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Cheese and Chocolate

I’ve been eating comfort foods so far this week. Monday night, I had grilled cheese. Last night, it was macaroni and cheese. Mmm… I like cheese.

Beth and I were talking Monday, and she said she was really craving what our family calls Canadian cookies. She resisted making them because she would eat so many of them if she could. But then yesterday, she sent me this picture:

It made me really crave them myself, so I made them too. At first I put them on aluminum foil in cookie shapes.

But I couldn’t wait for them to dry, so I just scooped a bunch of them into a bowl:

Stopping at the Store

There’s a big store next to my school that I thought was maybe a grocery store. “Smart and Final”? Was it maybe a dollar store?

I stopped after school, and it was a grocery store. Kind of an Aldi-type place – groceries still in their shipping boxes, some brands I haven’t seen before…

They did have a nice produce section. I got some eggplant. I fried it. Yum!

Grocery Game – LA Edition

I stopped at the grocery store yesterday. The total was $93. It seemed like such a small amount of stuff, it made me think I should take a picture and do a post like I did when I was in Maui. I went looking for one and found it HERE. And coincidentally, the total for those things was almost the same – $92. Neat!

Here’s the Maui picture:

And here’s the haul from yesterday:

And the itemized list for LA:
Candy bar (for the drive home) $1.80
3 coffees $21
Balsamic vinegar $5
Rice wine vinegar $5.30
Box of sandwich bags $11
Milk $5
2 boxes of butter $16
Pistachios $10
5 apples $4.50
Blueberry goat cheese $5
Havarti with dill $8
tax $1

Comparing the two lists, I see that coffee is more expensive in LA, but milk is cheaper. And tax is way less. Interesting.

Omelet and Apples

Last night was a youth group night, so I stayed through after school. Instead of just sitting at my desk, I decided I would go for a walk and get something to eat. Someone told me there was a chicken place across the street, so I headed there. On the way, I saw this place:

It’s a Denny’s! There’s a Denny’s almost right across the street from my school! It’s not between school and home, and it has bad signage, so I never saw it. But I love breakfast! Yay! I got an omelet. Yum!

The youth night was fun. The kids played Gaga Ball. I only ever saw that on an episode of Bob’s Burgers. I was smiling the whole time I watched the kids play.

After the games, we had a snack. It was apple slices with caramel sauce. Wow, was it good. I really like caramel apples. I should eat them more often.

The small group Bible study was good. I always lead the 5th and 6th grade boys. They have a lot of energy, which is really fun.

When I got home, I was tired. I’m not sleeping enough. I need to go to bed earlier at night…

Scads of Sushi

I haven’t had sushi since I moved to LA. I was craving it yesterday, so I went to a sushi place I had seen in my travels.

I was a little confused when I sat down, because there was an “all you can eat” option, and a regular option. Ordering separate sushies quickly added up, so by my calculations, it was better to do the “all you can eat”.

The restaurant let you do three rounds of ordering. There were number limits to each order, but it was a LOT. I ordered the full limit for the first order, then a partial second order. I was too full to do a third order.

I was STUFFED by the end of the meal, but I sure got my money’s worth.

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