A Taste of the Past

Happy Lutheran Schools Week! We kicked things off yesterday in church with a special service. The school kids sang a couple of songs. The accompanist couldn’t attend, so the director played the piano and I got to direct. I haven’t directed a choir in years. It was so fun!

After church, there was a reception. I had some tuna salad sandwiches. I love tuna salad. There were a ton of desserts. I tried a few, but what really caught my attention were some Twinkies. It’s been a long time since I had a Twinkie. I decided it was time to try one again.

My stupid phone focused on the wrong thing.  I did have some of those Chips Ahoy cookies though.

My stupid phone focused on the wrong thing. I did have some of those Chips Ahoy cookies though.

The Twinkie didn’t taste like I remembered. I don’t know if the Twinkie was different or if I was. It was tasty, but it was missing something. I think I would say I was expecting a more buttery flavor.

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  1. Carol says:

    Your taste buds are, apparently, spot on, sir: http://www.today.com/food/twinkies-are-back-how-do-they-taste-expert-weighs-6C10641283 Apparently whatever they added to extend the shelf life nearly 9 times (!) makes a bit of a sensory difference…and helps preserve major body organs in the process?

    We are to kick off NLSW today with a pajama day dress theme and bringing in breakfast foods for LMS. Yet, with the impending snow-pocalypse and (so far) a 2-hr delay, my money is on “yet another year I don’t get to wear my cute Scottie dog red flannel PJs to work”. :-(

    Happy Lutheran Schools Week, everyone!

    • Brad says:

      Well, your prediction came true, Carol. No school today. I’m a little surprised. The predictions for snow during the day are pretty light. It’s wet snow though, and that can be slippery. You’ll just have to wear your PJ’s at home I guess.

      And now I have to decide how long I will stay at school today. Of course I could stay here all day long if I wanted. There’s always more to do. But I do have a new book I’d like to read, and my couch is awfully comfortable…

  2. Lauren says:

    I think Crisco changed back when they tried to make it ‘healthier’ – something about trans-fats? Apparently ‘unhealthy’ was delicious. Mmmmmmm…..

    Happy Lutheran Schools Week!

  3. Peggy says:

    I’m so happy for all of you that are off today. And probably tomorrow too. :)



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Water Gardening

Yesterday I went to the aquarium store. I wanted to browse around for some possible new fish. I was considering discus fish, but I think they’re maybe too big. I looked in every single freshwater tank in the store. It was awesome.

The store is huge!  I love it!

The store is huge! I love it!

I didn’t decide to get any fish, but I did get some plants. There were some striking red-leaf plants that were labeled “alternanthera cardinalis”. The internet says they’re actually a variety of Alternanthera reineckii. Either way, they’re pretty. I got one bunch of them and spread the stems out in my aquarium. It looks a little unnatural right now, but I think that after they grow a little, it won’t look so forced.

A nice touch of red.

A nice touch of red.

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The Lost Archive

Brent recently emailed me about a cassette tape we made when we were kids. We did various comedy skits. I only really remember being the radio announcer for “Brent and the Spits”. The rest of the tape is kind of a blur. I also think there is a short reading of “Puss in Boots”.

I asked Brent if he had the tape or if I did. He wasn’t sure. I have a case of cassette tapes in my house somewhere. Maybe it’s in there. I saw the case sometime in the last month, but now I can’t find it. It’s driving me a little crazy. I’ve been going into the basement every once in a while to look in a few boxes. It’s such a mess though. An organized search would take more energy than just opening a box here and there. I may never find it…

At least there's a path to the washer and dryer.

At least there’s a path to the washer and dryer.

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Alternative Music

My CD player at school is malfunctioning. I listen to music every morning as I do my schoolwork, so I’d be in serious trouble if I didn’t have an alternative. As it turns out, I do have an alternative. My CD player also has a connection that my phone fits into.

Fortunately, I loaded many of my classical music CDs onto my phone before I went to Maui. I thought I might be teaching Music Appreciation there, so I wanted to have lots of music for appreciating.

Yesterday as I waited for handbells and choir practice, I listened to Beethoven’s 3rd and 9th symphonies. It’s nice working music.

The classical music albums dont have pictures.

The classical music albums dont have pictures.

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It has snowed a few times since Christmas. It has been small amounts, but the issue with snow in Baltimore is that it’s often right at 32 degrees, so it can be slippery. Plus, drivers here don’t like snow very much.

Yesterday it started snowing around noon. Baltimore County schools called out one hour early. We already were having a weird schedule because of midterm exams for the middle schoolers. The early dismissal really threw us for a loop. I guess it’s fun to have some chaos every once in a while. I guess.

Fortunately, it didn't stick to the roads too badly.

Fortunately, it didn’t stick to the roads too badly.

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