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Sponge Substitute

Unlike my mom and my sister, I use a sponge to wash my dishes at home. I’ve been doing it for a long time. I like that it has a scrubby side and a spongy side.

The drawback is that after a while, sponges start to smell. I do let them completely dry out between uses, since I don’t make many dirty dishes from day to day, but still, they get old after a while.

I have often seen silicone “sponges” and have wondered if they work. A big “plus” for them is that they rinse completely clean, and dry very quickly. No smell! I decided to give one a try and find out.

It’s a little slippery while using. It does basic cleaning ok, but it doesn’t have much scrub power. Regular plate stuff that’s just dried on takes a bit of work. More stubborn stuff, like a frying pan, didn’t work for me at all.

I will be going back to regular sponges. Maybe I’ll keep this silicone sponge around so I can just touch it from time to time. It feels weird.

Crowning Achievement

Happy Bradaptation Day! This is the anniversary of my first regular post back in 2006. Wow. That was a while ago. It hasn’t quite been uninterrupted. I think there were a couple times where I missed making a daily post. But if those exist, they were a long, long time ago.

It’s also Michele’s birthday. As I was looking back in the archive, I saw it written. So let it be written, so let it be done. Happy Birthday, Michele!

And now, to our regular post, which according to Bradapation records, is the 5,487th post.

I scheduled various appointments for these days back at home before school starts. Yesterday was a crowning! I went to the dentist for my eighth crown. Now all my lower molars on both sides are crowns. This last one is temporary for about a month, and then I’ll have another gold crown. Three gold crowns! My mouth will be so valuable!

They play a looping video on the ceiling at my dentist’s office. It’s an aerial tour of Hawaii.

After the dentist, I went to a garden center in Kihei that I’ve only been to once before. It has the look of a landscaping center more than a retail garden center, so I was a little intimidated as I walked through. But it was beautiful!

Walking and Weird

I got my car air conditioning fixed yesterday. The fan had stopped working. I took it to a shop near school, so I dropped it off and walked to school to wait. The view on the walk was nice.

Summer camp has been meeting all summer. They did some chalk drawings on the driveway at school. There were axolotls! Ha!

On the walk back to the repair shop, I saw some sculptures. They’re made of driftwood. so cool!

My air conditioner is working again! Yay!

I stopped at McDonald’s on the way home because I was craving orange juice. I got a large. Mmm… And when I got to the pay window, the cashier said the car in front of me paid for my bill. That’s never happened to me. It was weird.

Checking Things Off

I got a bunch of stuff done yesterday. It was awesome. It was all kinds of things I have trouble doing when school is in session.

The first thing I did was get my license changed. I hadn’t updated my address since I moved to my new condo…. two and a half years ago? Sheesh! Time flies…

After that, I stopped at a self-wash place and washed my truck. Then had my regular blood test done at the doctor. We’ll see how those cholesterol numbers are doing…

I stopped at school to check how my flowers are doing. They are looking good (but I didn’t take a picture. Ack!).

I also did many online things and made appointments and such. My truck air conditioner fan isn’t working. I made an appointment with one garage for next week Thursday, then made an appointment for tomorrow, then canceled the first appointment. That required a lot of talking to people and phone-calling! Good job, Brad!

At lunch time, I went to Wendy’s and ate in the parking lot so I could toss fries to the birds.

Haha! That chicken was looking at me!

Garden and Shops

Yesterday we went to a botanic garden. To be specific, we went to The Huntington. It was beautiful. Here are some things I took pictures of:

The desert garden:

The Japanese garden:

Part of the bonsai collection:

The Chinese garden:

There were beautiful old buildings there and art galleries as well. We didn’t realize until it was too late, but they have Gainsborough’s “Blue Boy” there! Dang it! I would have loved to see that.

After that, we headed to an outlet mall. I keep trying to find shorts. I didn’t get any, but I did see the giant sand sculpture they had in the courtyard.

I didn’t buy anything, but if I had a bunch of money, I would have gotten two things. A Swarovski crystal Superman for $500

And these shorts, which were $70

I fly back to Maui today.

Hawaiian #HA55 Depart LA 12:00pm Arrive Kahului 2:40pm

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