I went to a movie yesterday. I saw the latest Hunger Games installment. There is a new theater in Towson that I’ve been curious about, so I went there. It is huge and sparkling new.

This is the entrance.

This is the entrance.

When I went to buy the ticket, there were two listings for 11am. I asked the cashier why. She told me the more expensive ticket was for a balcony level with deluxe seats, armrest tables, full menu service, and a small bag of popcorn. I was curious, so I decided to get the special ticket.

The concession stand was pretty fancy. It had a full bar.

I didn't get anything except my popcorn.

I didn’t get anything except my popcorn.

The balcony area was nice. The rows were far apart. The seats were comfortable, but they didn’t recline at all, which I didn’t like. I did see some food get delivered, but I didn’t have any. I had just eaten breakfast.

It was dark when I tried to take the picture.

It was dark when I tried to take the picture.

I liked the experience. I may do it again. Or maybe I’ll try the regular seats and see what that is like. The cashier did say that the reserved tickets sold out for evening shows, but I only ever go to morning shows, so I should be okay.

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Writing Prompts

On Fridays, I give my Literature classes writing prompts. At first, I did the regular potpourri of writing instructions – old memories, descriptions of favorites, persuasive pieces – but eventually I decided to only have them write stories.

I found a few writing ideas online, but my favorite source by far is the Reddit Writing Prompts community. I can spend hours browsing and reading there. Yesterday, I found a great prompt. I tweaked it a little bit before presenting it as the assignment. Here it is:

The old man had been coming to the diner for months. Jackie usually served him. Today he asked her to sit at the table with him. He had a small white envelope in front of him.

I like this prompt because it could be used to write a whole bunch of different genres. It could be a romantic story, a mysterious one, a spy story, science fiction, a story with a twist… There are tons of possibilities. What’s in the envelope? Money? Lab results? A letter from the future? A message from the CIA?

I haven’t read the writings yet. That always takes a long time, so I reserve it for Sunday.

The eighth graders must write at least twelve sentences.

The eighth graders must write at least twelve sentences.

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School Pictures

We did school pictures a couple of weeks ago. It was a pretty crazy day. Now that I’ve experienced it, I hope to be better prepared for next year.

They had us teachers sit for pictures too. I didn’t expect to buy any of course, but they did need it for the yearbook.

Yesterday the pictures were handed out, and guess what? I got some prints of me! I have no use for them, but it was a fun surprise anyway.

My phone camera seems to focus on everything except the thing I'm taking a picture of.

My phone camera seems to focus on everything except the thing I’m taking a picture of.

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Signs of the Season

There were some cookies in the teacher kitchen yesterday. They’re leftover from something. They’re those Danish butter cookies in the tin. I really like them. They’re delicious. But they’re also a terrible acid trigger. Dang. I ate some anyway.

Usually when I eat Danish butter cookies, I go straight for the ones with the big sugar crystals on them. When I went into this tin to get some cookies, I couldn’t believe my eyes:



They ALL had sugar crystals! Awesome! I ate six of them. They were delicious and burny.

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Late Night Books

At school, we have some classroom sets of books for Literature. Some of the books have gotten older, so I’ve been trying to replace them. I’m sure it would be best if I would carefully plan ahead and order them online. Instead, I’ve been enjoying the rush and excitement of stopping by the local bookstore on a hit-and-miss basis and snapping up whatever copies they have of the particular book I need. The latest one is The Black Pearl by Scott O’Dell. I really like the story.

I had a PTL meeting last night. It was almost 9pm by the time I stopped at the bookstore. It felt weird to be there so late on a weekday. It was mostly empty. There were a few people studying there. I got my book and left. I had sleep to get to!

I like how book stores smell.

I like how book stores smell.

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