The pottery that we painted a few days ago has been fired, and one of the doctors picked it up today. It was really cool to see the final results. I didn’t get to see all of it, because some pieces got taken before I saw them, but what I did see was beautiful. I especially went looking for the pitcher that my table mate made. It’s so interesting to see the differences in color between fired and unfired.

Here is a side-by-side comparison:

And here is my flowerpot. I like how it turned out. I want to try other techniques now. What would it look like to layer colors? What if I painted layers on, then wiped through the layers with a wet sponge?

The begonia would look good in this pot.

The begonia would look good in this pot.

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2 Responses to Fired

  1. Lauren says:

    That pot is going to look really cool with a plant in it – if I knew what a begonia looked like. (Googles it) Yes! That is the kind/style I was imagining!! Very cool to use the underside of the pot lip as a place for color. I’m a fan of black as the background, too.

  2. Peggy says:

    I like how your pot turned out too! The colors look very good together.

    But we are so opposite on this. Maybe it’s because I don’t have the artistic skills or artistic visions you have. I have a hard time picking out colors that look good together when fired. I usually think my pieces look better before the firing.

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I had my taxes almost finished a week ago, then I couldn’t decide whether I was a part-time resident of Hawaii while I was there, or a nonresident. I kept putting the decision off, and then I realized that yesterday was April 14. Yikes!

After work, I had choir practice. I got to work on finishing my taxes at 9pm. I decided to go with nonresident. It made more sense since I still owned a house in Maryland and moved back to Maryland after being in Hawaii. I finished up my taxes at around 10:15pm. Then I realized my printer didn’t have any black ink. I have to print my taxes because Hawaii will not allow me to efile. And I sort of don’t want to efile my federal taxes because I want to make them work harder for my information. Off to Target!

I was there by 10:30, and leaving by 10:45. And my taxes are done! Woo hoo! Stupid government.

What Target looks like at 10:45pm

What Target looks like at 10:45pm

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Spring Cleaning

I had swapped with a co-worker and worked on Saturday, so I didn’t work yesterday. It was a great day off. The weather was so warm! It was nice enough that I could wade into my garden pond and clean it a little.

Besides the leaves, there was a LOT of trash. Ugh. I also decided to pull the pond plants out of the water to have a look at them. I’m glad I did. They were all pot-bound, and the roots were growing crazy long. One in particular had such long roots that they were wrapped around the waterfall water pipe. I had to get a knife to cut them free. Yikes!

The rest of the cleaning went without incident, except a couple of bullfrogs scared the bejeebers out of me by brushing past my foot and by poking out of the water and looking at me with their baleful eyes.

I did before and after pictures, but the after doesn’t look so good because the water is muddy.


So much trash!

So much trash!


I temporarily moved the grass to a different spot.

I temporarily moved the grass to a different spot.

I gave the message at church yesterday. HERE it is for the archive.

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Funny Money

Happy Palm Sunday! Or is it Merry Palm Sunday?

Look at this weird five dollar bill I got at work:

The one on the top looks so weird.  Its like play money or something.

The one on the top looks so weird. Its like play money or something.

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Two Percent Kosher

Whenever I get home from work, day or night, I always have a bowl of cereal. Milk feels so good in my stomach. I’ve wondered before if I have some sort of disorder, and I’m self-medicating with milk because it contains some enzyme or vitamin that is critical to my condition. Or maybe I just really like milk.

Yesterday I was out of milk, and didn’t take time before work to go get some. That meant stopping after work. At 10:30pm. I decided to go to 7-11. They didn’t have skim, so I got 2%. Besides being unusual because of its fat content, this milk was unusual in another way: it was kosher. It said so right on the bottle. Passover starts this Monday.

It's only a quart.  There's no way it will last until the 24th.

It’s only a quart. There’s no way it will last until the 24th.

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