was still fun to watch. They played with sincerity and zeal.

I was tired on my way home. And hungry. I stopped at the grocery store and shopped hungry. I bought a bunch of junk food. On the top of my wish list was tortilla chips and nacho cheese sauce. Mmmm…

And I got them!

It was an excellent dinner.

Baptizing Brothers

We had a baptism at school – actually two! It was a couple of brothers. Yesterday was our pastor’s last chapel before he moves to Nebraska, and the family wanted him to do the baptism.

It was fun. The pastor really involved the kids. Each of the brothers’ class came forward when it was his turn to be baptized. There was lots of explanation and engagement. Great chapel! Great baptisms!

A Wetter Pool

File this under “Things I didn’t know before I had a pool”:

You have to add water to the pool every once in a while. I mean, totally it makes sense, but I just never thought about it I guess. I have a guy come to test and clean my pool regularly, and yesterday he left a note on my door that I should add water.

Sunset and Sleepytime

I got home around sunset time, and the clouds were beautiful! I of course took a picture:

I went to bed early last night. I’m not getting as much rest as I used to. I like being busy, but it’s really cutting into my stare-at-my-phone time. Hehe…

Aloha and Goodbye

Yesterday was my pastor’s last Sunday before he heads to Nebraska for his new Call. It was an aloha theme. Everybody wore Hawaiian print clothes. It was so colorful. It reminded me of church in Maui.

At events like this, Charlene often writes lyrics for well-known tunes and we sing them. Yesterday’s tune was “Aloha ‘Oe”

After the service, we had a luncheon. I should have taken a picture of the crowd, but I was distracted by the lively conversation at my table. I did take a picture of the cupcake table:

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