Icy Hot

There was some freezing rain yesterday. It started falling around 11am, so an early dismissal was called for school. I left pretty quickly because I was worried traffic would get bad. But first I needed to stop at the grocery store for Carnation.

While I was shopping, I got the wild notion to cook. I haven’t cooked in ages. I got a roast. I made pot roast. It was delicious. I would cook more often, except it’s expensive and time consuming. I spent twenty-two dollars on this meal and it took two hours to make. I could get some nice barbecue from across the street in fifteen minutes for ten bucks.

Still, it was pretty tasty.

I should have moved the onions to show the roast.

I should have moved the onions to show the roast.

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  1. Carol says:

    …but did you get more than one meal out of that roast, sir? That would seem to even out the time and expense factor. Congrats on the cooking experience!

    [We did a rolled pork roast last night ourselves - and I rarely cook either, but the early dismissal did provide time for cooking alrightee. Looks like yours was as yummy as ours!]

    • Brad says:

      I could eat it more than once, but I probably won’t. I always diligently wrap leftovers and put them in the refrigerator…. and then throw them away a week or two later on trash day.

  2. Lauren says:

    Wow! I am super impressed with you both! Icy weather must mean roast weather. We just got a light snow, does that mean…. chicken? ;)

  3. Lloyd says:

    The math works out for us because we just eat the same thing for the next 3 days.

  4. Bev Greunke says:

    Looks like Grandma used to make except for the baking dish. Her’s would have been in an dark blue enamel roasting pan with a lid (As would have mine…..and….Uncle Lyle would have licked the pan clean, he loved roast with potatoes & carrots) …… Looks Delish!!!! Thanks for the pleasant memories…… <3 Aunt Bev :-)

    • Brad says:

      Hehe… I had trouble finding a pan large enough for my needs. I wrapped the top with foil to keep all the delicious juiciness in.

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The ice from Sunday was still around yesterday morning. I woke up to an announcement of school being two hours late. Instead of going to school super-early, I waited a little this time. I went outside to check conditions.

Sure enough, the announcement came to cancel school. It was another unproductive snow day. I don’t know what I’m waiting for. I should be doing taxes or cleaning out a closet or something. I guess I did at least wash some dishes, so there is that.

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Snowy Sunday (again)

Yesterday was the third Sunday in a row that we’ve had some snow event messing with church services. It started snowing around 8am, then over time the snow turned to sleet and freezing rain.

I arrived at church early so I could get some things organized for school. I was cantoring in church, so I was going to attend both early and late services. After early service, there was a coating of snow on the ground. I started checking weather reports and traffic cameras. Before late church started, I concluded that I should head home.

On my drive home, the snow had switched over to sleet. The snow had stuck, even to main roads. It was messy, but thankfully I made it home with no incident.

Perring Parkway

Perring Parkway

After I got home, the freezing rain came. It had been so cold the last few days that rain easily froze on the ground. I stayed in the rest of the day, leaving only once to walk across the street for a chef salad. The ice was making lots of icicles.

At least my door wasn't frozen shut.  I checked.

At least my door wasn’t frozen shut. I checked.

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Ahb Lobby

Denis’ friend Marjorie had a baby! The baby’s name is Gabriel. Yesterday I went along with Denis to the hospital for a visit. Gabriel was incredibly cute. He had such fuzzy hair. He was also very alert. He seemed to be looking around the room a lot, and when he did, he furrowed his brow. Marjorie kept rubbing it, trying to smooth it out. It made me smile.

I didn’t take a picture of Gabriel because I felt awkward asking Marjorie if it was okay. Instead, here’s a picture of a sign in the hospital that made me laugh:

When I saw the sign, in my head I didn’t say “oh-bee lobby”, I said “ahb lobby”. Then I said it out loud. Then I said that if someone logged blog posts for the OB Lobby, they’d be the OB Lobby Blog Logger. Ha! It reminded me of the Bob Loblaw Law Blog. I haven’t watched Arrested Development, but I’ve read a lot about it, and have seen THIS clip more than once.

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One of the former students from my school (and older brother to a couple of current students) had a piano concert last night. It was a benefit for our school’s scholarship fund. It was called a candlelight concert. The lights were dimmed, and there were candles in the chancel. It was very relaxing.

I didn’t fall asleep because I had a bunch of iced tea before the concert, so I had the caffeine working for me. I also took a nap on the heater in my classroom after school.

The music was great! He selected vigorous pieces – lots of notes very fast – and played everything from memory. I enjoyed it thoroughly. He’s going to make piano playing his career. I think he’s got a bright future. He’s only fifteen!

When I first sat down, I could see his hands.  Ones others sat, not so much.

When I first sat down, I could see his hands. Ones others sat, not so much.

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