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A Little Different

My wallet was disintegrating, so I went looking for a new one. I have used the same style of wallet for many years. It’s tiny, and has clear plastic on both sides, letting me see inside.

While I was browsing Amazon, I saw an alternative. It was made of thicker leather, so maybe it would last longer. Plus, it came in green!

It was bigger than I expected. At first I balked and left it in the box. Then I decided to try it. So far so good…

Bye Bye Banner

Lloyd helped me fix my website display problems! Yay! Thank you, Lloyd!

It meant changing to a new theme – that is, a new style of display for everything. I started using this last theme back in 2013. I couldn’t make my old banner work for the new theme, but that was okay. It was probably time to change it. I looked for something abstract, but decided to go with a picture. I like it, because it’s trees and I like gardening, so it works.

Goodbye, old banner. You served well.

The Switcher to Witcher

My TV is kind of old, so it only has two HDMI outlets. For a long time, it was just my cable box and my Xbox, but then I got a Roku. I didn’t want to always be fumbling around the back of the TV when I wanted to switch from cable to Xbox, so I got an HDMI splitter. It was super easy to put in, and it will be very easy to switch between sources. There’s even a light to show you which line is active!

I used the opportunity to switch to my Xbox and start a new game. I’m going to try playing The Witcher. It’s an old game now, but it’s just the kind of game I like – open world, main quest with side quests, swords and magic. Perfect! I only played for a little while last night. The tutorials took a lot of concentration.

Sorry the pictures are still weird and the comments are still unreadable. I’ll get it figured out. In the meantime, I can see the comments by signing in and going to the Bradaptation website control center.

May Day

Yesterday was our school’s annual May Day celebration. Last year we couldn’t have it because of covid. This year, the kids performed as usual, but the parents weren’t there, and it was broadcast on youtube and facebook.

The kids did a great job. It was so fun to watch them.

The older kids were graceful and elegant.

The little kids were unbearably cute

Clouds and Color

Sometimes when I’m exercising, my trainer and I take a break to admire a beautiful sunrise. Yesterday was a particularly pretty one. They sky was purple. I wanted to record it in the memory archive.

I heard a whole thing on the radio once about the clouds in Hawaii. They are low-altitude because it’s an island. A larger landmass can have clouds that are higher up. The low clouds result in beautiful sunrises and sunsets. They also cause our plentiful rainbows. Yay clouds!

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