One Thing

Yesterday I halfway did a bunch of things. I would start one thing, then get distracted by another. I did mostly finish one thing, though – my taxes. Yay!

It was really confusing entering stuff for two different residencies. I’ll have to file two state returns. But I think I did things accurately. Thank you, TurboTax.

I finished at midnight. Sheesh! I haven’t been up that late in MONTHS!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Hooray!! Good for you! That must feel like a weight off your shoulders. (Our taxes are not yet started.)

    Regarding the other stuff: halfway started things are at least started. We should make t-shirts that say that!

    (I like your goblet.)

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A Little Work, a Little Fun

I went to school yesterday, but didn’t get much done. I think it helps me to have a deadline, and the next day of school is a long time from now. I did get one important thing done though, so that’s good. I haven’t decided if I will try to get some work done today or not.

After I left school, I went to Iao Valley. I haven’t been there since I moved here, and wanted to check it out. There was a landslide there a year or two ago, and they’ve rebuilt some of the walkways. The parking lot was CRAZY crowded. I turned around and left. Maybe I’ll go there one of these weekdays.

Since I was on the west side of the Wailuku, I decided to take Honoapiilani Highway back to Kihei. It runs past the Maui Tropical Plantation. I could stop and feed the fish and ducks! Yay!

I FaceTimed with Lauren and Beth while I was there.

I FaceTimed with Lauren and Beth while I was there.

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The Writing on the Wall

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Yesterday was our last day of school before spring break. I’m working at school today while I’m still in work-mode. And maybe tomorrow. But then I’ll take some relax time. I leave for Baltimore on Thursday.

Yesterday was also the last day of the quarter, so I had put a note on the board reminding the kids to turn in a Language Arts assignment. I ran to the other building to get something off the copy machine, and when I came back, there was another note about Science class.

I didn’t recognize the handwriting. Josh teaches Science, but who wrote the note? Did a kid who knows cursive write it for him?

It turns out that it was Josh’s handwriting. Huh. I told him I didn’t realize he wrote in cursive. He said he writes all different kinds of ways on his board. Interesting.

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I was in my kitchen area making my lunch earlier this week, and I heard a noise from my lanai. The sliding window was open, but the screen was shut. I had not run my air conditioner that night.

Anyway, I looked to see what the noise was, and something was flapping against the screen door. I thought it was a bat at first, but then realized it was a dove. It eventually stopped flapping and just hung from the screen. It was weird.

It flew away after a couple of minutes.

See it hanging toward the top left?

See it hanging toward the top left?

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Baltimore Bound

Beware the Ides of March!

Our spring break is starting next week. I say “starting” because it lasts for two weeks. Two weeks! I think I might rather have the second week tacked on to summer vacation. It will be a welcome break though.

I have gotten a ticket to go to Baltimore. My house hasn’t sold yet, and it’s going to be spring soon. I need to clean my garden and my pond so potential buyers can see them in their full beauty.

I will leave a week from today, and come back two weeks from today. I’ll be able to attend Maudy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter services here. That’ll also give me some time to recover from the jet lag of a six hour time difference. Whew!

Will the kids even remember anything after two weeks?

Will the kids even remember anything after two weeks?

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