Feed the Birds

in Baltimore, I used to keep a bird feeder full of seeds. I enjoyed watching the birds eat. They were so cheery.

I’ve wanted to do a bird feeder in Maui, but since I only have a lanai, I’ve been afraid that the birdseed would mess up the downstairs neighbor’s yard. A few days ago, I decided to just put some seeds out. I put them kind of in the middle of the lanai so that I could sweep up anything that spilled.

Yesterday, a bird finally found it! Yay! I didn’t see the bird eating, but I saw it sitting on the handrail afterward.

In other news, my starfish flower bloomed yesterday. I’ve posted about it before, but I think the flowers are so amazing a weird, I took a picture anyway.

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2 Responses to Feed the Birds

  1. Lauren says:

    You have a bike?? How long has this been going on??

    I love the flower! You can post that as many times as you like! I also think that’s a pretty brilliant way to feed some birds. Low mess, high return!

  2. Debbie says:

    Ditto, Lauren, you have a bike? Do the tires have Hawaii on them?? You’re so thoughtful about the birdseed and the neighbors, if all neighbors could be like you. Bird watching IS so cheery! Maybe you could put some type of guard around the floor edge as well? Bird seed gutter? Chirp!

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A Good Fit

I have been keeping my laundry detergent and other supplies on the counter top in the bathroom. Since pulling out the sink and counter, I’ve had to keep the stuff on top of the machine. It works, but it’s kind of high up. When I have guests, not all of them will be able to reach up there.

There’s a space between the machine and the wall that a narrow table could fit into. I looked while I was on the mainland, but didn’t see anything that could work, or that I could pack. But I saw something at Target the other day, and yesterday I finally decided to get it.

It’s just right! It holds detergent and softener sheets. So easy to grab. Yay!

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Gus likes to always be in the same room as me, so when I work in the bathroom, he’s always close by. The other day, Lloyd sent me a picture of Ralph, so I sent a picture of Gus. We were trying to decide what facial expression he had. Happy? Judgy?

Bonus item: the picture of Ralph.

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Cleaning and Straightening

I hit a snag with the sink installation. I had to add a new tile to the floor. Since I had to wait for the tile adhesive to set, I couldn’t work any more on the bathroom yesterday. Instead, I cleaned and straightened my condo. It has gotten kind of messy over the last couple of weeks.

I did several things, but the kitchen was where I was happiest with the changes I made.

First of all, I like how clean the counter top is now. It has been covered with junk since I got home. I have such trouble with horizontal surfaces filling with junk…

The second thing I was extra happy about was my utensil drawer. At my old place, I had two drawers – one for stove utensils, and one for everything else. I tried jamming it all in one drawer at my new place, but it was too full. So, I took out the things I use only rarely and put them in storage tubs in the cabinet. In the drawer, I have separated stove things and other things with a rolling pin. I think it looks quite nice…

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Painting Performed

It took me longer than I expected, but I’ve finished painting my bathroom. In my mind, I was going to get up early each day, and work all day long. In reality, I got up early, then stayed in bed, then went to the couch, then worked a little, then went out on errands, then came back home and took a nap.

But I’m finally finished. Now, on to the sink installation, and, if I’m as motivated in real life as I am in my mind, a little tile work as the back splash for the sink. Here’s hoping…

And here’s some before and after shots…





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