I went shopping after school yesterday. I was shopping hungry, so that wasn’t so good. But I got some French Toast Crunch cereal, and cereal is always good. At least I hope it’s good. I remember French Toast Crunch, but I don’t remember tasting it. The maple-flavored cereal I remember is Waffle-O’s. I had more than once box of that, so I think I liked it. Will I like French Toast Crunch? I won’t know until I try it. Unfortunately, last night I had some Hamburger Helper, so I didn’t have any cereal.

Apparently, this cereal was last available in the 90’s. The back of the box features a 90’s theme. It’s kind of funny because they talk about the 90’s like it was a long time ago. I remember a lot of these things, but not because I was a child of the 90’s.

I did all of these... NOT!

I did all of these… NOT!

Here’s the list, since the picture isn’t very good:

You played grunge or hip hop jams on your boom box.
You remember gas being under a dollar.
You insisted that people “talk to the hand”
You had clothes that were either baggy, backward, or neon.
You secretly prepared for y2k.
You went to a video store to VHS tapes.
You knew the Macarena dance by heart.
You tight-rolled your jeans.
You practiced doing the “Running Man” in the mirror.
You had a poster of your favorite boy band on the wall.
You played video games at home more than the arcade.
You used the term “Chillin’ at my crib”
You frosted your hair.
You totally ate French Toast Crunch for breakfast.
You occasionally threw the word “NOT” at the end of a sentence.

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3 Responses to Remembering

  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! I like your caption.

    These were hard to read. I blame my eyesight that remembers the 70’s as good times. How can you leave us hanging on how it tastes? I have NO memory of this cereal – none.

  2. Kristi says:

    ‘chillin’ in the crib’? Never heard of that.

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One of my downstairs bathroom ceiling tiles had something dark on it. A closer look revealed that it was rust. I guess I’ve found a downside to having tin ceiling tiles in my drop ceiling grid.

I ordered a new tile last night.

I ordered a new tile last night.

I took the tile out to see what was going on. It looks like the drain of the bathtub has some kind of leak happening, and the water caused the tile to rust through the paint. I’ll have to figure out what’s going on and see if it’s something I can fix or something that requires a plumber.

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Yesterday I switched my bedding planter from summer flowers to winter flowers. I’ve loved the crazy colors of the mixed flowers that have been growing by my pond all summer. I will definitely do it again. The summer flowers would have lasted probably another few weeks, but by then garden centers wouldn’t have pansies any more, and I’d be flowerless over the winter.

Pansies are the best choice for winter bedding flowers here. They survive the winter, and they bloom whenever there is a stretch of warmer days. When I buy pansies, I smell them first. I want to get the most fragrant ones I can find. I love the sweet, candy-like smell. I also like to get a variety of colors. They are cheery during the winter.

The obligatory before and after:

There was a volunteer tree growing among the flowers.

There was a volunteer tree growing among the flowers.

I put a fresh layer of mulch down before planting the pansies.

I put a fresh layer of mulch down before planting the pansies.

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We’ve had a lot of rain lately. I like it because it means cooler weather. I think my garden is probably going wild, but I wouldn’t know. I haven’t been in it for a while. But the rain… it’s good.

Last night, a big front came through. Our highs yesterday were around 80. The highs today are supposed to be around 65. Cool!

The front made some really awesome looking clouds. Then it rained really hard.





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Christmas in October

My church is involved again in the big Holiday Brass Christmas concert that we did last year. Last night was our first practice. Several churches are involved in this concert, and we take turns practicing at each other’s churches. Last night we were at Grace United Methodist. It’s a giant building I’ve driven past many times, but never been in. The sanctuary is gorgeous.

It was a huge space!

It was a huge space!

The practice went well. I introduced myself to someone who I talked with last year. I didn’t remember him. He remembered me. D’oh! I apologized for my bad memory. I also saw my old organ teacher. I think he might be playing for the concert. Cool! I only spoke briefly with him, but it was fun to see him.

It was not so fun getting home late. I was up until 10 last night. Ten! That’s like 1am for me. I’m glad it’s Friday.

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