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Box Bracing

The drawer I keep my wraps and storage bags in fits everything pretty well, but my sandwich bag box had space behind it, and would keep sliding to the back of the drawer.

I had been looking for something to put behind it for a while, but getting something just the right size was proving to be difficult. But I finally discovered something that worked: cut-to-fit cardboard packing material!

It works famously!

Familiar Faces

When I’m eating at my desk at school on weekends or evenings, I often open up YouTube to watch a short video. Usually, it’s something from Bible Project.

Yesterday, I watched one of those, then clicked on a suggestion in the sidebar. It was a video about different denominations. It was interesting to watch, but partway through, I was surprised to see people I recognized:

The upper right corner of the video is a picture from when I lived in Maui. The synodical president visited us for our church’s anniversary. The guys on either side of him are my old pastors! Ha! How fun! They’re famous!

Coloring Completed

Last week Monday, I was off from school. I started painting my bedroom, but I ran out of time. Yesterday I finished it! Woo hoo! I completed something!

The old color was a purplish brown. The new color is a bluish/grayish white. It’s called “Ice Sculpture”. Here are some before and after pictures. The “after” looks shiny, because it wasn’t dry yet, but I wanted to post pictures from daytime. The finish on the new paint is matte.

Maybe tomorrow I can put the room back in order. If I get my grading done in a timely manner.

Beautiful Bookshelf

We had a “step up” night last night at school. It went well. I made a slide show to talk a little.

While I was straightening up my classroom, I saw the bookshelf in the back of the room, and remembered that I hadn’t posted about it.

A while back, it was in disarray, and I asked some students to organize it any way they like, and one of them decided to do it by color.

Ha! I love it! It’s so pretty!

Advent and Avoiding Addiction

Er…. Lent. It’s Lent.

When I went to Solvang back in January, I ended up buying a book of Hans Christian Andersen stories.

In a related story, I’m having my Religion Class students all do something for Lent. I always do something too. My something this year is to not look at my phone when I go to bed. Instead, I’ve been reading from my Hans Christian Andersen book. It’s great. I love the language it uses.

In a related story, I found out that there is a whole series of fairy tale and folk tale books published by the same publishing company. They even have similar covers. I have a new thing to buy! Yay! On Monday I got a gift certificate for doing a survey, and I knew exactly what I would use it on: a new story book! Woo hoo!

This one just so happened to also be red. That’s just a coincidence. They come in lots of colors. I want to buy them ALL!!!

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