Moving Mulch

I went to Home Depot to get mulch for my garden. I wanted to do an especially good job of mulching this time, so I got fifty bags of mulch. Guess how many bags fit in my truck? Not fifty.

I had to do it in two trips.

I had to do it in two trips.

Twenty five bags fit in my truck comfortably. With some heaping I could fit more, but not fifty. Roger helped me load the mulch, and when it was apparent we wouldn’t get all fifty in, he told me to ask for him when I came back, so he could help with the other half.

Loading the truck with two people was a breeze. Unloading with one was a little more difficult, as Beth might attest, since I was grunting and panting on the phone with her as I stacked the first load in my yard.

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2 Responses to Moving Mulch

  1. Carol says:

    Now who has time to spread all that mulch, though? Or is this something Denis will be doing over time – poor guy…

    • Lauren says:

      Agreed. I’m guessing you are doing this for curb appeal, but that is definitely one job I would never think do before selling a house. Bags of heavy? No thanks.

      I’m sure it will look glorious, though!

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More Gathering

Yesterday morning, I started the day with my faith family at Emmanuel Catonsville. I’ve had a great three years there. They have been a blessing to me. The worship is heartfelt, the music is wonderful, and the people are friendly. It was my last time there yesterday. I said a lot of good-byes.

From the balcony

From the balcony

From where I sat yesterday

From where I sat yesterday

I worked at home for a while, then headed to Tom and Debbie’s for another party. This was for James and Angie, who have been in Uruguay for the last two and a half years. Part of their mission program instructs them to return to the States to visit the congregations that are supporting them and let them know how things are going. It was great to see them again. There were many other old friends there. I couldn’t believe how big everyone’s kids were! I didn’t swim, but the kids were having a blast in the pool. What a great afternoon!

It was a beautiful day

It was a beautiful day

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Feelings and Food

I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to think about the fact that I’m permanently leaving a place I’ve lived for 21 years. When people ask me how I feel, I say that it’s been so overwhelming I’ve been emotionally flat (with periodic spikes of panic). Today in between all the busy-ness, I had two delightful “lasts” that made me feel some bitter-sweet feelings.

The first “last” was breakfast at Lost in the 50’s Diner. It is a block away from my house and has been my Saturday morning breakfast place these many years. I know the names of the other regulars and of the people who work there. I’ll miss chatting about the weather with Dave, the retired guy who eats western omelettes at the bar next to me. I’ll miss Johnny, the guy who wears a cowboy hat and duster coat. I’ll miss Alex and her fun hair styles and cheerful smile. I’ll miss Angela the owner, who is so beautiful and kind. I’ll especially miss Tim, the cook, who calls me by name and is always ready for a friendly chat.

Mmm... breakfast....

Mmm… breakfast….

My second “last” was with family. My Aunt Linda is in town because her granddaughter had her tonsils out. Last night I met them all at the Crack Pot restaurant for dinner. Cousin Julian and Anna and their whole gang was there. It was awesome to see them again.

I had cream of crab soup and a crab pretzel.

Their cream of crab is loaded with crab meat.

Their cream of crab is loaded with crab meat.

Aunt Linda ordered and shared the Pounder-Plus, which is a gigantic crab cake.

The knife and fork look tiny, but they are normal size.  The crab cake is HUGE!

The knife and fork look tiny, but they are normal size. The crab cake is HUGE!

It was all so delicious. This restaurant has been such a regular Baltimore tradition for me and my family. What a wonderful last meal at a wonderful Baltimore restaurant.

So many great memories here.

So many great memories here.

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Double Dump

I continue to clean out my house. Yesterday I started by going to the dump. I had a very trouble-free and delightful visit.

I’ve had some construction trash to get rid of for a long time. Some of it was lumber from my front porch project. Some of it was cement from a garden project gone wrong. Some of it was stuff I’ve stored in the basement from projects long ago.

It ended up filling the entire bed.  I didn't think it was that much.

It ended up filling the entire bed. I didn’t think it was that much.

The regular dump doesn’t take construction trash, so I called to find out who did. After some laughably stereotypical conversations with the Baltimore City bureaucratic machine, I found out that I could take my construction trash to the Northwest Transfer Station.

The Northwest Transfer Station is just a bigger version of the dump drop-off site I usually go to. What the person on the phone didn’t tell me was that I needed to pay a $20 cash fee to dump construction materials. D’oh! Fortunately (and uncharacteristically), I had cash. Whew!

The line moved quickly.

The line moved quickly.

It was an interesting mix of commercial and private dumpers. The smell at the site was exotic and disturbing… like a car that had a strong air freshener in it, but also had bag of rotting groceries in it. It was exquisite.

I’m out twenty dollars, but more junk is gone. Woo hoo!

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Musical Refuse

When I directed choir and handbells, I was always looking for music for us to do. I got lots of samples in the mail. I saved a lot of the samples. I also saved copies of the things that were really successful or popular. What that added up to was a HUGE pile of music samples. I have tried to sort through it and save some of my absolute favorites. I think there are two boxes of music in the shipping container. Will I even ever direct choir again?

I put the rejected samples in the recycling pile last night. It will get picked up this morning. I also put out a LOT of cardboard boxes that were holding various things in the basement. They’ve seen better days. If I kept anything that was being stored in them, I transferred it to new boxes before shipping it to Hawaii.

Yay! More stuff is leaving my house! I have more trash and more donatable items left, but the pile is dwindling. I think today I’m going to try to make a dump run.

Hopefully it wont rain before they pick this up.

Hopefully it wont rain before they pick this up.

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