Last Day

Yesterday was kind of a low-key day. I started by going to Boot Camp exercises. It was a big crowd. It was kind of a hard day. I’m glad I went though. I really need to keep active as the school year starts. Somebody find some class for me to go to so I don’t have to do it. Finding stuff is hard.

I spent the rest of the day at my mom’s house. She asked me what clothes of my dad’s I might be interested. I asked to see his ties. I knew he had a lot of ties, but didn’t realize how large his collection was. He had at least as many as I do. Maybe more. I went through and pulled out a bunch that I liked.

I saw many identical to ones I already had.

I saw many identical to ones I already had.

I took some of them, and left some for others to have. Brent, Harold, Lloyd, Daniel, and Tim all have new ties, and there are still a ton left. How fun that we will have these reminders of him.

One of my weirder acquisitions.

One of my weirder acquisitions.

In the afternoon, we wrote some thank-you notes. It was a big stack. I was glad to be able to help somehow – I wasn’t able to help with so many of the preparations before the funeral.

Many hands make light work.

Many hands make light work.

After having a super-delicious dinner that Debbie and Beth prepared, we toured the Child Development Center that Lauren works at. The new building is almost done. I helped pull wires there in July. Now the wires are all hidden behind ceiling tiles and the place is looking amazing.

I should have taken a picture of the playground.  It's really cool.

I should have taken a picture of the playground. It’s really cool.

I fly back to Baltimore today. Flight info, to follow along at home:

Delta #4771
Depart Lincoln 7:00am
Arrive Minneapolis 8:19am

Delta #232
Depart Minneapolis 8:52am
Arrive Baltimore 12:18pm

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6 Responses to Last Day

  1. Lauren says:

    What a full day! I know your family is so glad that you were here, and we are, too. Thanks for including us in Royuk Time, and thank you for your wire-pulling muscles!

  2. Deborah says:

    Have a safe trip. Hurry back to see us!

  3. Carol says:

    The tie story made me smile – to think you two shared the same taste in neck wear in many cases. Love the piggies and know whenever you wear it (and any others from Dad’s collection) they will make you smile remembering him as well.

    [I still have my Dad’s accordion in my bedroom closet. 28 years now. I still don’t play it but at least I don’t wear it. It does make me smile (and leak a bit) when I do take it out and fool around with the mother of pearl keys and bass buttons.

    Cherish the memories – safe flight home – have an excellent school year – hope to see you soon!

  4. Bev Greunke says:

    I’m glad you were here!!! It’s Always good to see you…..Your perspective on life makes me smile…the things you notice…the things you like..(the “pig” tie)….the things that you do…..You are a blessing to so many people in so many ways…….<3 Always, Aunt Bev 🙂

  5. Debbie says:

    Gosh another long flying day for you. I’m sure you will catch some zzzzz’s here and there. Miss you so much already!

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Cell Phones, Selfies, and Dave

Yesterday after church, we went to the country club in town. They have a really good restaurant. On Sundays, it’s a brunch buffet. It was delicious, and full of wonderful company. Long time friends of my parents are still in town and hanging out with my mom. After the brunch, Debbie looked up and noticed that almost everyone was looking at their phone. She had to get a picture.

I wasn't sure if I was in the picture or not, so I sort of smiled.

I wasn’t sure if I was in the picture or not, so I sort of smiled.

We spent the day just hanging out together. We ran some errands, went to an antique store, and went to Walmart. In the evening, we had a dinner of leftovers on the deck. It was beautiful weather. I wanted to get a picture of the event, I decided to do it selfie-style. After I took the picture, I noticed everyone was looking at a phone again. Ha! Even funnier, I noticed that Debbie had photo-bombed!

They were looking at some pictures.

They were looking at some pictures.

In the evening, we just sort of talked and hung out. The closing ceremonies of the Olympics were playing in the background on tv. As darkness fell, everyone was excited to see the appearance of a spider just outside the back door. It had spun a web across the door on earlier evenings, but everyone thought it had left. We all admired it as it made a new web. We called it Dave, even though we think it’s a female. There was a smaller spider nearby that we think is Dave’s mate, and usually males are smaller than females.

Good job, Dave!  Keep eating those pesky bugs!

Good job, Dave! Keep eating those pesky bugs!

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A Day of Feels

Yesterday was a day of feels. (I have to admit this isn’t my phrase. Deborah told me Beth said it about another funeral she had been to) The day was full of emotions – celebration of my dad’s homecoming, sadness because we’ll miss him, thrilling music, a funny and powerful sermon, joy at seeing friends and family, and feeling my heart will explode at all the love people poured out. The Body of Christ is amazing! God is good!

I’ll just post a bunch a pictures, because it’ll help me remember how amazing the day was.

The funeral started in the back of the church. The grand kids all placed the pall on the casket. It was nice.

The front of the church was simple and beautiful. I loved the flowers. The service was fantastic. We said we should just keep the order of service and use it for all our funerals.

