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Mostly Math

Yesterday in Seventh Grade Religion, we had a lesson about the woman who anointed Jesus with perfume, and part of it was to talk about what the kids would do if they had a thousand dollars. They made pie charts. Math!

Coincidentally in Sixth Grade Religion, we were talking about the book of Numbers, and how Moses counted the fighting men in Israel, and we did a bar graph. Math!

It was math day in Religion class! How fun! Now if only I had had some math thing we could do with the Divided Kingdom in eighth grade, I would have had math all day long!

Kitchen Collection

The weekend is when I water my houseplants. I was excited to see that my Vietnamese Violet is blooming! It’s a gesneriad, which puts it in the same group as African Violets. It’s not very showy, but it’s always fun to see blooms on a houseplant.

My kitchen has other exotics as well. I have a jewel orchid, which also has not-very-showy flowers, but is grown mostly for its pretty leaves:

I have an unnamed begonia I got from Home Depot. It has velvety, almost black leaves with hairy undersides. It’s delightfully weird:

My most unusual plant is a begonia ferox. It has bumps on its leaves that look like spikes. So crazy-looking!

Some Brief Browsing

I wanted to get out of the house for a little bit yesterday, so I decided to go to IKEA. I hadn’t been there for a while, and it’s always fun to peruse their Christmas stuff. It’s so… Swedish.

But the most exciting thing I saw was this:

Ha! One of their display presents had Lauren’s name on it! She LOVES IKEA!

I did buy something. I rarely go to IKEA without buying something. This time, it was pillow covers. They look like fur. I thought they would make great seasonal pillows for the couch during the winter months.

After IKEA, I went to the mall for some more walking. I saw Santa!

The sunset was beautiful again, so I took another picture:

Provisions and Pulchritude

Yesterday after school, I wanted to stop and get a carry-out fish dinner. There’s a restaurant in walking distance of school that I’ve been to several times. They have delicious fish. They are closed on Friday. D’oh!

Instead I went to another place I’ve driven past several times. They have a different name, but the setup is almost exactly the same: choose your variety of fish, choose its preparation, and choose your sides.

When I got my food and was coming back out to my truck, I looked up and saw the sky. It was beautiful!

As I started driving back home, I risked taking another picture:

Terrific Tamales

At my church’s Carols and Cocoa event on Wednesday, I was talking with a church member about tamales. It’s what I order from Mexican food restaurants. I like them a lot. They taste like comfort food. Mmm…

The church member said the tamales she makes are a little different from what I usually eat – she wraps them in banana leaves instead of corn leaves, and the outer part of the tamale is wetter. I was intrigued.

Right at the end of school yesterday, the woman walked into my classroom carrying a bag. It had two of her tamales in it! Wow! I made such a weird noise, the kids all turned to look at me. But it really made my day – I was tired and grumpy, and then this wonderful woman brought me homemade tamales.

I ate one last night. It was delicious, and it did indeed taste like comfort.

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