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A Little Different

My wallet was disintegrating, so I went looking for a new one. I have used the same style of wallet for many years. It’s tiny, and has clear plastic on both sides, letting me see inside.

While I was browsing Amazon, I saw an alternative. It was made of thicker leather, so maybe it would last longer. Plus, it came in green!

It was bigger than I expected. At first I balked and left it in the box. Then I decided to try it. So far so good…

Bye Bye Banner

Lloyd helped me fix my website display problems! Yay! Thank you, Lloyd!

It meant changing to a new theme – that is, a new style of display for everything. I started using this last theme back in 2013. I couldn’t make my old banner work for the new theme, but that was okay. It was probably time to change it. I looked for something abstract, but decided to go with a picture. I like it, because it’s trees and I like gardening, so it works.

Goodbye, old banner. You served well.

The Switcher to Witcher

My TV is kind of old, so it only has two HDMI outlets. For a long time, it was just my cable box and my Xbox, but then I got a Roku. I didn’t want to always be fumbling around the back of the TV when I wanted to switch from cable to Xbox, so I got an HDMI splitter. It was super easy to put in, and it will be very easy to switch between sources. There’s even a light to show you which line is active!

I used the opportunity to switch to my Xbox and start a new game. I’m going to try playing The Witcher. It’s an old game now, but it’s just the kind of game I like – open world, main quest with side quests, swords and magic. Perfect! I only played for a little while last night. The tutorials took a lot of concentration.

Sorry the pictures are still weird and the comments are still unreadable. I’ll get it figured out. In the meantime, I can see the comments by signing in and going to the Bradaptation website control center.

Dinner Delicacies

I went to the grocery store yesterday, and decided to walk down the “frozen foods” aisle. I was surprised to see that I could buy big soft pretzels! The box looked just like the logo of the big pretzels I used to get for choir fundraiser lunches back at my school in Baltimore. I had to get some! And for the cheese? I got Velveeta. I could melt it into cheese sauce. Mmm…

I also got a bundle of asparagus. I love salty buttery asparagus!

The asparagus didn’t disappoint, but the pretzel… did. It was soft and wrinkly, like a freshly baked bready pretzel. Yuck. I wanted it to be hard and dense, and not bread-like at all. And Velveeta for cheese sauce? Way too intense of a flavor. It was so… buttery… I want the pretzel to be kind of like carboard, and the cheese sauce to be hydrogenated oil with a little flavoring. Is that too much to ask?

NOTE: The site is having some technical difficulties. I did an update, and now the pictures look wonky, and comments aren’t visible. I’ve contacted my tech guy. Thanks, Lloyd! 🙂


On Friday as I was going home from school, I stopped at Home Depot to walk through the garden center. There wasn’t much new to see. I stop there too often. But on my way out the door, I saw that the plant delivery truck was there. How exciting! New plants! I tried to look nonchalant as I walked past, peering into the truck to see what was there.

I saw zinnias! I have been looking for zinnias! I got a tired, beaten up zinnia from Walmart a few weeks ago, but it’s been struggling. I wanted some healthy yellow zinnias. Were there yellow zinnias on the truck? I couldn’t tell… it was too dark in there.

I wondered if I should just sit in the parking lot until the plants got unloaded. That wouldn’t be weird, would it? Yes… yes, that would be weird. I went home. But I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

So I went back. And I found yellow zinnias! Yay!

I also got an impulse buy of a vinca. It’s a variety called tattoo papaya.

I also got a fiber liner for my hanging basket, so the fuchsia is off the floor and hanging properly now.

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