The Main Idea

Chapel yesterday went well. I really enjoyed it. I wish I could do chapel every day!

One of my co-workers took a picture. The background is so beautiful. We have a great view of the West Maui Mountains.

Each week after chapel, the students in every class write on an index card what the Main Idea was. It helps give them extra motivation to pay attention, and it’s good feedback for the chapel-giver. Each time I get the Big Idea cards, I pull out my favorite one and add it to the permanent collection on the wall by my desk. Here is this week’s favorite:

For the record, I’m not making fun of the misspelling on this card. It’s precious. And I think it’s awesome that someone who doesn’t know how to spell Jesus’ name is hearing about him at our school. But the overall message of this card is what I really like. It shows a special insight. Jesus and candles – yes, that sums up Advent very well. Good job! 🙂

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  1. Lauren says:

    Jesus and Candles!! That is so, so excellent! Kudos to you for making sure that they got to see that, even in this weird time. I hope the table is used the whole season! 🙂

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Advent Wreath Table

At the beginning of the school year, we pass around a chapel sign-up sheet. I want to fill in LOTS of spaces, but I have to wait for everyone else to have their turn, and then I can fill in extras. I was super-excited when the sheet came to me this year, because the first chapel of Advent was open. Woo hoo! I’m talking about Advent today in chapel!

We are still having chapel outside, so I can’t light an Advent wreath. When I was chatting with Lauren the other day about school stuff, she happened to mention those paper Advent wreaths made out of hands. I knew what I had to do:

It’s a banquet table! I’ll open the legs, then lay it on its side. Everyone will be able to see it because it’s HUGE! 🙂

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A Decrease in Decorations

Since I’ve done work in the kitchen and other places in my condo, I’m trying to keep from junking them up again. I’ve only had partial success. Part of it is keeping organized, and part of it is that I haven’t put out all the decorative stuff I used to have out.

One of the things I have had out is a small stained glass piece that Denis made. I had it hanging in my sliding glass door to the lanai, but when I put up my Christmas parol, I had to find another place for it.

My kitchen cabinet had a little hook on it, so I put it there. I like it. I think I will leave it.

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Copious Catalogs

I was chatting with our school secretary about how when I was a kid, these catalogs would come to our house, and it was fun to look through them. They had all kinds of items in them – funny t-shirts, compressions socks, toothpick holders shaped like monkeys…

I had been trying to remember the name of one of the main ones, and there in the office was a paper bag with the name “Lillian” on it. That was the name! Lillian Vernon! Ha!

The next day, the secretary brought in a bunch of catalogs that had come to her house. She gets them all the time! Then the day after that, she brought some more. Now I have a giant pile of catalogs to peruse. There’s even a Lillian Vernon!

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Stain Stick

I don’t use my second bathroom”s toilet very often. Because of that, the water evaporates in the bowl and has left hard water mineral deposits in a ring. I tried everything I could think of, but nothing took it off.

Back in July, I was walking through the home improvement store, and I saw a scrubbing stone. It is made of pumice. It promised to remove the stain, but not scratch the porcelain. I bought it. And it has sat by my bathroom sink ever since.

The black thing is the plug to my air conditioner water line.

I considered doing “before” and “after” shots of the toilet, but that seemed kind of gross, so I’ll just tell you – it worked! I think. The stain is gone and I don’t think the porcelain is scratched. I don’t think.

The stone wears down while you use it. It’s interesting… Here’s a “before” and “after” of the stone:

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