Pizza Party

Our school band had a fund raiser night at a pizza restaurant in Pa’ia last night. It was at a pizza place. I met some co-workers there and had a great dinner, including a big salad. I especially enjoyed the salad. I haven’t been eating many green things lately. It was delicious.

I remembered to take a picture! I can’t believe that no one looked at my phone while I was taking the picture. I was expecting someone to be giving me a dirty look.

The only drawback is that I got home later in the evening. I haven’t been getting enough sleep at night, and I’m feeling it.

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  1. Lauren says:

    That is a cool-looking restaurant. I would guess it’s kind of normal to have exposed ceilings that are directly covered by the roof? Not a lot of need for insulation in Maui, huh?

    Yeah, you should probably get some more rest. Your body is still trying to get well/stay well, I would imagine. 🙂

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Staying the Fairest One of All

For a long time now, whenever I’ve had outside duty at school, I’ve been wearing a hat. I’ve tried various kinds of hats, with varying success. Since I’ve moved to Maui, I haven’t found a hat I liked. I’ve been using a ball cap, but it’s not enough, because my ears and the back of my neck are getting darker and darker. And no hat keeps my arms and hands from the sun.

It’s not that I mind getting a dark tan. I’m mostly worried about my youthful good looks and about skin cancer.

I thought about putting sunscreen on at the end of school every day, but that’s expensive and time consuming. I thought about wearing a giant-brimmed hat, but that doesn’t help my arms. Then I saw someone walking along the street on a sunny day, using an umbrella as portable shade. That’s it! There was a big umbrella in my classroom from previous years. I’ve been using it since last week.

This picture is from last week.  Yesterday was overcast.  I still used the umbrella though.  I'm not messing around with my skin protection.

This picture is from last week. Yesterday was overcast. I still used the umbrella though. I’m not messing around with my skin protection.

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Furnishing the Apartment

I haven’t completely settled in to my apartment. Part of it is that I am not getting a bunch of things all at once because it’s expensive. Also, I’m taking my time to select items that I like. I mean the silverware tray I buy will be with me forever, because who randomly replaces their silverware tray?

I definitely want to get a couch as my next large purchase, and I even have money for it, but I’m having an awful time finding something I like. I want it to be comfortable to sit on, but it should also be comfortable for guests to sleep on. And it can’t cost $5000. It’s been kind of hard to find.

So I got a silverware tray instead:

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A Quick Trip Upcountry

The areas where people live on the slopes of Haleakala, the dormant volcano, are called “Upcountry”. Because of how the roads are laid out, it’s kind of a long drive from Kihei, but it’s always nice to go there. The air is cool, the people are laid back, and there are always stunning views. Yesterday I had two destinations: a nursery, and a Craigslist lead for free furniture.

The nursery specialized in cactus and succulent plants. My pastor had told me about it… huge selection, friendly workers… And he didn’t steer me wrong. The place was amazing. I don’t know how long I spent walking around and looking at everything. I had a lot of trouble deciding what to get.

The tables were packed full!  So many varieties!

The tables were packed full! So many varieties!

In the end, I only got a few small things: a couple kinds of aloe, a stapelia (which I will definitely be posting about when it blooms), and a small spineless cactus (Copiapoa hypogaea for the memory archive)

From left to right: aloe barbadensis, stapelia, copiapoa, other aloe

From left to right: aloe barbadensis, stapelia, copiapoa, other aloe

The trip to the free furniture place was also interesting, but less productive. There is an antique store in Kihei that has all kinds of wondrous items from around the world. It totally looks like a Goosebumps TV episode. Apparently, they have storage wearhouses in Pukalani, and were trying to clear them out a little. Only one small room had free furniture, but it was pretty picked over. Other storage areas were open for browsing, so I browsed.

So creepy and interesting.

So creepy and interesting.

The most amazing item was a giant wicker ball with pillows and a chandelier. It was big enough for two people to sit in comfortably, and three if they packed in. It was amazing. I briefly considered it for my couch.

So cool

So cool

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A Low-key Day

We were off of school yesterday because of Hawaii Admission Day. I slept in, because I’ve slowly become sleep deprived over the last couple of weeks. Then I went in to school. My goal was to figure out the grade book software we use.

While I was there, the piano tuner came. He said the piano needs some work. He said the punchings need adjusting. They are the pads under the keys that determine how far down the keys go. He also said it needed three tunings. This free piano is costing a lot of money. But he did say it was a nice instrument and was worth the investment. My pastor was there and is in favor of spending the money, but we’ll need to check with my principal.

I couldn’t figure out the grading software. It was frustrating and made me feel old, so I left.

I stopped at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Walmart to walk their garden centers. It was awesome. At one of the places, I saw a banana shrub. I’ve seen them in mail order catalogs, but never in real life. They are a relative of magnolia trees, and the flowers smell like bananas. I checked them, and they did! It was amazing!

Pretty little flowers...

Pretty little flowers…

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