There is a miniature golf course not far from me. I drive past it frequently, but have never stopped there. Yesterday, I finally did.

It was really quite pleasant. The day was breezy and cool, the course was nicely landscaped, and there were 36 holes for one price. As a bonus, it was not crowded at all. There were a just a few families who made pleasant chit-chat. So nice!

The volcano dominated the golf course.

The volcano dominated the golf course.

There was water running through the whole place. I think it must’ve gotten full of algae at one point or something. They really wanted to keep the water chlorinated. The streams had white tablets in them, presumably to release chlorine. I don’t know if they were actual toilet tablets, but they sure looked like them.

There were no fish in the water.

There were no fish in the water.

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  1. Lauren says:

    As a connoisseur of toilet tabs, let me tell you that yes, those are toilet tabs.

    How fun that you played mini-golf! It’s especially funny that they have a volcano on the course. The equivalent of that here would be a silo or some corn. That is hilarious.

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Pumpkin Fest

Our school had it’s annual Pumpkin Fest last night. It’s a fund raiser and a community event. Last night was the 21st one! That’s such a long time!

It always involves pumpkins of course. There were many people who went home with one. I haven’t yet decided if I will have a jack-o-lantern this year, so I didn’t get one. The pumpkin-getting area is right in front. It was under a coconut tree. I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition of images.

Pumpkins and Palms

Pumpkins and Palms

There were several entertainers who sang. It was fun to hear the different styles. I don’t remember any names except for the parent of one of my seventh graders. One of the guys sang a lot of John Denver songs.

This wasn't the John Denver guy.

This wasn’t the John Denver guy.

There was also a silent auction. I got a little carried away.

It is a LOT of stuff.

It is a LOT of stuff.

The two baskets were Christmas-themed. I was just bidding on the one to get some cookie cutters. I was bidding on the other because it had a Target gift card in it. Fortunately, my co-workers Chloe and Sarah wanted a lot of the stuff in the baskets and took most of it with them.

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Pumpkin Spice

When I was in the grocery store, I saw a special display of Cheerios. Pumpkin Spice Cheerios! What? I know! Crazy! They were only $3 for a box, so I had to get some.

I tried them last night.

I didn’t really like them. I’m not sure what it was. Perhaps part of it was that they still sort of tasted like Cheerios, but not like Cheerios, so they seemed wrong. Perhaps part of is was that I was expecting them to taste like pumpkin pie. They weren’t that sweet.

Whatever the case, I don’t think I’ll be finishing this box. I’m glad they were only $3.

I decided to start with a small amount.  It was a good choice.

I decided to start with a small amount. It was a good choice.

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The Doctor

I don’t watch as much new TV as I used to. I only have a few shows in my DVR. Mostly I just watch movies I’ve seen a million times. If I want to pay attention, I like them, but if I don’t want to pay attention, I won’t miss anything. I like the background noise.

Doctor Who is a new show I still watch, and the new season just started. Doctor Who is a woman this season. It was a bit of a controversy, because the Doctor has always been a man. But in the Doctor Who universe, the Doctor “regenerates” and becomes a new actor quite regularly. This is the thirteenth Doctor – the thirteenth actor to play the part.

I love her. The first two episodes have been great. This Doctor has the quirky mannerisms and funny quips that I’ve come to expect from a Doctor. I’m already emotionally invested. Her Companions are great too. I am really looking forward to seeing more episodes.

The Doctor's space ship changes whenever the Doctor changes.  This TARDIS is very different and interesting.

The Doctor’s space ship changes whenever the Doctor changes. This TARDIS is very different and interesting.

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Longer Lasting

I have been buying cut flowers almost every week. I like oriental lilies because they smell so good. Sometimes I get carnations. The cut flowers last less than a week, so I end up getting replacement flowers at my next trip to the grocery store.

I decided to try something different this time.

I really like the florist’s mums they sell around this time of year. Their flowers are generally bigger than garden mums. They also have streaks of colors and interesting flower shapes.

The potted plant cost twice as much as my regular cut flowers, but maybe it will last twice as long and I’ll break even.

So Autumn-like...

So Autumn-like…

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