Green and Purple

Happy Birthday to my nephew Daniel! Woo hoo!

When I was trying to decide what road trip to make this weekend, I seriously considered visiting an African violet greenouse that I went to many years ago. They sell a wonderful variety of plants. The big drawback is that it’s in western New York state – a five our drive away. I decided not to go.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about walking through a greenhouse filled with beautiful greenery, so I went to Homestead Gardens down by Annapolis.

So green and beautiful.

So green and beautiful.

It was amazing and restorative. I walked through the whole place three times. I was most excited when I passed by the checkout, because there was a drink cooler there with the most delicious grape juice I have ever tasted. I’d had it on a previous visit, so I knew how good it was.

So flavorful and sweet.

So flavorful and sweet.

I did get some plants. It’s been a long time since I got new houseplants. I got the Purple Passion plant out of a sense of nostalgia. I got the Rattlesnake Plant because it looks like someone colored on it with a magic marker. I haven’t yet decided where they will go in my house, so for now they’re on the dining room floor.

The new additions

The new additions

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  1. Lauren says:

    I think I know what your next house should be like: Skip ahead to the 2:40 mark to see what they’re up to. Your house inside a greenhouse! Think of the plants you could grow!!

  2. Bev Greunke says:

    Happy Birthday, Daniel!!!! AND Happy Valentine’s Day To Brad & ALL His Friends!!!!! <3 Aunt Bev :-)

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Mall and a Latte

I am currently experiencing a long weekend. We have Monday off for President’s Day. We also had yesterday off to make the weekend even longer. I think the idea is that if we don’t have any snow days, this would be a winter break to help us get through the difficult month of February.

I wanted to travel somewhere to commemorate the weekend, but I couldn’t decide where to go. I was thinking of doing an over-nighter, but took too long to think about it and it was getting late, so I decided to just go to Tysons Corner mall. It’s a mall in the DC area that I’ve heard is big and well-appointed.

It was more of a closed configuration - not many large open spaces.

It was more of a closed configuration – not many large open spaces.

It was nice, but I’m not sure that it’s much bigger or nicer than malls in the Baltimore area. Still, it was fun to walk around. There was a Restoration Hardware store there. I haven’t been to one of those in a long time.

Before I headed back, I stopped at Starbucks. I was feeling sleepy, and thought maybe I should have some caffeine. I ordered my usual – a latte with raspberry syrup. The cashier commented about how unusual of an order that was. Last time I ordered it, a different cashier said the same thing. I think it’s tasty, but apparently it’s unusual enough to warrant comments.

It's like raspberry chocolate.

It’s like raspberry chocolate.

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Painting Practice

Yesterday in Life Skills we practiced painting a wall. It was difficult to decide what to talk about. The subject of house painting is huge! I decided to narrow it down to free-hand brush skills.

I re-used a piece of drywall that we had done dent-patching practice on. I drew a grid on it, then had the kids do two things with a rectangle of their choosing: paint a free-hand edge, and feather the paint as smoothly as possible.

The paint jobs didn’t end up looking very good. Painting on bare drywall is difficult. If the surface were primed it would have been a lot easier. In the end, I think the biggest benefit of this project was getting a brush in the kids’ hands so they could see what it was like to put actual house paint on an actual wall.

The paint was on the 'oops' shelf at the store.  It was only $9.

The paint was on the ‘oops’ shelf at the store. It was only $9.

I think I will turn our attention away from wall surface skills and look at a new home improvement topic.

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Something Different

When you take the same route to and from work each day, you get used to how things look along the way. Over time, the commute seems a little shorter, because instead of one long jump from point A to point B, it’s a series of shorter jumps from landmark to landmark.

“There’s the house with the stained glass window”
“There’s the giant pothole in the road.”
“There’s the stoplight that is never green when I approach it”

Yesterday on my way home, one of the intersections I pass through every day looked weird. It was too bright, and the color of the light was off. Instead of a yellowish light, it was white.

As I waited for the turn arrow, I looked up at the streetlights. They had been replaced! It happened yesterday between the time I went to school and the time I came back. How interesting.

They are now led lights. Quite bright, and quite white.

Perring and Taylor

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A Clipper

We have two kinds of winter storms in Baltimore: a nor’easter (which is what Jonas was), and a clipper storm (which we had yesterday). Nor’easters are by far the worse of the two. Clipper storms are much harder to predict though. As the meteorologist struggled yesterday morning to say what would happen, the public school systems announced a two hour delay.

I went to school at the regular time, because the snow that was falling was instantly melting when it hit the roads. I would get two extra hours of work time before the kids came in! Woo hoo! As I sat at my desk, 9am came and went, and there was still no one else at school. I checked online and found that schools were closed for the day.

It's hard to see, but a fair amount of flakes were falling.

It’s hard to see, but a fair amount of flakes were falling.

I spent the whole morning in my classroom. I got a lot of clerical and organizational stuff done. It felt great. In between projects, I stopped to talk to Megan and Corrin. They seem to be more active in the morning than in the afternoon.

Corrin is in the hammock!  I didn't think they'd use it.

Corrin is in the hammock! I didn’t think they’d use it.

After school I ran a few errands, then had a relaxing and guilt-free evening at home.

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