I got new socks yesterday! Woo hoo!

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  1. Carol says:

    Wow – island life must give a whole new perspective to what can excite a person. Here I thought it would always be the amazing flora, fauna, and food. Clearly, I was in error. Congratulations on your new purchase. May your feet have years (or at least months) of snuggly comfort in them…when you’re not going barefoot in the sand somewhere, of course.

  2. Lauren says:

    Lloyd has often said that if he were rich or royal, he would wear a new pair of socks everyday since they’re so luxurious. Enjoy the next six days, your highness!

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Accidental Art

I use sticky notes at school to keep track of things I need to do. Last year, I stuck them all around the edge of my laptop screen. This year‘s computer won’t let sticky notes stick to the screen, so I put them next to my computer on the desk.

Yesterday I looked down at my desk, and thought how artsy the sticky notes looked. I had to take a picture:

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Another Miss

Ugh. I forgot to write a post again last night. I did think about it, but I didn’t take any pictures yesterday, so I was having trouble thinking of something to write about.

Yesterday was payday, which meant I might have been able to spend some money after school, but instead I went home. It was nice to have some relaxation time in the evening. I went to bed quite early. It was nice.

I woke up I the middle of the night wondering why people were talking so loudly out in the parking lot. Then I saw that it was only 11:30pm. Weird.

I woke up this morning at 3:20am, but probably won’t get out of bed until 4am. I have a lot to do before school starts today.

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Smellorific Study

Tuesday nights are Bible study nights at Kaala and Andrea’s house. Yesterday also happened to be their 36th wedding anniversary.

To celebrate the anniversary, one of the other Bible study people got them lei(s). (I think you’re not supposed to use S to make Hawaiian words plural, but I don’t know how that plays out in every day speech)

Kaala’s lei was tuberose flowers. They were incredibly fragrant. He took them off of his neck and put them on the exercise bicycle – directly behind me. I smelled their delicious scent all evening.



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I opened my windows and front door when I got home last night. There was s cool breeze blowing, and I wanted to take advantage of it.

A fly got in through one of the openings in the screen, and it made Gus CRAZY! He was running around the apartment and meowing and chittering. It was great exercise for him.

Ready to pounce.

Ready to pounce.

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