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Pastries and Purple

There is a grocery store that is so close to my house I could walk to it. It’s so interesting to shop there, because it has a bunch of things I’ve never seen before, and is missing a bunch of things I have actually looked for.

One of the surprises was the fact that it had concha pastries:

I wrote about these when I was in Maui, because my trainer there likes them. I of course had to text her a picture of them. She liked it. Then she sent me a picture of a sunrise. We were always admiring those together when I was there.

A Game and Dinner

There was a soccer game after school yesterday. Our team is inexperienced because covid has prevented any kind of sports for a long time. It was still fun to watch. They played with sincerity and zeal.

I was tired on my way home. And hungry. I stopped at the grocery store and shopped hungry. I bought a bunch of junk food. On the top of my wish list was tortilla chips and nacho cheese sauce. Mmmm…

And I got them!

It was an excellent dinner.

Struggle and Success

Happy Birthday to Beth! Woo hoo!

Unpacking is tiring. So many decisions. I know how it works: Despite my best intentions for future improvements or future organization, wherever I put something, that’s where it’s going to be for the next fifteen years. So I’d better get it right the first time.

I made some slow progress on the kitchen, but the bedroom closet has me bewildered. I’ve always had a dresser, but the closet has shelves. Could I just use them and not get a dresser? I don’t know… it’s so confusing to just see my clothes sitting there in piles.

After a day of hard decisions and lots of standing, I went to the grocery store nearest my house. I like it… it’s got some stuff I’m not used to seeing. And most importantly, they have the Pepperidge Farms chocolate chocolate chip cookies I’ve been looking for for the past month. (That sentence has two places where words are doubled!) The cookies were awesome!

Peach Patience

I’ve been trying to eat more fruit lately. I like fruit, but buying it is a pain. And getting ripe fruit has traditionally been difficult for me. But a while back, Beth was saying that when she buys pineapples, she just lets them sit on the counter for a week, and then they’re ripe. I’ve been trying that with other fruits, and I’ve had some marginal success. Yay!

I currently have some white peaches ripening. I should have put my hand in this picture, because they’re GIANT:

A Fruitful Saturday

Two separate people from church told me about a farmers market here in Torrance on Saturday mornings. Yesterday I went.

It was amazing! There were so many beautiful fruits and vegetables. I was glad I had cash with me. I spent almost all of it!

I enjoyed some of them on the balcony at sunset. The produce was delicious, and the skies were beautiful!

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