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Max and Ned and Gus and Bruno

Victual Vessel

I’ve been keeping Bruno’s food bad right next to his bowl, which has been very convenient. It’s also trained Bruno to come running when he hears the crinkly noise of the bag.

But this last bag I had didn’t zip-seal anymore because the zip thingy separated from the bag. I was worried the food was going stale because of exposure to air, so I decided to get a food container of some kind. I decided on a giant jar:

The lid is a little stiff to get off right now, but that’s ok. I’d rather have the air-tight seal work too well than to have it not work well enough.

Super Bruno

Yesterday I did a little church, a little work at school, and a little rest at home. I go back to school today.

On Saturday, I did a little re-organization in the garage, and found Gus’ old Superman cape. I tried it on Bruno. It looked good on him:

Falling Fuzz

I gave Bruno a bath yesterday. He has dry skin on his chest and belly, and I wanted to try some new shampoo on him to see if it helps.

After his bath was over, there was a ring around the tub. I looked more closely at it, and saw that it was fur! I had noticed that Bruno grew a winter coat as it got cooler. It’s warmer now, so he’s losing it. Ha!

I can’t tell if the new shampoo helped or not. Maybe I’ll see results (or not) in a couple of days. I didn’t get a picture of his belly, so here’s a picture of his haunch.

Couch Cat

Yesterday was my first day back to school after my DC trip. It was fun to see all the kids again, but it was exhausting. After school, I stopped at the grocery store and felt like a zombie while I was walking the aisles.

At least I got to relax on the couch a little last night before I had my regular exercise appointment. Bruno helped me sit on the couch by sitting next to me.

Low Litter

I have forgotten to get new cat litter before, but I’ve never let it get this bad. Poor Bruno. By the time I was re-filling his litter box last night, it was down to less than an inch. Yikes!

But that gave me the opportunity to do a complete litter change. All the old went into the trash, and he got brand-spanking-new litter. Yay!

He used it immediately.

Hmmm… I can’t seem to upload a picture. Maybe that’s good. It was a picture of Bruno in the litter box. I’ll try later and see if it works…

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