My aquarium goes largely neglected during busy times at school. Right now it’s looking kind of cool though.

The super-deadly herbicidal poison I put in the tank seems to be wearing off. A little algae is growing. I like how it looks on the castle bridge. It’s almost like grass.

The water is really clear right now.  I like that.

The water is really clear right now. I like that.

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  1. Lauren says:

    “Super-Deadly Herbicidal Poison” – great band name. I call it!

    That’s a pretty magical kingdom you’re running there. I like the flying dragonfish.

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At my Bible study group on Monday night, during prayer request time, I said I was having a hard time at school. I talked for a while, then someone prayed for me. It really made me feel better.

Yesterday morning, Laura from Bible study was in the school building. She’s a former school mom and volunteers for a lot of school things, so it wasn’t surprising to see her there. She told me she left something on my desk. That’s not surprising either. She often does stuff for the library, and I’m the Literature teacher.

But I was surprised to see this:

It was a very sweet Christian card for difficult times. She also left some very sweet Hershey’s Hugs. I was really touched by her kindness. It made my eyes water …stupid watery eyes.

And yesterday was just a little easier of a day.

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I joined a small group Bible study that started up at my church. Yay!
The host house is five minutes from my school. Yay!
The Bible study started at 8pm. D’oh!
I didn’t get home until 10. Zzzz…

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Before I tore out my tomato plant for the winter, I took off as many tomatoes as I could. There were a LOT of them. The red ones I harvested are eaten (or rotten – there were a LOT of them), so all that’s left are the green ones. I tried to take green tomatoes that were big and felt heavy.

I’ve just had them on my kitchen counter top. They are slowly starting to turn red. I’ll be curious to see if they taste the same as vine-ripened ones. I’m pretty sure they’ll still taste better than grocery store tomatoes.

It looks like I'll be eating them well into November.

It looks like I’ll be eating them well into November.

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Planned and Impulse Buys

I’ve been wanting to do some fall planting of perennials in my garden. It’s really cool… the roots of the plants grow slowly until the first hard freeze, and they’re WAY ahead of perennials that are planted in the spring. It’s as if they have a whole year’s head start.

I went to Homestead Gardens, which is one of my favorite places to go. They had what I was looking for, but the labels said moist soil is important for their success. I don’t have moist soil where I wanted to plant them. I decided not to get them.

I LOVE the houseplant section at Homestead Gardens. It is unparalleled in the Baltimore area. Since I had so many nice plants to choose from, I decided to get an orchid for my upstairs bathroom. My old one withered away this past month.

I like the lines all over the petals.

I like the lines all over the petals.

I have been fascinated with begonias lately. I had to stop and look at all the kinds Homestead offered. Among all the big pots of big begonias, I was most intrigued by a little pot with a little begonia with orange leaves. Orange, you say? Yes! Orange! I had never seen such a thing, have you? I of course had to buy it.

They're water stained right now.  I will not spray water on the leaves.

They’re water stained right now. I will not spray water on the leaves.

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