Because we had spring break right after Easter, and because our regular chapel day is on Friday, yesterday was the first time we worshiped as a school since Easter. I was scheduled to have the message. Yay! I explained that the Hebrew word “Alleluia” means: Praise the Lord. Then I talked about how people in the Bible would say “Praise the Lord” when they saw him working in their lives.

Then I got to my favorite part: using rubber stamps that say “Alleluia” to stamp the kids on their hand or, in an echo of Ash Wednesday ashes, on their heads. Ha! It’s so fun! The ink I get is gold, and it washes off really quite easily. It was fun seeing the kids walk around with “Alleluia” stamped on them all day.

Mine was a little squidgy because it was Susan's first try at stamping a head.

Mine was a little squidgy because it was Susan’s first try at stamping a head.

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5 Responses to Alleluia

  1. Lauren says:

    That is so fabulous! You really are making a mark in their lives! 😉

  2. Karla says:

    When did you get those glasses? I love them!

    • Brad says:

      Thanks! I got them a while ago. I hardly ever wear glasses, but one of my eyes was feeling gross when I wore contacts. I think I had a stye, but it was under my eyelid or something. I’ve been wearing glasses for a couple of weeks now. I’m trying contacts today to see if it’s okay to wear them again. So far, so good.

  3. Diane Wilson says:

    That’s a great idea, Brad! I did the Easter chapel message at our school. I pretended I was on a cooking show and made resurrection cookies! Here’s the recipe and message. It was fun!

  4. Carol says:

    Ah, I remember that stamper and the gold ink. That was very cool. You have made great memories for your students (and colleagues, it would appear) over the years and will undoubtedly continue to do so in the years ahead. God bless you, dear friend.

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Ice Ice Babies

There’s a small planter at my school that has become a little wild. It mostly has black-eyed susans in it, which is awesome, But it also has some bare spots, and those are filling with weeds.

I should have pulled out that maple tree.

I should have pulled out that maple tree.

When I weeded my garden last week, I also cleaned up my sedum bed. I ended up pulling some ice plant out. I saved it and planted in the planter at school.

We’ve had some gentle rain the last few days, which has been just perfect. The ice plant cuttings have become well-established. There will be a nice groundcover in the bare spots, and beautiful pink flowers.

The ice plant is the fleshy leaves in the middle of the picture.  It gets its name from the sparkly surface of the leaves.

The ice plant is the fleshy leaves in the middle of the picture. It gets its name from the sparkly surface of the leaves.

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Lap Cat

I have been getting home later than usual every night this week. I’ve only had a little time to eat, sit on the couch for a bit, then go to bed. Gus always wants a little attention too.

Last night, he sat in my lap. It was kind of weird, because he usually sits on my chest, or just sits on his blanket. But it was kind of nice to have a lap cat for a little while.

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With Fangs

For after-school pickup we were inside yesterday. It was raining. The younger kids wait in a downstairs hallway, and the older kids wait in an upstairs hallway. Both hallways have lots of windows to look outside and see if parents’ cars have arrived.

While waiting in the upper hallway yesterday, one of the kids bumped the cover of the thermostat, and it fell off. She brought it to me because she didn’t know what to do with it. I held it for a long time before I looked at it. When I finally did, it smiled at me:

Smiley with fangs

Smiley with fangs

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Getting Up to Speed

I’m having trouble switching back into high gear at school. I’m getting everything done, but it’s taking longer. I was here late yesterday, then came early this morning.

Preparing a PowerPoint for Literature

Preparing a PowerPoint for Literature

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