Field Trip

I was off of school yesterday. Since it’s a long weekend, and since I will be spending tomorrow and Monday working on school stuff, I felt like I should do something special, so I went to Gettysburg.

I started at the outlet mall there. I didn’t remember there was an outlet mall, but since I was driving right by it, I looked for some teacher clothes. It’s Labor Day weekend, so there were some very good sales. I got some dress pants for 70% off the outlet price. They were $17! I got three colors.

My next stop was a diorama of the Gettysburg area. There was a slide show and lights that pointed to different areas while a narrator told the story. It was very informative. I was glad to get the refresher history lesson.

It's the largest military diorama in the United States.

It’s the largest military diorama in the United States.

After that, I did the self-driving tour of the area. It was getting late, so I didn’t get out at all the places, but I did remember Round Top from my previous visit to Gettysburg, so I got out for some surveying of the battlefield. The higher ground gave some beautiful views.

Somehow, this picture doesnt convey the distance well.

Somehow, this picture doesnt convey the distance well.

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7 Responses to Field Trip

  1. Carol says:

    Kudos on your shopping expedition – nice finds!

    [I never really got to do that this summer due to credit card fraud at the time I wanted to shop, but considering how full my closet always seems, I should make it fine. Shoes, though,could be the issue...]

    Ah, Gettysburg…do you get to teach about the Civil War this year at all?

    • Brad says:

      I will only teach History incidentally, like when I read This Day in History to my homeroom, or when we read a Literature selection that references the Civil War.

  2. Karla says:

    Love love love Gettysburg! Were you on Big Round Top or Little Round Top? Devil’s Den always amazes me.

    • Brad says:

      It was Little Round Top. There are less trees there, and no path to get to the observation area – it’s right next to the road. I didn’t make it down to Devil’s Den. I will have to go there next time for sure.

  3. Lauren says:

    What a nice way to spend a Friday. Discount clothes and a history tour? Win win. (Except for the history tour for me. For some reason, my brain can’t absorb it.)

    That guy in the wheelchair at the top of the steps? That is not ADA compliant.

  4. Bev Greunke says:

    Your post brought back memories of when Uncle Paul & Aunt Linda took Lyle & I there years ago. I remember going into a room in the visitor center that had a map and told about ALL the casualties…..It really made an impression on me….Most things that happened back in early U.S. History days do!!!

    • Brad says:

      I kept thinking how in one sense, 1863 seems like a long time ago, but in another sense, it seems like it wasn’t that far back at all. One hundred fifty-one years? That’s less than two lifetimes.

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Beginning Picnic

Happy Birthday to Gus! Woo hoo!

At the beginning of the school year, my school always has a picnic for all the families at a local park. The PTL brings hotdogs and hamburgers, and the families bring their own drinks and some kind of dish to share.

The picnic was last night. It was at the Hilton Area of Patapsco State Park. Apparently, there are several different sites for Patapsco State Park. The site was beautiful. It was in a gorgeous forest, with a nice dining pavilion and a huge play area. The adults had a wonderful time. The kids had a blast!

The smoke from the grilling made the sunbeams visible.

The smoke from the grilling made the sunbeams visible.

I had to resist running out there and playing too.

I had to resist running out there and playing too.

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Temporary Inattention

Happy Birthday Beth! Woo hoo! I hope it’s awesome, and that a lot of people say “Happy Birthday” when they pass you in the hallway at school. It’s a milestone birthday, everybody! It ends in 0!

And now, our regularly scheduled program…

Before I make my commute to or from work, I try to check the traffic report. I mostly rely on the radio because a local news station gives a report every ten minutes. I can usually catch the report from the time I get in my truck to the time I have to decide which route to take.

The problem is that I have some sort of weird issue when trying to listen to the full report. The report ends up sounding like this:

“There is some slowing on (some road I don’t use)…
…(unintelligible words while I daydream)…

Oh! He said ‘beltway’! I should pay attention!

But then it’s too late. There’s already a carpet cleaning commercial on.

It happens way more often that I would expect – so often that it doesn’t seem like a coincidence. Maybe something is triggering my inattention. Was I hypnotized at one time and told that I should daydream whenever I hear the words “traffic report?” Or did an amnesia-triggering traumatic event happen to me once while listening to someone talk about congestion on the beltway? I may never know.

This is from a couple of days ago.  Yesterday I stayed at school pretty late.

This is from a couple of days ago. Yesterday I stayed at school pretty late.

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The Return of the Rings

Since I’m teaching again, I’m back to my regular teacher costume: long-sleeve white shirt, tie, and dress pants. I have also started wearing a ring on my right middle finger again. I had stopped two years ago, and had not started again, even when I was in Maui (they seemed too formal for my shorts-and-polo-shirt attire).

The silver rings are a little tarnished from disuse, but a quick rub with my finger, and they’re back to their silvery selves. The tungsten-carbide rings are as sparkly as ever.



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Watching Fish Watching

Gus has found the fish tank. I love watching him watch the fish.

So Shiny!

So Shiny!

But he can only get up close and personal with the fish if I am sitting on the couch with the footrest extended.

Tippy Toes

Tippy Toes

That’s probably for the best. If he could get that close whenever I’m not around, he might get a little too curious and cause some damage.

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