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Rain Day

I feel bad for making light of the rain day yesterday. It was record rainfall, and many roads and homes were damaged by the rain. My power was out all night, but many people upcountry didn’t have power all day yesterday. It was a bad storm.

I didn’t go out at all yesterday, because many roads were flooded. All that time inside gave me an opportunity to make cookies. And not just any cookies… I made Christmas cut-out cookies.

The decoration and frosting of these cookies is usually a social event. Since I was doing them by myself, I did something uncharacteristic: I decorated several cookies in an identical way.

After the cookies were made, I did something VERY uncharacteristic: I took some plates of cookies to three different neighbors.

I was so nervous! I almost didn’t do it, but I have wanted to be more friendly with my neighbors, and this seemed like a good way to do it – just a quick interaction, some smiling, and “Merry Christmas”. It got easier with each time. And I’m so glad I did it, even though it was scary.

3 responses to “Rain Day”

  1. Deborah says:

    Good for you! I need to be more neighborly, but it’s scary. 🙂
    Sorry about the scary rain. I hope you have power now.

  2. Lauren says:

    Those look awesome! How kind and thoughtful of you to take them to others, too!

    I am very glad that you got rain, but I’m sorry that it was so, so much and caused so much trouble. I hope the damage is not too great.

  3. Elaine Royuk says:

    Beautiful and yummy from Grandma Hummel’s cookie recipe!

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Rainday Sunday

We are FINALLY getting some rain. It has been forever! The timing is a little off though. We were supposed to have grades 3,4,5 sing at church yesterday morning. Since it was going to be a big service, we were planning to have it out in the courtyard area. We had to cancel.

But the rain is good. We have been in a serious drought situation for quite a while. And at least the plants are getting watered:

During the day, it kept raining and raining. At night, the rain got HEAVY. A lot of roads flooded out. The rain is supposed to go into the day today, so school is canceled.

I’m glad I went grocery shopping on Saturday. I’m all stocked up and ready for today’s rainpocalypse.

Moved Mailbox

I got a new mailbox yesterday. The post office is making our condo association consolidate our many mailbox locations into fewer, larger sites. I am fortunate that my mailbox site is close to my old one.

For the memory archive, here’s the old site:

The new site is pretty.

The only drawback of my new mailbox is that it’s closer to the ground. I have to squat to look inside it. But I guess I could just think of that as extra exercise, right?

It’s box 7-201

Confusing Cut

I have a stash of grading pens we use in my classroom. The ends have started to be cut off. Yesterday I told my students to not use the scissors to cut the pens because it would dull the scissors. Then one of my students said she is the one who’s been doing it, but she didn’t use scissors – she used her mask.


Then she showed me – she sawed her mask ear strap back and forth across the pen. It got hot, then slid right through the pen and cut off the end. Mind blown!

Maybe a mask could be an emergency supply… could you rub it on a piece of wood and start a fire? This needs more investigation…

Plant Corner

The native Hawaiian plants I put in the planter by the church/preschool door are doing well. The ‘ihi plants look particularly good because they’re blooming.

Diane said people were asking her about them, and that maybe I should write something for the church newsletter, so I did.

People enjoyed the little blurb, so Diane invited me to write about some of the other plants. How fun!

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