Yesterday morning I felt really hot. I turned on my classroom air conditioner, but it couldn’t seem to keep up. I taught in two other classrooms, plus I had lunch duty. None of those spaces were cool enough to make me feel not hot. Was I sick? Was I having hot flashes? Was it just really hot at school?

I never figured it out. I drove home with the car air conditioner blasting on full power, and when I got home, I turned on the bedroom air conditioner so it would be full-on cold when I went to bed. It felt so good.

Hopefully today I won’t be as hot.



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Patriotic Parking Lot

I worked at school yesterday. I was feeling urgent and lazy at the same time. I got enough done that the morning time before school should be enough to get finish. I’ll be glad once I hit my stride. I still feel like I haven’t shifted out of summer mode entirely. This is a four day week, so maybe it will be enough days to enter school mode permanently.

As I was leaving school, my attention was drawn to the cars in the lot. They belonged to the first grade teacher, to me, and to the Urdu language pastor. The cars were red, white, and blue! Ha!

Nice shade...

Nice shade…

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Garden Candy

I grow cherry tomatoes in my garden every year. Mostly they’re just there for me to eat while I’m walking and working in the garden. I have experimented with varieties. I once bought the variety with the highest percentage of sugar of any variety. It turns out, sweetness alone does not a good tomato make. This year, whatever variety I got is tasty. It is also prolific. Lately, I’ve really had a problem keeping up with it.

So many tomatoes...

So many tomatoes…

I had a chance to do a full harvest yesterday. They are so sweet and tasty. I’ll have munching tomatoes that’ll last me all day long!



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Yesterday was my first full day of school. So far, we’ve had a couple of half days, and one full day. Things are going great, but the combination of being super-excited and of being in front of the classroom again made me really sleepy last night. I sat on the couch for a short while, then I was nodding off to sleep. I went to bed around nine. Ah, the exciting Friday nights of Brad. Hehe.

So comfortable, but the bed is even better.

So comfortable, but the bed is even better.

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Garden Dinner

Happy Birthday to Beth! Yay!

I have a steady supply of tomatoes ripening in my garden. I also have an abundance of eggplants. Yesterday I decided to eat some of them. They are Chinese eggplants, so they are smaller and more narrow.

Such pretty color.

Such pretty color.

My usual method of cooking eggplant is slice, dip in egg, dip in crushed crackers, and fry. That’s what I did last night. These slices ended up being smaller than the eggplant I get from the grocery store, but they were very tasty.



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