Warm… Warm… Hot

When I put my dresser by the window in my bedroom, Gus started climbing up onto it and lounging in the sun. He also can look out the window and watch the world go by. I’m happy he has a place.

This time of year, the sun is hot. Sometimes it’s too much for Gus. When that happens, he steps down from the dresser and gets on the box next to it. It’s still near the sun, but not in the direct sunlight.

It’s kind of funny looking though.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Awww….. he’s like those blind dogs that stare out the wall………

    That cat’s got a sweet setup. Lounging options galore!

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Hedge a-Blooming

The bushes outside of my classroom are blooming. They are normally just a hedge of purple leaves, but now they have beautiful speckled flowers on them:

They are tiny though. You have to be pretty close to them to get a good look.

I went searching on the internet for the name of the plant, but I couldn’t find it. They’re a pretty common hedge here… purple leaf form and green leaf form.

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A Walk

I live about a thousand feet from the beach, and I hardly ever go there, but yesterday afternoon I went for a walk.

It was pleasant. The sun was behind clouds and setting, so it wasn’t beating down on me. The breeze was cool. The water felt nice on my feet.

I have such a nice beach for walking.

I have such a nice beach for walking.

As I was returning home, the sky was suddenly lit up by the sun. It was so alien looking. Almost the whole sky was pink. I tried to take pictures, but they don’t do it justice. It really was very weird looking. I liked it a lot.

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Super Bottles

When my mom visited, she brought a suitcase full of various gifts from Beth and Lloyd and Lauren. Among the gifts was a Superman water bottle. I use it whenever I go hiking. It holds a perfect amount of water for a two-hour hike.

I have gone on hikes with visitors since then, and haven’t had any water bottles for them. It’s easy enough to stop and buy some water at a convenience store, but why pay for that when you could just get some sink water?

I went looking on the internet for something like my Superman bottle. There are a LOT of things from the Blender Bottle company. It was so fun to look. But of course, I went with the superhero option. There was a set of four that had a special price. Nice!

I now have two Superman bottles, but you can't have too much Superman...

I now have two Superman bottles, but you can’t have too much Superman…

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Something Old

It’s been hot lately, so yesterday I went upcountry. I thought I’d check out a garden center I hadn’t been to before. It had kind of a meditation theme, with many quiet places and statues of Buddha.

They sold plants there. What was notable about their offerings is how old their plants were. I mean, they had coleus plants with woody stems! And some of their succulents were sprawling and spectacular! I might have gotten something, but all the things I liked were too big. I just don’t have that kind of space.

There were a couple of labyrinths there, too. It was fun to see them. I had a fascination with labyrinths many years ago, and read a lot about them. Probably the most famous labyrinth in the world is in the Cartres Cathedral in France.

This garden center had a labyrinth based on that design. It was cool.

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