Beautiful Brightness

When I took my Christmas decorations down, I left up some of the lights. They’re sitting on the table by my front door. I like it, because I see them when I sit on my couch.

I may take them down eventually, but for now, I like their sparkly colorfulness.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I say leave them up. Christmas lights are kind of magical in their illumination. You’ve got a jumble of pretty goin’ on there.

  2. Debbie says:

    Definitely leave them! We have Christmas lights in our garage…. just for fun, mark has some in his military room (which he put shot gun shells over the lights so they are red now), i have some little multi color ones in my studio winding round a shelf. So join the all year round lights club! You could put pins in the wall in the shape of a constellation and have a blue nebula? Spell your name….. make a flower…. oh so many ideas! You want to put out more now don’t you?

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Ballet Break

We are so blessed at my school to be in walking distance of the performing arts center on Maui.

Yesterday, we walked to a ballet performance. It was really cool, because at first they just did their regular warm-up routine for us while one of the instructors talked us through it.

Next, they had a little fun and brought kids up onto the stage. They had them try to lift the ballerinas. Everybody laughed.

Lastly, they did a dance. The kids got a little confused and thought ballet was like jazz music and that if someone did something cool, you should just start clapping in the middle of the dance. Some of the dancers thought it was cute – they smiled when they heard the clapping. Still, I spoke with my kids after the performance about ballet dance applause protocols.

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A Long Wait

I know I’ve posted a picture of it before, but my hibiscus bloomed!

I’m excited about it, because for a while, the plant has looked sickly. I thought it was getting too much water, so I cut back on watering it. But the last couple of weeks, it’s been raining a lot, so maybe it wasn’t getting enough water?

Whatever the case, it was fun to see another flower. I wish the plant would just get big and make flowers all the time I like I see other hibiscus plants doing here on Maui. It seems like it should be so easy…

The flower doesn’t look any bigger than before. Eventually, they’re supposed to be 11 inches wide!

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Calendar Commemoration

For Christmas, my mom gave everyone in the family the same desk calendar. It’s a Peanuts calendar, and often has Bible references in the comics, or just outright quotes the Bible.

Her idea was that if one of the pages made us laugh or think, we could send a message to a text group that includes the whole family.

Yesterday’s entry motivated me to text everyone:

It reminded me of Christmas. When we were all together, we laughed and laughed. During the family meal, we were laughing so much, my head was hurting a little 🙂

Brent took some group pictures of us. I had to lift this one off of his FaceBook page:

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S’more Sweetener

When my erythritol was confiscated at the airport, I was a little disappointed. I wanted to experiment with it a little.

My internet research seems to suggest that it’s a pretty good alternative to sugar. I would like to see for myself.

So I ordered a new bag of it. The cheapest option was four pounds. Let the experiments begin!

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