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My List

Things I want to do:
See a cinnamon tree plantation
Ride in a helicopter June 6,2013
Paint a portrait (of a cat April 28,2018)
Take organ lessons again April 24, 2012
Taste a pawpaw fruit September 5, 2011
Drink a shot of wheatgrass juice (freshly squeezedApril 9,2015) (from a bottle February 7, 2012)
Visit a latitude where the day is nearly 24 hours long
Eat at “Medieval Times” or a place like it  (December 20,2021)
Milk a cow
See the Northern Lights
Drink camel milk


  1. Kristi

    Do you mean a latitude where the amount of daylight or moonlight is 24 hours long? Otherwise, aren’t all latitudes 24 hours long?

    • Brad

      Yes, I’m looking to experience nearly 24 hours of daylight. Since I have a negative reaction to the Early Dark of winter, I’m wondering what so much sunlight would do to me. Will it make me feel really happy? Manic? I’m very curious…

  2. Lauren

    Hey – how long has this been here?

    Wheatgrass juice? I’ll get right on that.

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