Laminate Later

My kitchen tilework ended up being more expensive that anticipated, so I won’t be having the guy do my laminate flooring. But I already bought the ingredients, so yesterday I picked them up and took them home. The new laminate is a good match, and it was inexpensive, so I decided to keep it.

I can’t go anywhere for my upcoming Fall Break. Maybe I’ll learn how to install laminate flooring…

They weren’t heavy, but there were a lot of them to take up the stairs.
They fit neatly in my bedroom.
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  1. Lauren says:

    We need to get you in touch with Curt. He’s done his whole house!

    That’s amazing that it takes up such little space!

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Clearing Things

My kitchen is being worked on right now! Woo hoo!

In preparation for the workers, I cleared everything out. They will be tiling under the stove and refrigerator, so they’ll be moving them. I wanted to make sure they had plenty of room for maneuvering, so I moved the table that is usually by my front door. There’s so much space now!

Since the tile guys are the ones moving the stove and refrigerator, I wanted to make it as easy as I could. The stove is already empty. I emptied as much as I could out of the refrigerator. It looks pretty bare. I should wipe it out before I start putting more food back into it…

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Feed the Birds

On Saturday, I got Wendy’s for lunch. I’m not a big fan of fast food any more, but it IS fast, so I still eat it now and again. I like eating at Wendy’s in Kahului because there’s a big parking lot next to it. I like to park there and throw fries to the birds.

There are usually chickens, but on Saturday, there were only pigeons and mynah birds.

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Waste Water

My kitchen sink is leaking. At first, it was pretty slow, but it has gotten worse over time. I intend to replace the faucet, but not until after my other renovations are done.

In the meantime, I’ve found a way to use the water that’s leaking. I put a milk jug under the faucet, and periodically take it to my lanai to water the plants. No more wasted water! Good job, Brad!

It fills up in about twelve hours
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A Mostly Tasty Treat

I often crave something sweet in the evening. My favorite is cookies. I can eat a whole package in one sitting. I’ve decided not to keep cookies around, because that would be a bad idea. Instead, I have jelly beans.

I got a package of mixed Jelly Bellys. Most of them are tasty. Some of them are revolting. There’s a map, but the actual jelly beans don’t seem to look like the pictures to me.

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