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Exercising Kindness

At school yesterday, we had a fund-raising run. It was a lot of fun. The middle-school classes came out to cheer on the young ones.

We had an early dismissal because of the festivities. After school, I picked up Beth, Tara, and Tim. We joined some of my co-workers for happy hour, then did a little shopping.

As we came to a stoplight, a car stalled out in front of us. Several people immediately responded by jumping out of their cars to push the stalled vehicle to the shoulder. It was an amazing display of kindness – complete strangers spontaneously helping someone. I had to take a picture of it:

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  1. Lauren says:

    Those Maui people. So nice. <3

    Have a great weekend, you guys! Lloyd and I are on the road, headed toward …… a May snowstorm.

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Hot Car

Beth and Tara and Tim are here! Woo hoo! Harold couldn’t come because of wrestling commitments.

I almost couldn’t pick them up last night because my truck had been overheating. On Tuesday when I drove home, all the water boiled out of my radiator. Yikes! I put a gallon and a half of water in, and limped into Kahului the next day, then left it at school until I could get an appointment at the mechanic.

It got fixed yesterday. It was only a leaking pipe of some kind, and was a (relatively) cheap fix! Yay!

Paper Picking

There are a lot of things happening at once right now. I sometimes feel overwhelmed. I was talking with someone about it recently, and she asked me if everything was still getting done. I said yes. She said: “Well, then you’re not overwhelmed. You’re just whelmed.” Hehe… I keep trying to tell myself that.

My condo is currently for sale, and open houses are happening, but at the same time, I’m thinking ahead. I want to buy a place in LA if I can, so I reached out to the mortgage broker I used before, and asked him to look into getting me started on a new loan. He asked for a whole bunch of documents.

Ugh. Paperwork is my least favorite kind of work. Why couldn’t he have asked me to do some other kind of work, like digging a hole in the ground? I would have liked that better.

Item one: Thirty days’ worth of pay stubs

I’m posting about it so that maybe I’ll remember to work on it today…

Aphid Control

My taro plants at school have a LOT of aphids on them right now. When I water them, I always spray the leaves, hoping to cut down on the aphid population.

Yesterday when I did an inspection at recess time, I saw that the water isn’t the only aphid-control method the taro has.

That weird alligator-looking thing is a ladybug nymph. They love to eat aphids! Awesome! Good job, ladybugs! No water sprays for you.

Morning Music

I hardly ever play music during the school day. I think kids are overstimulated already, and I don’t want to contribute to it. But there is one time of day when I always play music: before school in the morning. The kids start arriving at 7:30, and school starts at 8:00. During that half hour, I play Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, and others. I play them on my ancient music machine using shiny discs that physically store digital signals.

Yesterday was a Johann Strauss day. That means it will be a Johann Strauss week, because whatever I put in the CD player on Monday is what I play all week.

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