Riding in Comfort

Yesterday was the first leg of my trip to Nebraska. It was much easier than I remember. I think that was mostly because of my phone. I was listening to the talk radio station from Baltimore all day. The chat was very engaging, and time passed quickly for me. I drove fourteen hours yesterday.

The time did not pass quickly for Gus. He had a heck of a time getting comfortable. At first, he would only sit in such a way that his face was pointed at me so that he could always be looking at me. He meowed a lot, and would not stop until I rubbed his face and scratched his chin. As the day wore on, he tossed and turned, but never really slept. He would dig under the blanket, but then come out immediately. He was so uncomfortable. When I dug a T-shirt out of my suitcase and covered him, he was much more comfortable.

He did eat in the car, but he didn’t drink all day. I was a little worried about it. When we got to the hotel, he drank, so all was well.

Today’s trip is shorter. With his experience from yesterday, and with a T-shirt for a cover, hopefully today’s trip will be nothing but comfortable.

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6 Responses to Riding in Comfort

  1. Carol says:

    Gus’ diary, Day 2:

    Human never changes the station on his phone/radio. I continually complain about that, holding out for rap or hip hop but to no avail. I fuss, fume, toss and turn, but nothing changes. I finally acquiesce when human tosses me a familiar-smelling article of clothing to snuggle under, at least. “Are we there yet??” Smoley hokes, Batman! “This is the ride that never ends. Yes it goes on and on, my friends.”

    Glad Day 1 went so well. 😉

  2. Lauren says:

    Love the commentary, Carol. 🙂

    I think it’s wonderful that he didn’t barf in your car. Perhaps I should wait to say that……

    Have a safe rest of the journey!

  3. Lauren says:

    Also, please text me before you get on the road. 🙂

  4. Debbie says:

    Gosh what a long day! Good for Gus. He’s so cute, good idea on the t shirt. I’m glad you have a companion. Good luck today!

  5. Peggy says:

    What station are you listening to?

  6. Jill says:

    Safe travels to you and Gus!!

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Some Things before Leaving

Since I didn’t have any obligations for church yesterday, I decided to visit a place I’d never been: a Roman Catholic church just on the other side of the hospital my old church is next to. I’ve driven past it many times, but never been there.

It was a nice service. The priest was very energetic. The people were nice. I sneaked a picture during communion:

There were six statues up by the altar. I wondered who they were, but didn't stay after the service to go up and look.

There were six statues up by the altar. I wondered who they were, but didn’t stay after the service to go up and look.

I had a little bit more shopping to do before my trip today. First, I had to find a traveling litter box. I had already purchased a new box for the trip, but it didn’t have a lid. I needed a lidded box. I went to several stores before finding the right size container at Staples.

Litter box?  Check!

Litter box? Check!

My other task was to get some books. I want to add to the books we study in Literature Class, but I want to find ones I think the kids will like and that are good books. I bought four books. All but one of them are Newbery books. The one farthest to the left is set in Jerusalem during the time of Jesus. The two in the middle are stories from the time of Nazi Germany. The one farthest to the right elicited a comment from the girl at the cash register. She said: “Oh! This was my favorite book when I was a kid!” I was happy to hear that. I hope I like it too.

I like reading middle school books.

I like reading middle school books.

I’m on the road early today. It’s the first day of my trip to Nebraska! Woo hoo!

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A Full Day

I’m leaving for Nebraska tomorrow. I’ve had a list of things I want to do before I go. As of yesterday morning, the list was almost done. On the list: filling my spare tire with air. I filled it, but it had a leak from the valve. I took it to my regular place, Mr. Tire at Harford and Taylor, and the guy looked at it, fiddled with it, and it was fixed. No charge! I love that place!

That was done by 10am, leaving me the whole rest of the day. What would I do? I decided to go to a shopping place called The Rotunda. It had a quirky comic book store that I went to years ago, and I was curious to see it again. Interestingly, the entire shopping center has been converted into the lobby of the offices for a new apartment complex that has been built around the original Rotunda. The theater that used to be there is gone too, but a new theater is being built with the apartments.

The apartments are hip and young looking. This wall was part of the scene. It says “Before I die…” and had chalk for people to write ends to the sentence. Most of the answers were thoughtful and nice.

I did not write anything.  My list is a page on this website.

I did not write anything. My list is a page on this website.

There was still a lot of day left, so I wanted to do something else before going home. I’ve heard a lot about the Cylburn Arboretum, and it wasn’t very far away, so off I went.

The arboretum is nice. There were lots of beautiful flowers and mature trees. The centerpiece of the property is the mansion. Unfortunately, it wasn’t open yesterday.

It looks like a house from a movie.

It looks like a house from a movie.

When I got home, I had a few garden things to attend to. I got a few goldfish for my pond. It seems like I stock it every summer, and every spring there aren’t many fish left. Either they’re dying, or something is taking them. The pet store sold them for 35 cents each, so I got twenty.

Hopefully these will make it to next summer.

Hopefully these will make it to next summer.

I also had a bunch of seeds that I bought in the spring, but never planted. Since I’ll be gone for a few weeks, I decided to just sprinkle the seeds here and there, and find out if any of them have grown when I get back. It will be fun to see.

Some of my favorites.

Some of my favorites.

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Back Porch Roof

I need to post this for my memory archive. I have frequently gone back to see when my main house roof was replaced. (I posted about it March 21, 2009) I find myself needing to know for insurance purposes or peace-of-mind purposes or whatever, and I can always look it up in my memory here.

So for the record, my back porch roof was done at the beginning of June, 2016. I don’t remember the exact date, and though I could look at my bank records and see when the payment for the repair was posted, I don’t think I need to be so exact.

Here’s the top of the new roof:

Yay for non-leaking shingles!

Yay for non-leaking shingles!

Here’s the bottom of the new roof:

They replaced the entire underlayment.  All new wood.

They replaced the entire underlayment. All new wood.

I think the shingles are called “25 year shingles” or something like that. Hopefully I won’t have to worry about them again for a long, long time.

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The Nuclear Option

My aquarium has a heavy infestation of cyanobacteria. As I said a few days ago , I haven’t made time to clean it. Two days ago, I finally did it – I connected the pieces of the tube mechanism that sucks the water out of my aquarium. I cleared out all the decorations, and cleaned out as much algae as I could.

But the algae started growing back. Already yesterday I could see fibers of cyanobacteria spreading across the glass. Ack!

While I was shopping for some traveling supplies for Gus at the pet store, I also looked to see what the aquarium section had that might kill algae. I was ready to use the nuclear option and get a powerful chemical.

When you try to kill cyanobacteria, you can either attack the animal part with antibiotics, or attack the plant part with herbicide. Both chemicals have their drawbacks, but I decided to go with the herbicide. I dropped the tablets in last night. Here’s hoping they work.

It looks so much larger when it's empty.

It looks so much larger when it’s empty.

The herbicide tablets were fizzy!

The herbicide tablets were fizzy!

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