Picking Paint

After painting my living room, I decided I wanted to do more to my place. I settled on painting the kitchen.

I’m looking at the cabinet colors, and trying to use that color as part of a scheme. I’m incredibly indecisive about it, but it is also incredibly fun. I keep going back for more color swatches from the store.

I think I’ve found the color that most closely matches the cabinets. I will paint the ceiling that color. Now I must choose the wall color. I started by thinking about blue, and picked a shade I like, but now I think I want to look at other options. To the swatches!

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  1. Lauren says:

    TO THE SWATCHES!!! (horns blare)

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A Little Exercise

I have gone on a walk every night this week. It’s been really pleasant. I go right at about sunset. The sky stays light for quite a while after the sun goes down, and it sometimes makes a beautiful light show in the clouds.

There is kind of a loop through my condo complex. I go down one side of the loop, then leave the complex to go to the beach. I don’t walk on the beach – I just look at the ocean a little, then turn around. On my return, I walk the other side of the loop in my complex.

Last night, on my way to the beach, I saw some art in the activity center yard. It made me laugh, so I had to take a picture:

It’s a ninja turtle! Ha!

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Still Working

Yesterday was our first day off of school. Well, technically it was the second day, but Monday was Memorial Day, and we wouldn’t normally have had school.

This week is my work week at school. While I’m still in School Mode, I’m getting up at the regular time, and going in to school to do all the end-of-year things. Also on my list are some things I wanted to do during the school year, but didn’t have time.

I started slowly yesterday. I got some paperwork done first, then I cleaned the lockers and fixed the aquarium. One of the corners was leaking, so I re-sealed it. I’m terrible with the sealant stuff. I can’t leave it alone once it’s on. I want to “fix” it, so I mess with it, and it gets worse. Ugh.

After school, I got my oil changed in my truck. Woo hoo! I have been trying to do that for a long time! I also got some stuff for my house, but the project was bigger than I thought, so it’s not finished. It’s going to take a couple of days.

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Seeing Outside

When I want to hold the curtains back to look out on my lanai, I’ve been using an elastic band thingy that came with my mail-order couch. It’s the perfect size, shape, and color.

Just recently, I discovered a way to see even more of the lanai – I hook the elastic band on the curtain rod. It allows me to see the entire lanai. More fun to watch the birds when I feed them, and more light coming into my condo. Nice!

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Tech Support

Our church has been doing services by Zoom. I’ve been helping out. I like to help, and I enjoy when I can explain something to someone and they get it.

This morning I was helping someone with their display settings. When a slide show is “shared”, it can take up a large part of the screen, so I was showing someone how to “slide” the divider over a little.

Also, my computer screen is really dusty.

It looks like this coming Sunday will be our last Zoom Sunday. There will most likely be in-person services on the 5th. We’ll do an internet broadcast of that service, but it will be on YouTube or Facebook.

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