The music – it was so good. A choir sang two pieces that were just perfect. The hymns made my eyes leak, as hymns often do. This time I wasn’t embarrassed, because I knew a lot of other peoples’ eyes were leaking too. The congregation sang so powerfully! Twice the organist stopped playing and we sang a cappella. The spontaneous harmony that people sang was gorgeous.

After the funeral, we went to the fellowship hall for a luncheon. Again I reveled in the loud talking and laughter. It was the sound of the hope of the Resurrection.

There were many church salads there. So many wonderful flavors. I love church salads!

The burial was in the afternoon in Arlington. Many Royuks are buried at St. John’s Lutheran cemetery in Arlington. The day was gorgeous! It was sunny and breezy and cool, and the sky was filled with fluffy clouds.

The message at the graveside was again filled with hope and joy. We sang. My niece played her violin. There was a vase of white roses – one for each grandchild. It was simple and beautiful.

After the short ceremony was over, the funeral director explained to some of us how the mechanism worked that the casket was sitting on. It was so interesting. I’ll take a moment to say how completely awesome the funeral home guy was! He was so on-point and read our family perfectly. He joked right along with us and smiled and supported us through the whole process. Awesome!

After the Committal, we went to Cousin Mike’s for a party. We didn’t call it a Wake, but that’s what it was. Mike and Sandra have a beautiful place on the Platte River. I’ve been there before. We all walked down the cliff to see the cabin on the river.

Then we came back up for pizza and other food and drink and lots of great conversation. I love my cousins. I wish I lived closer so I could spend more time with them. Mike had some “America” beer. It’s really Budweiser, but they have changed their labels this summer. I had heard they did that, but hadn’t seen it in real life. I was so excited to see an actual bottle of it, I had to take a picture.

In the evening, first cousin once-removed Evan built a bonfire. It was giant and amazing. The evening was cool, so the warmth was welcome. Some people (Lauren) sat by it for a long time. In Lauren’s case, I don’t think it was the warmth. She just really really likes fire.

I came with Harold and Beth, and we were almost the last ones there. By the time we got home, I was exhausted. I slept so well. What a great day! God is good!

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Talking and Laughing

I overslept this morning because I stayed up so late last night.

I started the day going to Boot Camp exercise. It was so fun because not only were the people there from this summer, but so was my niece Rachel and her friend Bailey, and Debbie. It was a giant party!

This was during a break.

This was during a break.

We spent a lot of time together yesterday. Beth was doing a lot of errands and preparation. I was dozing. What can I say? We work to our strengths.

The visitation was in the afternoon and evening. We stopped by at noon, then went back at 6:30pm. It was really nice. My dad looked great, and there were lots and lots of wonderful visitors. Again, the room was filled with loud talking and laughing.

My co-workers sent flowers. They were beautiful. I had a little chuckle, because earlier this week, one of my co-workers was talking about her dad’s funeral and how there were flowers from her brother’s work and her sister’s church group. Since she was from far away, there were no flowers connected with her. Later in the day some flowers came from us at school. She turned to her siblings and said: “I DO have friends!” Hehe…

I DO have friends!

I DO have friends!

Beth’s co-workers sent flowers too. She had a chuckle, because they were so pink. It’s her favorite color.

We ended the evening at my mom’s house with lots of eating and drinking and talking and laughing.

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My flight didn’t go as planned yesterday. It was scheduled to leave Baltimore at 6:40am. I only had a carry-on, so I figured I’d get to the airport an hour ahead of time instead of my usual two hours. But the security line was long. Very long. So long that everyone walking to the end of it was laughing nervous laughter.

I was a little worried, but I remembered that in the past, airport workers have walked down the line asking if you’re on such-and-so flight that leaves in 20 minutes, and if you were, they would pull you out and walk you to the front of the line. Yesterday, someone was shouting: “Are you not going to make your flight?” Great! They were going to pull me out of line! But then the shouting person continued: “If you are late, see this woman, and she will sign you up for TSA Pre-check for $180.” Awful! They were shaking people down for money! I would have no part in that.

By the time I got to the front of the line, I had already missed my flight. Since there was no longer any rush, I decided I would just do my usual routine and opt out of the scanner. The guy gave me a pat down, then rubbed his hands with that little piece of paper that goes in the tester machine. There was an alarm. D’oh! This led him to unpack my whole carry-on, rub the contents with those papers, and test them in the machine. Nothing.

He said he was now going to have to give me a more thorough and more personal search. It didn’t involve me taking my clothes off, but it did involve more insistent groping. He called his supervisor over, and all three of us went into a private room. The supervisor did The thorough pat down, then went out to test his gloves. When he came back, he said I could go.

My total time in the security line: one hour fifteen minutes. Ugh.

I called the Delta help desk, and was treated very kindly. I have high praise for Delta. They helped me get to my family. I arrived at 5:30pm instead of 10:30am, but I did arrive.

Everyone was at my mom’s house. It was loud and laugh-y and fun.

We had chicken tacos.  So many people are bringing food to my family.  Such kindness.

We had chicken tacos. So many people are bringing food to my family. Such kindness.

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