I had big plans for yesterday. I was going to sleep in as late as I could, then go to school and get a bunch of work done, then write the message for preaching in church this morning.

Instead, I slept as late as I could, then sat around a lot, then napped, then sat around some more, then cleaned the kitchen, then wrote the message for preaching in church this morning. I don’t know why I can’t just decide to do something and then do it.

Instead of talking any more about that, here’s a picture I took a while ago:

A carryout menu and a book.

A carryout menu and a book.

Someone left a big book on my outside window sill. It has a bunch of business names and phone numbers printed on yellow pages. I don’t even know why they print such a thing. I put it in the recycling bin.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! Someone – maybe Samith? – was telling me that they used a phone book and had to explain to their child what it was.

    No one can fault you for napping on a Saturday instead of getting work done. That is just how Saturdays roll.

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Family Game Night

Last night at school was Family Game Night. Students and their parents brought games, we all sat in the lunch room, and we played. It was scheduled for 7pm to 9pm. Since it was so late, I thought I wouldn’t like it. I was so wrong. It was fun! I played Mancala, Uno, and Jenga. I especially liked Jenga. Plus, I played those games with kids. It was fun to do something outside the classroom with them.

There were lots of sugary snacks.  Mmm...

There were lots of sugary snacks. Mmm…

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Unusual Practice

Last night was choir practice. I knew something special was happening, because practice was starting earlier than usual, but I have to admit I didn’t really know what was going on.

When I walked into the church, I was even more confused. There were a bunch of people there that I didn’t know. They were filling the first pews if the church. Was this some kind of mass choir thing? Yes. Yes it was.

My church choir is involved in an annual Christmas concert called Holliday Brass. We will be singing in a giant cathedral for hundreds of people. I think I’ve actually been to this concert in the past. HERE is the link.

This was after practice was over.

This was after practice was over.

I’m excited! I love singing! I love Christmas music!

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The Windows

We switched over to heat at school. Unfortunately, it was pretty warm out yesterday, so I opened all the windows of my classroom wide open.

In the afternoon, I was supervising study hall in another room and I heard heavy rain crashing down onto the roof of the building. It didn’t occur to me what was happening back in my room.



One of my co-workers and some of the eighth grade girls closed my classroom windows and cleared all the wet papers off my desk. Fortunately, the information on the papers was already recorded in digital form. That was good, because any place the water came into contact with writing from my grading pen, there was only an orange blur.

Some other good news came at the end of the day: the heat was turned off again. Woo hoo!

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Sleeping In at Night

I have been trying to go to bed earlier lately. While I was working at the animal hospital, I got in the habit of being up late. It’s not working for me to be up late and get up early. Since I can’t sleep in like I used to, I have to sleep in at night instead of the morning.

It’s hard to give up the time at night though. After going to bed, it takes a while to wind down.

I didn't sleep until almost 10.

I didn’t sleep until almost 10.

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