Happy Birthday to Lloyd! Yay! I’m so glad you guys have your birthdays three days in a row. That was good planning on your part.

Someone brought various breads and left them in the teachers’ lunch room. One of the breads had a funny warning on it. The rolls were positively covered with sunflower seeds, and many loose seeds were littering the bag. And then it had this warning:

Ya think?

Ya think?

It was choir practice night, so I stayed through after school. I went back to the grilled cheese place. This time I got a roast beef and swiss sandwich. My side item was cream of broccoli soup. The sandwich was tasty. I mis-read the name of the soup and thought it said broccoli and cheese soup, so I was a little disappointed. It was still good. Both items were acid triggers. I think I’m starting to see a pattern: tasty food that makes me burn. Let that be a warning to me I guess.

I have never read this story before.

I have never read this story before.

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4 Responses to Warning

  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! I say your photo and instantly thought of your caption!

    Ummmm…. slight spoiler alert: I, too, have never read Old Yeller, but perhaps you shouldn’t finish it in a public place. I hear it ends……um….. er….. what kind of soup was that again?

    • Brad says:

      I’ve heard about the ending as well, but even if I didn’t, the author says it on the very first page:

      He made me so mad at first that I wanted to kill him. Then, later, when I had to kill him, it was like having to shoot some of my own folks.

      Why would he do such a thing? It reminds me of the book the 8th graders are reading. It’s called “My Brother Sam is Dead”. It’s a HUGE plot point. Why does the author say it in the title? Sheesh!

  2. Lloyd says:

    They should probably also warn that it contains bread.

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Holiday Mashup

Happy Birthday to my mom! Woo hoo! You’re awesome!

I’ve been stopping at Dunkin Donuts periodically. Sometimes I get coffee so I don’t fall asleep and crash on the way to work, but I always get Munchkins (donut holes). I really like them. I can eat a variety of flavors, they’re bite sized, and there are enough to share.

It’s fun to leave a box of Munchkins in the teacher’s lunch room. My co-workers eat them up. I hadn’t noticed, but one of my co-workers pointed out that the box is not Christmas themed. It’s not even just a normal box. It’s Halloween. They’re using Halloween boxes in December. I love it!

Donut holes in costumes.

Donut holes in costumes.

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A Series of Unfortunate Events

First of all, Happy Birthday to Lauren! Woo hoo!

Yesterday was a field trip day. All the middle school classes went together. We went to Washington DC. In the morning, we would visit the Pentagon, and in the afternoon, we would visit the Spy Museum.

As we arrived at the Pentagon, I looked down and noticed my shirt:



I left my pen clicked when I put it back into my shirt. Ink stains :(

When we got to the entrance of the Pentagon, we found out that another group came an hour earlier than their appointed time, and the tour guides gave them our time slot. They said we would not be able to tour at all. We were so confused. We stood around while one of the other teachers called his contact By the time we figured out we really weren’t going on a Pentagon tour, we didn’t have enough time for an alternate activity. We drove around a bit to kill some time.

The Spy Museum was great! Instead of going through the exhibits, we had some scheduled activities. The people in charge of them were great with the kids, and I think the kids enjoyed their time. At least one thing went well yesterday.

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House Hat

It’s mid-December, and I still haven’t turned on my boiler. Using space heaters makes the electricity bill higher, but oil for the boiler is even more expensive. Or maybe it isn’t. I should call the company and ask them what the price per gallon is.

My house is cold because of the boiler being off. To help keep me warmer, I wear a hat all the time at home. It’s an old winter hat I found in the boxes of dry-cleaned clothing the insurance company delivered to my house after the fire. It’s a warm hat. It’s my house hat.

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Choral Service

Yesterday was the Advent choral service at my church. It was wonderful. The church choir sang, the childrens’ choir sang, the handbells played, and there was brass and tympani. And of course the congregation sang as well. I loved how much music there was!

It was interesting that we didn’t sing any Christmas carols at all. None of the choirs did and neither did the congregation. I wonder if that’s how it is every year, or if that was peculiar to this year. I guess I’ll find out in twelve months.

I had a great view right before playing handbells.

I had a great view right before playing handbells.

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