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Taste Trial

After exercise yesterday, I did not have to rush to school, so I stopped for coffee. I went to Kraken Coffee, which is a drive-through coffee truck near my trainer.

Last week when I stopped there, I got my usual latte with raspberry syrup. It seems to be an unusual choice based on many baristas’ reactions. But last week, the barista made a suggestion. She said I should try a white chocolate mocha with raspberry syrup.

So yesterday, I did.

It was delicious. I highly recommend it. I don’t think I’ll be making it my new regular though. I am a creature of habit, and I like my regular raspberry latte.

Sunday, Sort Of

It was a weird Sunday, because I didn’t have any grading to do. I did at least start it normally, by going to church. I played piano yesterday. I messed up a lot. Still, it’s fun to be involved in the worship service.

After the service, there was a birthday celebration for the pastor emeritus. It was fun to chat and have some refreshments.

I went to my classroom after that, but since I didn’t have any papers, I just sat in my desk chair a little…. and fell asleep. Ha! So it WAS like a regular grading Sunday.

Since some time had passed, I was hungry, so I stopped at what must be my favorite restaurant on Maui, based on the fact that I have eaten there more than any other place – IHOP. Mmm… it was delicious

Last Supper

Yesterday was the last day for Beth and Tara and Tim. The drove to the top of Haleakala, then came to pick me up after school. We had a delightful dinner at Lava Rock (my mom’s favorite place). Tim got lobster and shrimp. Mmm… He loved it.

After dinner, we stopped at the beach to enjoy the sunset. It was a good one.

They leave early this morning, which is unusual for flights back to the mainland. They’re usually over-nighters.


It’s teacher appreciation week. Our preschool director has decided to make it festive for everyone. She sent us little questionnaires about our favorite things. Based on my answers, she made a personalized poster for my room. It’s awesome!

She also shared our lists with the parents of our students, and suggested a theme for each day. Yesterday was “bring a treat for your teacher” day.

Wow! Such wonderful kindness! It was a happy day.


A few days ago, Lauren posted about eating a meal out of a package. I did that last night. The meat section of the grocery store has all kinds of already-prepared meats. I’ve tried a few of them, and they’re all good, but my favorite is Beef Roast:

I put it over egg noodles, and it resembles something we ate when I was a kid. Mmm… comfort food…

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