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Trying Tea

I drink a lot of milk. One of my co-workers from a couple years ago believed milk to be an unhealthy or even harmful drink. I always thought it was a healthy choice. I did some internet searching to see if I could get some answers.

It was interesting reading. I didn’t come to any strong conclusions. Vegans and animal rights people say it’s really bad you. Dairy farmers say it’s really good for you. The truth is probably somewhere in between – it’s not as bad as drinking soda, but not as good as drinking water.

It’s not calorie-free, so if I could cut some of it out of my diet, that would probably be good. I do like iced tea. I’ve been making it since I got back from Nebraska. I even have a nice new pitcher for it.

But I didn’t get caffeine-free tea. I think that might be a problem…

Phase Two

I didn’t do much yesterday, so I’ll risk being a little repetitive to talk about the next part of my garden project at school.

I got a few natives to put by the church/preschool entrance. I wanted the preschool teachers to have some native plants right outside their door. There is a big planter by the front door that has some things growing in it. I thought maybe I could just do a few plantings in the corner:

As I was asking around, I’ve been a little surprised to find out that everyone I talk to would like to see a change in that planter. I have been happy to hear that. There is a giant clump of some kind of palm tree that I thought was a little wild looking, and I’ve found out everyone else thinks so too. In fact, Russell is going to help me (actually, I’m helping him) cut down those trees on Wednesday. I could potentially have the entire planter to plant natives! Woo hoo!

Native Nature

I’ve finished the native Hawaiian plant display at school. Unless I decide to dress them up with some rocks or something. But I’ve finished the plantings. Here is the progression in pictures:

I am really pleased with the little engraved labels I got. They look fancy.

It’s the Hawaiian name, the Latin name, and then what kind of native plant it is. There are three categories of “native plant”:

Polynesian Introduced – brought by the first people to settle the islands
Indigenous – not brought here by people, but also grows other places in the world
Endemic – not brought here by people, and does not appear naturally anyplace else in the world except Hawaii

I even got some endangered species! Cool! I will do a little write-up and presentation to my fellow teachers so they can talk about it with their classes if they want to. Even if they don’t, it will be a cool display for kids and parents to see every time they walk past.

Walking and Weird

I got my car air conditioning fixed yesterday. The fan had stopped working. I took it to a shop near school, so I dropped it off and walked to school to wait. The view on the walk was nice.

Summer camp has been meeting all summer. They did some chalk drawings on the driveway at school. There were axolotls! Ha!

On the walk back to the repair shop, I saw some sculptures. They’re made of driftwood. so cool!

My air conditioner is working again! Yay!

I stopped at McDonald’s on the way home because I was craving orange juice. I got a large. Mmm… And when I got to the pay window, the cashier said the car in front of me paid for my bill. That’s never happened to me. It was weird.

Plants Procured

I made the next step in my school gardening project with native Hawaiian plants. I got the plants from the botanical garden people yesterday. Woo hoo!

It was already afternoon by the time I could pick them up, so I just left them by the pots at school, and I will plant them today.

While I was in Nebraska, I ordered the plant stakes and engraved labels for the plants, so I can put those in the pots as well.

I’m so excited!

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