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Dinner Delicacies

I went to the grocery store yesterday, and decided to walk down the “frozen foods” aisle. I was surprised to see that I could buy big soft pretzels! The box looked just like the logo of the big pretzels I used to get for choir fundraiser lunches back at my school in Baltimore. I had to get some! And for the cheese? I got Velveeta. I could melt it into cheese sauce. Mmm…

I also got a bundle of asparagus. I love salty buttery asparagus!

The asparagus didn’t disappoint, but the pretzel… did. It was soft and wrinkly, like a freshly baked bready pretzel. Yuck. I wanted it to be hard and dense, and not bread-like at all. And Velveeta for cheese sauce? Way too intense of a flavor. It was so… buttery… I want the pretzel to be kind of like carboard, and the cheese sauce to be hydrogenated oil with a little flavoring. Is that too much to ask?

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It’s Star Wars Day! Yay! May the fourth be with you!

This is teacher appreciation week. A couple of the teachers at our school put together some materials for parents that let them know it was happening and made some suggestions for how to celebrate. They also decorated the school this morning. It was awesome!

Many of my homeroom kids brought me treats. So nice!

That wasn’t all! One of the eighth grade parents brought me lunch! Wow! She had arranged it with me on Friday. Thai food! She even asked me what I liked. I got massaman curry. Mmm… It was so good…

Toothpaste and Sweets

I’ve been trying a new toothpaste for about two months. It tastes ok, but I won’t be getting it again. It’s too viscous. Getting it out of the tube is too much work.

I’m going back to my old standby – Tom’s of Maine sweet mint gel. Mmm… The only place I can find it here on Maui is Whole Foods. While I was there, I also decided to get some dessert. They make delicious desserts. I was going to get tres leches cake. Mmm… But then I saw creme brulee. Mmm… I got them both

The box is wet because the tres leches leaked, and I had to rinse it off.

Both desserts were amazing. I ate them back to back. And I regretted it.

Sustained Sale

Sunday is my regular day for grocery shopping. One of my school food items is peanuts. I like cocktail peanuts even though they’re more bad for you than dry-roasted.

I can’t remember a time cocktail peanuts haven’t been on sale at my grocery store. They always have the yellow tag. Are they really on sale all the time, or is the price just marked up, then marked down again?

Imaginary Jelly Beans

A long time ago, I had Welch’s brand jelly beans. Like the same brand name as jelly. I remembered them being the most amazing jelly beans I had ever tasted.

And then I never saw them again. Every Easter I would look on the candy shelves. No Welch’s. Had I imagined it? Is there really no such thing as Welch’s jelly beans?

Then yesterday, I stopped at Walgreen’s for milk because I was too lazy to go to the grocery store, and what did I see?

Welch’s jelly beans! There was only one bag left, so I snapped it up.

They were good, but not as good as I remember. There is a saying that goes: “Never meet your heroes”. Does that apply to jelly beans?

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