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Cabinet Commencement

Yesterday was my first morning back to exercising with Cristina, my trainer. She had been out of town when I first got back.

I decided not to go to school. I have some planning to do before I can work in the garden bed any more, and I wasn’t in the mood to do any classroom stuff.

I had some coffee and read a little. It was a pleasant morning. After being lazy for a while, I decided to start on a Project – I was going to get the kitchen cabinet trim ready for staining. I want it to be a darker color than it is now, and there’s a product that is stain and polyurethane in one. The wood just needs a little prep first.

I washed it with naphtha, then sanded it with 220 sandpaper, then wiped it with mineral spirits. It really cleaned it up. But it took me a while to get going. And I think the fumes got to me because I didn’t open the window. I only got four cabinets done. Wah-wahhhh…. (that’s supposed to be a sad trombone noise)

The ones over the fridge aren’t done… you can kind of see that they’re a little darker/dirtier

Faucet, Finally

I ordered a new kitchen faucet a long time ago. Huh. I just looked it up. It was only five weeks ago. That was less time than I thought.

Anyway, yesterday I installed it. Woo hoo! I was productive!

I had no major snags during the process. In fact, I think I did a super-good job. It’s really solid and everything is in good order. Yay!

Here’s the before and after:

The new faucet aligns perfectly with the drain. Nice! Also, it doesn’t constantly drip.

The faucet came with the spray-thingy. I never ever use those. In fact, since I’ve moved into this condo, I have never used the spray-thingy even once. But there’s a hole in the sink there, so I put the new spray-thingy in place. And there it will sit unused.

Air Conditioner Conclusion

I finished the air conditioner installation yesterday afternoon. I can’t believe it! I thought it would take me much longer to get around to it. The actual work didn’t take very long of course. I always build things up in my mind like they’re going to be so difficult, and it really only takes a short time. Stupid Brad.

Here’s the before and after:

But what I’m most excited about in regard to yesterday’s accomplishment is that after I was done, I did not keep the jumble of perfectly good pieces of foam that may or may not have a use sometime in the future. I got rid of it. I’m so proud of me!

Switch Switching

My bedside lamp shorted out a little while ago. I had a replacement, but it seemed a shame to throw away the old lamp, so I got a new switch for it.

I’ve never replaced a switch like this, but I figured I could go with my dad’s old method of doing things: put the new one on like the old one was.

It’s actually a pretty simple arrangement. The switch interrupts the “hot” wire. The other wire isn’t even involved.

It worked! Now if I can just figure out how to clean all those glass pieces without just rubbing each one individually. They’ve gotten dusty over time.

The lamp shade is still on the replacement lamp.

A Wrenching Issue

My kitchen table has gotten wobbly lately. Yesterday morning I was trying to help my mom change her plane ticket so she could stay here longer, and the wobbling was crazy. So after we were done, I decided to tighten the legs of the table.

They required a hex wrench. I have a set, so I searched through all the sizes and found two that sort of worked… one was too big and one was too small.

I did eventually get the legs tightened, but after I finished tightening the loose screws, I saw that Brad-from-the-past had very helpfully left the appropriately-sized wrench in an obvious and easy-to-see location.

I left it there. Maybe I’ll need to tighten the legs again some day…

We did get the ticket changed. Mom is staying another week! Yay!

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