Box Begone

I’ve had a small collection of succulents that I’ve been keeping in a window box on my lanai. They were already there at my last place, so when I moved, I just left them that way.

I haven’t really liked how the window box looked though. It was just a container of convenience.

Yesterday I finally did something about it – I moved the plants into pots. I’m happy about the new arrangement. Now if I can just get something done about the soft spots in the lanai floor…

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  1. Lauren says:

    Lovely! It’s pretty for you and also your neighbors. 🙂

    That repair guy ghosted you? That seems pretty uncool. 🙁

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Pumpkin Fest

Our school had our annual Pumpkin Fest fundraiser last night. Everything went really well.

Besides selling pumpkins, there are lots of games, crafts, food, and entertainment. I was excited to see the family that all dressed as pumpkins. They came last year too.

I did a better job controlling myself at the silent auction this year. I ended up only winning a beach-themed basket, and a gift card for Target.

I ended the evening with something unusual: dragonfruit flowers. They are night-bloomers, so I hardly ever see them, but there are some next door to school, and they were blooming last night! They’re so big!

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Coleus Color

While I was away, the planter at school that I have been watering didn’t get watered. Most of the plants did okay, but some of them succumbed to the drought.

I got some replacement plants on Wednesday and planted them yesterday. They were big ol’ overgrown coleus plants from the bargain bin. They are a beautiful fall color, and look so good next to the yellow daisy-like flowers that are already there.

They were a little too big, so I cut some branches off. I decided that instead of throwing them away, I’d put them in water and see if they developed roots.

They were on my desk all day, but turned out to be in the way, so I brought them home. I put them on my little table, and they look so nice. I haven’t bought cut flowers in a while, but I think these fit that role nicely. And they will look good for a long time.

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I got a package in the mail yesterday from Amazon. I didn’t order anything. What could it be?

Ha! It’s a funny t-shirt! I don’t know who sent this to me, but it’s fun! I think maybe I should wear it to school on the day after Halloween. Then, if any kids come to school with candy, they’ll have to give some to me. Excellent!

Thank you, whoever sent this! It’s awesome!

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TV Time

I’ve been feeling some jet lag since I got back. On Sunday night, I didn’t sleep much at all. On Monday, I was asleep early, but then awake, asleep, awake, asleep, awake…

Yesterday after school, I took a nap, but then I tried to stay up until bedtime. After my nap, I turned on the TV and saw that it was on ESPN. That’s the channel my guests were watching while I was in the Philippines.

I hadn’t turned on the TV in two days? That was weird. I usually turn it on to make noise when I’m home.

Of course, I hadn’t watched TV for the whole time I was in the Philippines. And I didn’t die! It used to be so important to me…

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