Pumpkin Fest

Our school had its annual Pumpkin Fest last night. It’s a fund raiser event that always draws huge crowds. It’s got all kinds of cool stuff.

There is of course a pumpkin patch:

I got one at the end of the evening.

I got one at the end of the evening.

There are also baked goods for sale. Unfortunately, I only went through for a walkthrough at the beginning of the evening and never got back to buy any sweets.

I was curious about something called guava butter.

I was curious about something called guava butter.

The live entertainment was great.

The woman is one of our sixth grader's mother.

The woman is one of our sixth grader’s mother.

Halfway through the evening, I got pulled over to help run the bounce house. It was a tiring job. I will hope to do a different job next year.

The thing behind the bounce house was a tall-jumping thing with bungee cords.  It was cool.

The thing behind the bounce house was a tall-jumping thing with bungee cords. It was cool.

There was a silent auction. I bid on a lot of things, but didn’t get a chance to do one last bid because I was at the bounce house. The most intriguing items were unopened boxes that were shipped by people from all over the world. I bid on several, but only won one. It was a box from Seattle. Woo hoo! Here’s what was in it:

Smoked salmon! Yum! It also had two cups with some eagles on them or something. I think it might be from a video game or comic book. (Ha! It’s Seahawks cups. I know who the Seahawks are.)

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4 Responses to Pumpkin Fest

  1. Lauren says:

    Yay! Are those the right size for Carnation? (I liked your feigned ignorance. 🙂 )

    Was all that activity after a full day of school? You must be exhausted. That seems like a great fundraiser, but also a bunch of work.

  2. Deborah says:

    That box thing is a great idea!

  3. Ann Bergman says:

    Paul answered your plant question on your What weed? entry. Don’t know if you look back to previous entries.

    By the way, I enjoyed checking your blog (is that what this is called?) after you moved back to Baltimore… now I read it just about every day to see how Maui is treating you. Also love keeping up with what is going on at ELC/S. Thanks for faithfully writing!

  4. Carol says:

    This looks like huge fun – and a huge amount of work!

    Random reflections on today’s post:
    1) Would pumpkins grow naturally in volcanic soil, or were these “imported” (from the mainland) or door #3 (whatever that is)?
    2) I always prefer live entertainment over dead entertainment myself – just another thing we share…
    3) Reading too quickly, I wondered where you were driving and what you were doing when you got pulled over. Then I finished reading the sentence…always a good idea.
    4) What?! No COFFEE in the Seattle box? I think you were taken a bit there…but enjoy the salmon!

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What Weed?

The extra wind and clouds has brought a little rain. I’m glad. It seems like I haven’t seen any rain since I moved here. The rain has made some weeds bloom at school. I still know so little about the plant life in Maui. On the one hand it’s exciting, but on the other hand I kind of don’t like it. I’m used to knowing dandelions or white clover or creeping charlie. What’s this?

The pink flowers in the back are bougainvillea.  They are usually planted, but they grow like weeds.

The pink flowers in the back are bougainvillea. They are usually planted, but they grow like weeds.

The flowers look a little like snapdragons.

The flowers look a little like snapdragons.

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Open Door Policy

It’s been more windy here lately. Really windy, actually. It’s nice though. My apartment in Kihei could get pretty warm in the afternoon. Besides the extra wind, it’s been cooler.

Two nights ago, I decided to try leaving the air conditioner off and just opening all the windows. For the best air circulation, I opened my front door too. I have a locking screen door, so I was just going to leave it that way all night.

Such cool breeze...

Such cool breeze…

As it turns out, the air didn’t make it into my bedroom very well. I decided to shut the windows and turn the air conditioner on. Maybe when December and January come I can do open-windows nights. There is a “winter” here, but it comes a little later than winter did in Maryland.

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Brad’s Bread

When I moved to Hawaii, I could not find the brand of bread I used to get in Maryland. I’ve tried a few different brands, but I think I’ve found the one I’ll stick with: Love’s. It’s a local brand. The bread is just regular white sandwich bread, but since it’s not coming across the ocean, it hasn’t been frozen.

There is something else amazing about this bread: it lasts forever! (…or at least a long time)

October 12

October 12

Here we are, six days after the expiration date, and I’m still eating this bread. It still tastes good, and there is no mold on it. Amazing!

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One of my favorite infrequent snacks is graham crackers with frosting. I’m sure whenever this was invented, the serving size was one graham cracker, but I usually eat a whole sleeve, or whatever I can use with however much frosting I made.

My usual frosting is powdered sugar with milk, vanilla, and a little butter. It’s super sweet. Yum!

Last night I had graham crackers but no powdered sugar, so I went looking on the internet for a frosting recipe that uses granulated sugar. I found one HERE. I actually made it:

The frosting was pretty good, but it was not the same. I only ate a few graham crackers before I decided I would just stop.

I need to get some powdered sugar.

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