When we did our Spring Fling festival three weeks ago, it was cold and rainy, so the outside events didn’t happen. One of the events is the bouncy houses. The kids love them! One is an obstacle course, and the other one is a traditional jumping chamber.

Yesterday after school, the PTL set up the bouncy houses and cooked some hot dogs and hamburgers. It was a beautiful warm day. I was slated to be the target of the throw-wet-sponges-at-a-teacher’s-face game, but we couldn’t find the board with the hole in it that I was supposed to put my head through. No sponge splat game. I wasn’t too disappointed. 😉

I love the fluffy clouds.

I love the fluffy clouds.

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4 Responses to Bouncy

  1. Deborah says:

    Were you the one “looking” for the board?

  2. Lauren says:

    That looks like a very, very nice evening. Hooray for a gorgeous day! I hope your rain is gone for a while.

  3. Lauren says:

    That looks like a very, very nice evening. Hooray for a gorgeous day! I hope your rain is gone for a while.

  4. Lloyd says:

    As I recall, we had our day like that on Ascension Day. I distinctly remember “helping” with the dunk tank.

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I haven’t been to the grocery store in a while. My most frequent need is milk. When I’m coming home from school, I want to get in and out of the store quickly, so I stop at a convenience store for milk.

I haven’t had any problems with convenience store milk being spoiled or spoiling early, but the selection is usually limited. I normally drink skim, but when I shop at convenience stores, I take whatever I can get. Two milks ago, I had to get 2%. It made my Carnation breakfast drink so creamy and rich.

My current milk is whole. I don’t remember the last time I bought whole milk. It’s so decadent. Mmm… My morning Carnation is like frosting or melted ice cream… so rich and fatty…

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Much Mulch

I arranged to have some mulch delivered tomorrow so I could get it spread and settled before the garden tour on June 4. On Tuesday I got a phone call from the mulch people saying they needed to deliver it earlier and would Wednesday be ok? I said “yes”, but maybe shouldn’t have. My garden isn’t quite ready for mulch yet. I have some cleanup and weeding to do before I can lay mulch.

Nevertheless, the mulch came. It fit pretty nicely on the sidewalk, but I’m a little worried that
1) it might cause a problem for the bank, and I want to be a good neighbor
and that
2) someone my take some of my mulch if it just sits there.

The dump truck guy did a good job.

The dump truck guy did a good job.

Last night I worked until dusk, but didn’t get to a point where it could spread mulch. Here’s hoping it won’t cause any problems to leave it there for a while.

I tried to clean it up a little.

I tried to clean it up a little.

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Studying Scripts

We just finished reading “The Miracle Worker” in Literature class. We have a couple of weeks left (only three days for the eighth graders), so I’m looking for a short unit… preferably something that reinforces earlier learning.

Since “The Miracle Worker” is a play, I’ve decided to stay in the realm of dramatic works, and talk about tv shows and how they express the elements of Literature (setting, character, plot, etc). I’ve assigned the kids to answer some questions about a show of their choice at home, but we’ve also done some samples in class.

Monday, we watched the episode of “Gilligan’s Island” where they eat radioactive vegetables and get super powers. The kids liked it. It was also pretty easy to name the climax.

Yesterday, I wanted to show a non-comedy. There aren’t many that are 30 minutes long. I settled on showing an episode of “The Rifleman”. Besides the Literary elements, we could also have an interesting discussion on how good guys and bad guys are portrayed in old shows and new shows.

This particular episode showed a man getting bullied, and he took it for a while, then beat up his bullies. After that, they left him alone. We talked about how society doesn’t tell people to do that anymore. Parents say it to their kids privately, but as a society, we tell bullies to stop bullying instead of telling the bullied to fight back. It was an interesting discussion.

Today we’ll be reading a “Gilligan’s Island” script out loud so the kids can see that tv shows have writers and how the story is put on paper.

Lucas McCain is so cool.

Lucas McCain is so cool.

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Artificial Fake Bug

Over the weekend, Gus got a new toy. It a laser toy that points in a random pattern.

Max had one of these and wasn’t too interested in it. Gus likes it, but not as much as a hand-powered laser. I think there must be a noticeable difference between a laser that follows a random computer pattern and a laser controlled by a brain. But still, he will play for quite some time before he starts to tire of it.

It's best done on a rug or carpet.

It’s best done on a rug or carpet.

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