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A Few Fixtures

It was a Home Improvement Day yesterday. I figured out how to work around the weird metal box thingy in my kitchen ceiling, and now I have a light over the sink! Woo hoo! I predicted it would be a three-trips-to-Lowe’s project. It was only two!

I’ve had a new ceiling fan for… weeks? …months? The old fan in one of my bedrooms had stopped working properly – no light at all, and a fussy fan.

The new fan was a tricky installation as well. Two more trips to Lowe’s, and the fan was up. There’s light in the bedroom again!

The only drawback is that the new fan doesn’t have pull chains, it has a remote. The old fan used wooden pull-knobs I got in Wales. I’ve connected them to each other for now. Maybe I’ll hang them from the rear-view mirror of my car…

A Delightful Day

I started the day by switching to a new set of teeth trays. It’s so interesting to put the new ones on, because I can feel them pressing my teeth sideways. I like it. In the picture below it goes oldest to newest, left to right.

In the afternoon, I did some work at home. I did a little light gardening, including potting some houseplants, including my new ‘Art Hodes’ begonia. Nice!

I also got some new lights for my kitchen! Woo hoo! There are three of them. Two of them were relatively easy:

But the third light had a weird hole in the ceiling behind it. It’s a giant metal box that’s like a foot square. I have no idea how I’ll mount a new light fixture there.

Ceiling Circles

One of the ceiling lights in my kitchen stopped working shortly after I moved in. It has a weird ring-shaped fluorescent bulb, so I’ve delayed replacing it, because where the heck do you get weird ring-shaped fluorescent bulbs?

Recently, another one of the lights stopped working. Now I only had one light, so it was pretty dim in the kitchen. I finally decided to do some homework and find replacement bulbs on the internet. I found them and ordered them.

…and they don’t work.

I think it’s not the bulbs that have stopped working, it’s the ballasts. Dang.

Time for some replacement light fixtures I guess.

Bedroom Betterment

Happy Birthday, Tara! Woo hoo!

One of my goals during my vacation week was to work on my bedroom. I did get some straightening done on Monday, but I also wanted to do some actual decorating.

I got some artwork in Ireland that I wanted to hang, but I needed frames. I found two carved-wood frames I liked, but had to search and search for the third one. It was frustrating, but challenging and delightful at the same time. I feel like internet searches are different than they used to be. So many of the results seem sponsored or something. Instead of seeing what I’m looking for, I’m seeing what Google or Amazon are paid to show me.

Anyway, I did eventually find the third frame, and I love it. It’s in the middle of the picture below. I had to find some acid-free paper to put behind the art, and then the framing was complete:

Since I like the frames so much, I was inspired to look for something to hang on the wall by my bed. There’s a chair rail all the way around the room that meant I had to find something narrow, but after another delightful internet search, I found it:

It looks too small in the picture, but in real life, it looks better. I maybe need fluffier pillows or something. The carving on the wood panel looks like the frames. I like it.

I’m not done with the room yet, but these first steps I think were the hardest. I can do the rest in bits an pieces.

Coloring Completed

Last week Monday, I was off from school. I started painting my bedroom, but I ran out of time. Yesterday I finished it! Woo hoo! I completed something!

The old color was a purplish brown. The new color is a bluish/grayish white. It’s called “Ice Sculpture”. Here are some before and after pictures. The “after” looks shiny, because it wasn’t dry yet, but I wanted to post pictures from daytime. The finish on the new paint is matte.

Maybe tomorrow I can put the room back in order. If I get my grading done in a timely manner.

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