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Stapelia Gigantea Pods

In November, I posted about some strange growths or strange pods on my stapelia gigantea. I have been tending them carefully to see what would happen. While I was in Nebraska for Christmas, something DID happen:

One of them opened up! They’re seed pods! How cool! They have fuzzy “parachutes” like milkweed seeds. Interesting. Maybe I’ll try to grow some…

A New New Guinea

A couple of weeks ago, I impulse-bought a plant. It is a New Guinea impatien – normally not anything unusual, an easy-to-grow plant. But the flowers on this one….

They’re so pretty! And it’s not just the the tie-dye pattern, it’s the colors. I love them!

Groovy Petunias

Wednesdays are busy these days. Right after school, I do confirmation class. In the evening I’ve been leading the Advent services. I’m reading a sermon series that is put out by CPH, so I’m not writing them, but it still takes some energy to give them. By the time I’m done with my day, I’m pretty tired.

When I got home last night, it was dark. I sat out on my lanai for a bit. The Christmas lights are blue, but they almost give off a blacklight kind of feel. It really makes my petunias glow. I like it 🙂

Plant Corner

The native Hawaiian plants I put in the planter by the church/preschool door are doing well. The ‘ihi plants look particularly good because they’re blooming.

Diane said people were asking her about them, and that maybe I should write something for the church newsletter, so I did.

People enjoyed the little blurb, so Diane invited me to write about some of the other plants. How fun!

Loving Lessons

Yesterday was a grading day, as usual. But not as usual, the grading didn’t take much time at all, because last week was a short week. Yay!

I stayed at school after grading, and did some lesson planning and other assorted paperwork and computer work. I really enjoy writing lessons. I’ve invented and adapted a lot of stuff for Religion and Language Arts, and have whole curriculums now. It’s nice to be older – I’ve had a lot of years to develop this stuff.

I got home with plenty of daylight to spare. I spent a little time out on my lanai. It’s cooler these days – only getting into the seventies during the day. Nice!

My hibiscus plants are blooming. Both are orange. One of them is solid orange with big flowers. The other one looks like this:

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