Late Leisure

I have a commitment at church or school every night this week. It means staying after school and hanging out until the event happens, then getting home late. No matter how late I get home, I need a little unwind time before bed. This often includes a glass of milk or a bowl of cereal. Last night, it also included Gollum.

It looks like he wants my precious.

It looks like he wants my precious.

I haven’t napped much this school year because I’ve been so conscious about getting to bed early. This week, I’ve had a couple of naps after school. I just can’t get by on only five or six hours of sleep.

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2 Responses to Late Leisure

  1. Lauren says:

    Holy cow. How are you still alive?

    I hope that your weekend brings you some rest, ok? No late-night partying.

  2. Diane Wilson says:

    Hey, Brad. I understand! Rev. Matthew Harrison, the president of our synod, is coming to Maui. He’s preaching at Emmanuel on Sunday and guess who is “in charge” of the lunch for him! Hopefully, it will go well. I’ve also got commitments every night this week. Hang in there! You’re not alone. This too shall pass!

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Again and Again

Back in September, I put a net on the basketball hoop outside of school. The zip ties I hung it with are rated for 175 pounds, but somehow they keep breaking. I’ve fixed it twice already since September, and yesterday it was in sorry shape.

Hanging by three threads.

Hanging by three threads.

I went out quickly in the middle of the day yesterday and reconnected the net. Hopefully the zip ties will last. The time between fixes has gotten shorter each time. Maybe I should just commit to doing the work of installing a chain net.

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On Friday I was having Life Skills class with the 8th graders in a different part of the building. We were doing a circle game and needed an open space for it. A couple of the kids who had gotten eliminated from the game were horsing around, and one of them went against the wall too hard. She broke through the drywall.



We’re going to make it right. The two horse-play kids are staying after school tomorrow, when they’ll help me get a new piece of drywall screwed in, and get the first layer of patching compound on. I’m going to do the mud-job on this very slowly and in layers. It’s a high-traffic area, so it needs to look smooth.

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I finished my taxes! Woo hoo! It wasn’t even a snow day!

I’ve done everything but submit them. I like to do that closer to April 15. It makes me feel better somehow to think mine is coming in the same time as lots and lots of other people. I’m always nervous I’ve done something wrong. I take comfort in that last statement before you sign your name that says something like: this is filled out correctly to the best of my knowledge.

What are you supposed to do with all these papers when you do an electronic submission?  I guess they'll go in a box or something.

What are you supposed to do with all these papers when you do an electronic submission? I guess they’ll go in a box or something.

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Hyacinths Happening

I went to a couple of garden centers yesterday. It… was… awesome!

When I got home, I felt energized enough to do my taxes. I didn’t finish, because I can’t find how much my property taxes in 2016 were. At least I have some time to find out before taxes are due…

Before it got dark, I remembered to check on the hyacinths. I planted back in the fall. They’re sprouting nicely. If we have a few more warm days, I’m going to have some pots full of color.

September 21, 2016

March 18, 2017

I decided to put the pots near places that I walk all the time so that when the hyacinths come into full bloom, I can smell them frequently.

From the bank parking lot.

From the bank parking lot.

Next to the front door.

Next to the front door.

On the front steps.  I had to get some existing hyacinths in the foreground.

On the front steps. I had to get some existing hyacinths in the foreground.

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