Gus’ Room

During the winter, Gus sleeps on the couch. I think that’s mostly because of the space heater I point at the his spot all winter long. During the summer, my whole house is kind of warmish.

I run my bedroom air conditioner at night, so it’s freezing cold in my room. In the morning, I open the door and let the cool air run out. Denis does the same. The two roomfuls of freezing air are enough to keep the house cool until early afternoon, at which time I often turn on the air conditioners in both rooms and let the cool air spill down the stairs for a few hours until bedtime, when the doors are closed and the bedrooms become frosty again.

During the day, the upstairs rooms can get pretty warm. That makes them Gus’ favorite rooms. And of all the rooms upstairs, he loves Denis’ room the best. Denis has accepted his fate as Gus’ daytime host. In fact, Gus has his own blanket on Denis’ bed. During the day, it’s Gus’ room.

Denis removes his pillows during the day because Gus was leaning against them and leaving oil spots.

Denis removes his pillows during the day because Gus was leaning against them and leaving oil spots.

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2 Responses to Gus’ Room

  1. Lauren says:

    Awwww, Denis is kind to share his room with that poor, chilly cat. Thank you, Denis! (I actually like the look of the bed without pillows. It’s very minimalist. Hmmm… Do I have to get a hairless cat to achieve the look?)

  2. Carol says:

    Max should LOVE this week, as the temp is predicted to hover around 90 degrees for quite some time. Denis earns my respect for agreeing to this comensal relationship – well done, sir.

    Max Ned Gus is especially photogenic on the fleecy navy blanket – ready for a PlayCat magazine photo op!

    I so approve of your house cooling technique – it’s got to save energy without making any individuals miserable. [We wait with baited breath for the robocall from BGE today telling us how much we saved during Peak Rewards Day yesterday. (We purposely did not eat a warm meal so the electric stove or oven were not involved from 1-7 p.m. – let’s see if that had any impact at all…)]

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Coconut Juice

I have a new drink on my favorites list. I suppose I’ve always liked it, but lately I’ve been actively seeking it out. I may even buy some to keep at home. It’s coconut juice! It’s not coconut milk… that’s something different. This is juice from a young coconut. It’s so refreshing and sweet. On top of that, there are small pieces of young coconut in the juice, so there is something to chew as well.



I think I’ve only ever had this particular brand. Their can is very distinctive… tall and corrugated and green. Foco must be the Coca-Cola of coconut juice. I think I might need to make a trip to the Asian grocery store today…

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Cleaning the Outside Room

While I was in Nebraska, it rained here in Baltimore. It rained a lot. That meant my garden plants really did well while I was gone. But that also meant that the weeds grew really well while I was gone.

Yesterday I did some weeding and cleaning up. The sky was overcast, so I didn’t have to worry about the sun, but it was still quite warm and VERY humid. I was sweating like crazy while I worked. The most prolific weed was a tall, fleshy plant. I don’t know what it was, but it pulled out of the ground pretty easily, so that was nice.

I threw all the pulled weeds against the back wall. After a while, I noticed a lot of bumblebees flying around the weed pile. I think maybe they were living in the ground against the wall and I buried their homes. Oops! Sorry, bees!

I didn’t finish cleaning and weeding the whole garden, but I got a big chunk taken care of. Now maybe I can just do my regular practice of weeding for ten minutes here and ten minutes there, and I will eventually get everything looking nice.

The before and after:

Before weeding

Before weeding

After weeding

After weeding

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Bibles and Bratwurst

I did the message in church yesterday. It had been a while since I was there. It was fun to see everyone again. HERE is the message I did. After church, they always have such nice refreshments. Yesterday there were some chocolates that looked like little Bibles. I thought they were really clever, so I took a picture.

I think getting those texts centered on the paper would take a while.

I think getting those texts centered on the paper would take a while.

In the afternoon, I went to the German Festival at the Maryland State Fairgrounds. It was fun. It’s mostly about the food and the oompah music. But it is really good food and really good oompah music. I sampled many foods, but the German Chocolate and Black Forest cake were easily my favorites. Mmm… cake…

I was expecting to run into someone I knew, since Germans are often Lutheran and I know so many Lutherans in Baltimore, but I didn’t. I thought maybe I saw a former student, but I’m not sure because I couldn’t catch up to him in time to say hi.

Lots of happy people.

Lots of happy people.

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Why I Will Not Use Epson Anymore

I have a small, cheap printer at home. It’s an Epson WF-2540. I only print two or three times per month, so I don’t need a heavy duty printer. This printer seemed to fit my needs very nicely.

Last night before bed, I tried to print the message I wrote for church today. The printer refused to print because I was out of magenta ink. I thought maybe the printer was confused because my settings said ‘Print in color’. I changed the settings to ‘Print in black and white’ and tried again. Nothing. I tried re-starting the printer. Nothing. I tried re-sending the print job. Nothing.

I turned to the internet for help. Here is what I found out: The Epson WF-2540 does not print in black unless you have ink in all your color cartridges. I had a full cartridge of black ink in the printer, and two other unopened cartridges of black ink, but I couldn’t use any of them because I didn’t have magenta ink. Never mind that I had no magenta whatsoever in the document I was sending to the printer.

So last night after my bed time, I went out to Walmart and spent 39 minutes of sleeping time and $26.47 to get a magenta ink cartridge so I could print my black and white document.

I could not make the printer ignore it.

I could not make the printer ignore it.

And that is why I will not be using Epson products any more: they forced me to buy color ink in order to print in black… a dishonest practice by a company that I will no longer support with my money.

I’m so tired of these ink problems. I think it’s time for a laser printer – from anybody but Epson.

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