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Dark, Medium, Light

My stomach seems to be getting touchier as I get older. More things give me an acid stomach. Mostly it’s a good thing, because mostly, the things that give me an acid stomach are unhealthy foods.

But I’m sorry to say that coffee can sometimes upset my stomach. Someone suggested that lighter roasts might be better for my stomach, so I’ve been looking for them. It’s been difficult, because it seems that some people equate dark roast with a refined coffee palate. I’m not convinced of that.

I’ve found a few medium roast coffees and tried them. They tasted fine to me. But just the other day, I saw a light roast coffee. I’m not sure I even knew those existed. I tried it yesterday for the first time.

It tasted fine to me. Hmm… the medium roast “tasted fine”, and the light roast “tasted fine”. Maybe I don’t have a refined coffee palate…

Enormous Eggs

For a while, I’ve been buying eggs eighteen at a time. I eat a boiled egg for breakfast every morning, and sometimes eat eggs for dinner too. But lately, my egg-eating has lessened.

I decided on my last visit to the grocery store to just get a dozen eggs. The eighteen-pack eggs only come in “large” size. I looked to get a dozen of those, but they were out. All they had was “jumbo”. And boy-howdy, were they jumbo!

It almost seems like too much for me to eat in the morning. Yikes! This particular egg had two yolks.

I think my next egg purchase will be back to “large”.

Swift and Scrumptious

When I made this dinner, I had to laugh:

It looks like a generic low-effort meal that would be made by someone with no discerning taste – cheese hotdogs, and sliced cucumbers in vinegar with a glass of milk. Ha!

I liked it though – and it had protein and a vegetable and dairy. The only thing missing was carbs. I got those after dinner when I ate a third of a box of vanilla wafers. Heh.

A Former Favorite

While Denis was here, we went to Lahaina. I don’t walk all of Front Street every time, and this was one of those times I didn’t. But we did want to go to Bubba Gump restaurant. I’ve been there a bunch of times, and I think it’s my favorite restaurant on Front Street.

After a little shopping at the outlets, we walked over to the restaurant.

It was closed. Like closed-closed. The sign is off the building and everything. Dang it!

Coffee Coke

I was in the checkout line of the grocery store and saw this:

Coke with coffee?!? It reminded me of a book I read a long time ago… the product was called Mokie Coke. I googled the words to remind myself that the book was called “The Merchants’ War”. I don’t remember much about the story. maybe I should read it again.

I of course had to get some and taste it.

It was surprisingly good. I don’t know if I would drink this all the time, but it would make an interesting occasional drink. It would probably be a good mixer too.

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