An Apple a Day

I’ve been eating an apple with peanut butter for lunch lately. I slice and core the apple in the morning, then wrap it with Press’N’Seal. I keep the peanut butter at school, and scoop it with a spoon and dip the apple pieces.

Yesterday, my half-unwrapped apple looked like a still-life arrangement. I took a picture:

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  1. Lauren says:

    I wish I could draw well. I’d send you a painting. Way to find beauty in the ordinary!

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Packing Blanket, Sleeping Blanket

This is another Gus-in-a-blanket post. Recently, I went looking for Gus pictures, and saw how many times I posted pictures of him in a blanket. Sorry for the repetition. It’s his signature look.

Since I unpacked the sword to hang it on the wall, I got use of another blanket. It was wrapped around the sword as padding.

The blanket is the kind that’s soft on one side, and fake shearling on the other. Gus has been using a grey one like that on his sleeping bed. Now he also has a red one. Nice!

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Slaying a Small Task

It’s hard to decide when to do what in the new condo. I have plans to do big things like paint the whole place or replace the bathroom vanity, but I also have plans to do lots of smaller things, like get some new bath towels or hang pictures.

Yesterday I decided to do a smaller thing – I hung Glamdring on my living room wall. It’s been in a box since I moved here (except for being an object lesson for chapel).

I’m glad to have it on display. I really like it. It’s by the tv, so I’ll see it a lot. I like that too.

Ignore that pile of things. They came out of their boxes and haven't found their rightful places yet.

Ignore that pile of things. They came out of their boxes and haven’t found their rightful places yet.

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Splattery Spigot

I have written about how Gus likes drinking from the tub. Since we moved to the new place, he still likes tub-licking. But the spigot at the new place drips water differently – the water splatters when it hits the tub.

At first I tried to just have Gus tough it out. He was persistent, and tolerated a lot of water in his face, but I felt bad. My solution was to drape a cloth over the spigot. The cloth lets the water come down more gently, and Gus can drink with a dry face.

He wasn’t actually drinking. I staged the picture for the post.

He wasn’t actually drinking. I staged the picture for the post.

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Six Light

The student desks in my classroom don’t all have the same color top. It bothers me a little. I have six desks with lighter tops. On Monday mornings, the desks are all pushed to the side of the room where we left them on Friday. That means I can arrange them any way I like. I often put the lighter desks in a pattern. Yesterday, I put them in the second position in each row. Plus the one extra one. Ugh. I wish there were only five. Or four. Six? What kind of symmetry can I get with that?

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