Two Person Total

Since it was Thursday and I had to stay through for handbell practice, I went out for dinner. I went to the diner again. This time, I had pancakes, eggs, bacon, and grits.

Mmm... It was so good...

Mmm… It was so good…

I usually don’t pay much attention to the bill at restaurants. I figure that if I’ve already decided to pay for food, I should just enjoy it and not fret about what it costs. But when I looked at the receipt after getting back to school, my brain finally processed what I was seeing. My meal cost me $17.25. That’s a lot of money for that meal. That seems like a two-person total to me. Did I get ripped off? I think maybe I should start looking for another source of breakfast-for-dinner on Thursday nights.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Yes, you were ripped off. That’s about $1.72 worth of actual food, so their markup is astronomical. Is it possible it was supposed to be $7.25 and somebody was careless at the register?

  2. Gretchen says:

    I’m with you….that seems high. I think that meal should be less than $10.

    What are you reading? My go-to activity when dining alone is crossword puzzles.

    • Brad says:

      It’s Grimm’s Fairy Tales. I really like them. Just yesterday I was thinking about how I read them a lot when I was in middle school, and I think they had a huge impact on my moral development. Or perhaps they just resonated with what my upbringing had already established.

      Whatever the case, I still think like a fairy tale: people who are kind should get the magic cloak; people who are mean should be made to dance in red-hot iron shoes until they die.

  3. Bev Greunke says:

    Breakfast is usually the cheapest meal of the day to eat out…..I, too, think it was TOO High Priced. The Bacon might have increased the price, but no that much!! I Love Breakfast ANYTIME Of Day. (So Did Your Grandpa Royuk)….Of all the things that we had to eat when I was growing up, Eggs are still on my “like” list. (Eggs are my meal of choice when I don’t know what to eat. Fixed ANY way…..) “chicken” however is on the “other” list…my LEAST preferred food on the “chain”…… Blessings On Your Day!!! <3 Aunt Bev :-)

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On two separate days in two separate locations at school, I’ve found energy cards.

Pink and Black

Pink and Black

They’re Pokemon cards. I’ve been carrying them in my shirt pocket. When I feel tired during the day, I pull them out and pretend to “activate” them. I’m not really sure how Pokemon cards are properly activated. I did watch the Yu-Gi-Oh show for a few seasons. When he activated cards, it was very dramatic. I went looking for a scene to link to, and was not disappointed. HERE it is. I really liked that show. I was in my 30′s when it came out. Hehe…

Maybe they should be marketing these energy cards in the checkout line of the grocery store alongside the energy drinks. Kids who were 10 when Yu-Gi-Oh came out are 24 now. They might be interested, right?

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Ground Orchids

I still didn’t feel well yesterday, so I hurried home after school. Because of that, and because it stays light out so late, I went out into the garden.

I was most excited to see my bletilla striata, my ground orchids. They are so easy to grow, and each spring I get a mass of purplish-pink color. I got down on the ground for a picture so I could put the blooming rose bush in the background.

So pretty

So pretty

It has been uncomfortably humid and hot the last couple of days. Today it’s supposed to be cooler. Maybe if I get home early today I could sit outside for a while. Or maybe not. My couch is so comfortable.

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Spring Flu?

I’m sick. Blech. It’s a stuffy nose, headache, and feeling run down kind of sick. I felt terrible on Sunday. Yesterday was better. I’m hoping today is even better. I’m just taking Dayquil and hoping for the best.

Im using tissues, not paper towels.  That roll is there from some cleaning I was doing.

Im using tissues, not paper towels. That roll is there from some cleaning I was doing.

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I don’t really have a regular grocery store I go to. There is a Safeway right next to my school, so that’s convenient. But if it’s the weekend, I go to a Giant near my house. Or if I just need milk, sometimes I stop at 7-11 or CVS or something. In regard to milk, that means many different brands. They do have different tastes. I try to avoid Lucerne, because it consistently goes sour before the “sell by” date. Other than that, I don’t really have brand preferences.

But here’s the strange thing: the color of the cap for skim milk is not consistent from brand to brand. For some brands, skim is blue, others are pink, others yellow. It seems like there should be some standard. Maybe it’s in the interest of the companies to have different colors so you accidentally buy whole and have to go back for skim.

Pink and blue

Pink and blue

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