Church and Tea

Yesterday morning started out with a Zoom room church service for my church. It was really fun, and a good experience for me as I get my plans ready for quarantine school, which will begin for us in one week.

In other news, I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately. All this sitting around has led me to want to eat more often. When I start to feel like that, I am trying to distract myself with tea. It’s sort of working.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! Same! I have ingested more beverages this weekend than I ever thought possible. Watered-down Tang (cold) and Tang tea (hot), otherwise I’d eat everything in the house. My kidneys are so happy right now.

    I love that your church had a Zoom meeting. Ours in on YouTube, but yours is more interactive… and dangerous if you are caught nodding off. Lloyd’s parents had drive-inn church, which would be fun to attend. Many, many inappropriate thoughts regarding communion and snack bars/car hops run through my mind. 🙂

  2. Lloyd's Cousin Sam says:

    I think St. John should do Concordia Football stadium church. There are hash marks to keep you 6 feet (2x3ft Lauren) apart. Artificial turf so no mud or mess loud speakers and video board for Ministerial replay.

  3. Debbie says:

    Our church is on you tube! So bizarre the technological communicating times? The pause button is handy!….i mean, shouldn’t be available? It’s taking me days to watch church?

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Found Food

As I have been going through my pantry, I’ve eating a lot of unusual things.

Yesterday, I found a box of strawberry Jello I got for my birthday. I decided I wanted to make Jello with stuff in it. Fortunately, I had a can of mandarin oranges.

It was delicious. And chock full of vitamin C!

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Yesterday, I opened this closet, intending to clean and straighten it:

But then I just closed the door and didn’t do it.

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A Little Walk

I’ve been doing a LOT of watching tv and playing games on my phone. I really enjoy doing those things, so it hasn’t been too hard for me. But my little trips out to my lanai to look at my potted plants haven’t quite been enough outside time, and yesterday I went outside for a walk.

I didn’t want to stay out too long or get close to any people, so I just walked to the beach and back home. It was nice to stretch my legs a little and to get some sun. In spite of the instructions to stay at home, there were a few people at the beach.

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Grilling Cheese, Picking Brains

Yesterday I spent some time thinking about how to do online school. It seems like there will be some fundamental differences between it and face-to-face. I did a little research while I ate my lunch. It was grilled cheese. I make really good grilled cheese sandwiches 🙂

Fortunately, my dear friends have been doing online instruction for several days already. In the afternoon, I picked their brains a little. It was awesome to get their perspective on things, but it was also nice just to chat with them.

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