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Trying Tea

I drink a lot of milk. One of my co-workers from a couple years ago believed milk to be an unhealthy or even harmful drink. I always thought it was a healthy choice. I did some internet searching to see if I could get some answers.

It was interesting reading. I didn’t come to any strong conclusions. Vegans and animal rights people say it’s really bad you. Dairy farmers say it’s really good for you. The truth is probably somewhere in between – it’s not as bad as drinking soda, but not as good as drinking water.

It’s not calorie-free, so if I could cut some of it out of my diet, that would probably be good. I do like iced tea. I’ve been making it since I got back from Nebraska. I even have a nice new pitcher for it.

But I didn’t get caffeine-free tea. I think that might be a problem…

Eating and Shopping

Yesterday I did things that I like Los Angeles for… going to restaurants, and shopping.

The restaurant I went to wasn’t particularly special, but the sandwich I ate was – I went to Popeye’s for a chicken sandwich. I have heard all about these sandwiches on the internet, but never tasted one. Yesterday I did.

It was good. It was crispy and chickeny. I think I like the flavor of Chick-fil-A better, but I see why these are so popular.

The shopping I did was at a Goodwill store and a used book store. I got some Goosebumps books for classroom bookshelf, and I got a metal stand thingy. The metal thing was impulsive and will maybe just end up being another piece of junk at my house, but it looks like it was made to hold something… something amazing. Maybe I will find an amazing thing to put on it, and then I will be happy I have it.

Yum Yuck Yum

Yesterday morning Denis had to take his car in for service, so we dropped it off and walked back to his place. On the way back, we stopped at a diner. Mmm…

It wasn’t clear whether masks were requested or not. Some people had them on and some didn’t. In Nebraska, no one was wearing masks in restaurants and stores.

Our next stop was Ross, where I saw one of the grossest games I can remember seeing:

The afternoon and evening was delightfully relaxing. And also sweet. Denis is growing strawberries and I got to eat one. It tasted like candy.

My Evening, in Pictures

I went for dinner with Brent and Anna yesterday. Brent wanted to take me to a Persian restaurant. It sounded delicious!

But there was a sign in the window. The were closed because they were at Jazz in June.

So we decided to go to a Thai restaurant. Take Two!

They were open. I had some delicious Panang Curry.

When we came out of the restaurant, the sky was gorgeous! The sunset continued to be beautiful, but unfortunately I didn’t get any further pictures.

Between the restaurants, we stopped at Earl May garden center. I love that place!

Brent wanted something for a spot by his porch. We found a dwarf ginkgo tree. It only grows to be 15 feet tall! So cool! I love that he got it.

We ended the evening with some firecracker throwing. I am really out of practice.

A Quick Trip to Lincoln

Yesterday started with church of course, and then a relaxing day hanging out at home.

…until the afternoon, when Lauren and I went to Lincoln to get some prescription cat food. Ralph had run out, so it was an emergency situation. We got the cat food alright, and then noticed a thrift store right next door.

I always look for church music books at thrift stores. I need pieces I can play before and after church services. I found two books full of music like that! As a bonus, I found a book with Hawaiian tunes too!

We stopped at a few other places, but most notably, we went to Dunkin’ Donuts. I can’t get them on Maui, so it’s a treat to get them here. Did you know you could get as few as five munchkin donuts? I got ten.

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