Similar Shoes

My niece Rachel got married yesterday! Yay! The service was great – wonderful music, beautiful wedding party, great message.

I sat in front because I read a Bible passage. It gave me an unobstructed view of the bridesmaids. It was a big wedding party… twelve bridesmaids. Their dresses were beautiful – coordinated in style and in color. I think the instructions for shoes were to wear a specific color, but any style. It was so interesting to see the differences. I admired Anna for her choice. They looked comfortable.

The reception was fun and entertaining, but my cough is still running me down. I had to leave early so I could go to bed. I was pretty worn out by 8:30.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Those ladies stood a very long time up front. I watched how they all coped with their shoes. Lots of unobtrusive fidgeting.

    Feel better, Brad!

  2. Lauren says:

    Agreed. They looked lovely, and I couldn’t believe that no one passed out or cried out in pain. Young ladies are tougher than I could ever imagine.

    It was a great wedding and a great reception. I’m glad that you were well enough to go and that you went to bed early. Keep resting!

  3. Gretchen says:

    I am amazed at big bridal parties. I don’t think I know that many people who would wear matching dresses at my command.

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Beer Balcony

Yesterday was the rehearsal for the wedding of my niece Rachel and her soon-to-be husband Paul. After the rehearsal was the rehearsal dinner, which was awesome. After the rehearsal dinner was a gathering at the local brewery.

The brewery is in an old grain mill building, and it’s really cool. It was so nice to sit and chat with people. I wish I didn’t still have this cough making me feel bad – I would have stayed longer. I did stay long enough to see the sunset from the balcony. It was beautiful.

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Shower Salad

I think Lloyd and Lauren make salad in their bathtub. I went to take a shower yesterday morning, and saw this:

and this:

Oil and vinegar. Salad dressing ingredients. I think the conclusion is clear.

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LA to Nebraska

I traveled from LA to Nebraska yesterday, with a layover in Los Vegas.

My flight to Vegas went pretty well. It was only 45 minutes long. The layover was two and a half hours. I slept a little in a hallway that seemed quiet, except it joined Terminal C to Terminals A and B, so lots of people walked through. Some of them were loud-talkers.

The flight from Vegas to Omaha was not so good. There were no charging outlets on the plane, so I couldn’t use my phone, and I forgot to bring a book. I was kind of bored… until the last 40 minutes of the flight, where we experienced mild turbulence.

Three things made the turbulence more tolerable than it would otherwise have been:
One, the captain said there would be turbulence. When I know it is expected, then I don’t immediately think it’s engine trouble or a mechanical failure of some kind
Two, I was sitting close to the front, so I could see and hear the flight attendants chit-chatting. When they are calm or even kind of bored-looking, it really helps me.
Three, I could see out the window. This is something I have just discovered – if I can see the land, I am less scared. I actually asked the person across the aisle if she would open her window so I could see out, and she kindly obliged.

The afternoon and evening in Nebraska passed quickly with a ride back from Omaha with Lloyd and a delightful Runza dinner with Lloyd, Lauren, and my mom. I slept well last night.

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Ranging Receipts

I have somehow developed a rather nasty cough. My go-to medicine for a cough (and associated symptoms) is generic DayQuil.

I ran out yesterday, so I went to CVS to get some more. Something really weird happened. The receipt I got looked like this:

It’s so short! Just the day before, I was at the same CVS for some chocolate milk, and it was four times as long. I entered my CVS number both times. Maybe the system remembered that I had gotten a long one on Monday, so it gave me a short one on Tuesday. I think this might call for some experimentation…

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