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Max and Ned and Gus and Bruno

Roses and Rerun

The roses really grew while I was gone. I love them! They all smell so good, and they are so big now, I don’t have to bend over to smell them.

There are so many flowers. As the petals fall, they’re drying up and piling next to the steps. I feel like I should gather them in a bowl or something…

I did go out yesterday. I wanted to get some litter for Bruno. The pet store had cat grass. I tried it once before, but he wasn’t really into it. I tried it again:

He liked it! He ate a few blades, then came back for more.

Nebraska to California, Day 3

The final leg of the trip was a familiar one. I have done the drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles a few times, most recently, about a month ago.

Still, it was fun to be coming back home again:

It was even more fun to see Bruno again. He was excited to see me too.

We got the stuff out of the rental car, and got it returned yesterday already. Bruno was curious about all of it. He particularly liked this new chair:

Today I will still get up early, since I have an appointment at the orthodontist. The rest of the day will be for unpacking and reacclimating.

Celebratory Supper

Yesterday was the last day of VBS, which means I won’t have any regularly scheduled work-related activities (other than church) for the rest of the summer. I celebrated by going out to eat.

I had sushi! It’s been a long time. All the places I’ve found around here are kind of pricey, so it’s not really a go-to meal these days.

When I got home, I had Bruno celebrate with me. I opened a can of wet food. He loved it!

Busy and Bruno

Things are so, so busy at the end of the year. People always ask if I’m excited for the school year to end. The truth is, I never am, because these last days are so hard.

Yesterday was our Field Day – lots of fun contests done by cross-graded groups. I helped with the frisbee toss. Today is a somewhat unstructured day. All the classes are going on fun field trips, but the eighth graders already did their Disney Day, so we’re hanging out with each other at school and having lunch with our kindergarten buddies, who will be having a stay-cation day. Tomorrow is a half day, then graduation, then a banquet for the eighth grade.

Lately when I come home, I’ve just been having couch time with Bruno. Good ol’ Bruno…

Tower Transfer

A while back, I moved the cat tree out of the living room into the office. It’s so big, it was really dominating the living room But it took up a lot of space in the office too, and Bruno didn’t really like it there.

Now it’s in a new location that he likes. It’s in the mudroom area where his litter box used to be. It’s right next to the back door, so he can sit in it and look out the window and chitter at the birds outside.

He REALLY likes to sit there. I hardly see him on the couch any more.

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