Relaxing – Not Relaxing

It was another nice evening. We went to a restaurant I’ve never been to before. The pizza was really good – especially the crust. It was so crunchy. Mmm…

When we got back, we hung out and watched tv. It was relaxing. Except I didn’t really watched tv. I played a game I’ve been addicted to. I mean, it’s fun and all, but I spend big chunks of time on it, and when I stop, I feel sort of frenetic…

Maybe I should delete this game off my phone…

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  1. Lauren says:

    Arrrgh!! What’s the name of the game?! What is the goal??

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Sunset and Science

It was another special evening last night. We walked over to the beach and watched the sunset. When we first got there, and the sun was not too low, we saw whales! Yay! It was so fun!

This was my favorite picture of all the ones I took.

This was my favorite picture of all the ones I took.

We sat until the sun was completely gone. There was a boy playing around in the rocks. I think he was hunting crabs and shells. I love seeing kids explore and show scientific curiosity.

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Not Cereal

It’s fun having my family visit, because each night is a special occasion. Usually for dinner, I would just eat some cereal and watch Iron Man 3 for the four-hundredth time. Last night, we went out.

On Sunday, we had gone to a place called Lava Rock in Kihei for happy hour. They have delicious, delicious margaritas. My mom was craving one, so we went back last night.

We ate appetizers for dinner:

Mmm... it was all so good...

Mmm… it was all so good…

We were home again by 8pm. I hung out in the living room for a bit, then headed to bed. What a pleasant evening!

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Extra Adventure

Yesterday was a day of school for me. My family went did various fun things – tours of vodka places and goat farms, going out to eat… they had an enjoyable day. …until Mike and my mom came to get me.

On the way home from school, my tire went flat. We were driving on the highway, and going pretty fast, so the tire sidewall tore in a couple of places before we pulled over.

The spare was flat, so we couldn’t use it. Fortunately, my mom had AAA. The tow truck guys were kind of humorless. The boss guy seemed super grumpy to me, but my mom said he winked at her!

We did get to see the sunset while we waited for the tow truck.

We did get to see the sunset while we waited for the tow truck.

They towed us to Costco for new tires. My awesome co-worker Chloe came and gave us a ride there because we couldn’t ride in the tow truck.

As the tow truck guys left, Grumpy Guy kissed my mom on the cheek!

While they replaced the tires, we had a beer at a bar nearby. It was a fun little hole in the wall.

We only sat for a few minutes before I got a call that said they would soon be finished. I went back and fetched the truck while Mike and my mom finished their beers.

It was a crazy couple of hours. I was sorry Mike and my mom had to suffer through this breakdown, but at the same time, it was nice to have some company.

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A Fear of Heights

My family’s first day of visiting was really fun. After church, we went ziplining. Yikes! I am scared of heights, so I was afraid I’d get stuck at the start, but it turned out ok.

Here is a series of photos that represent my experience:

First time. I had a death grip on the handles.

Zoomed in on my face. Ha! I was so scared!

The second time was still scary, but a little easier.

The fourth time we raced. I was confident enough to let go of the handles.

They said doing a cannonball position made you go faster. I was having fun by now.

The last line was the last opportunity for fun poses. Mike and Sandra held hands. What a great picture!

For my last run, I tried planking.

As I went along, I turned head-first, so I put my hands out like an upside-down Superman.

I was super-scared at the beginning, but having lots of fun by the end. I think this particular zipline was a great place for my first experience. They really paid attention to safety, and they had a lot of sympathy for me being scared. I heartily recommend Maui Zipline Company at Maui Tropical Plantion. I would do it again for sure.

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