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Stop and Go

Mom got in safely, and we had a relaxing evening. Bruno loves her lap:

Today we fly to Maui! Woo hoo! I am so excited to see my friends there! And of course it will be fun to see all the old places.

Here is the flight info, for those of you playing along at home:

United Airlines #417
Depart Los Angeles 9:00am
Arrive Kahului 11:43am

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Classroom and Cards

I stopped by my new school yesterday to pick up some papers from the office. While I was there, I poked around in my new classroom. I’ll have fun making the room my own.

And here’s something I’ve never encountered before – they prepared flash cards for me with kids’ pictures and names on them. So cool!

I won’t have any time to move into my classroom yet. Mom arrives this afternoon, and tomorrow we head to Maui! Woo hoo!

Saying Goodbye

I have received and accepted a Call to a Lutheran school in Long Beach. It is not far from my house. Instead of driving 15 minutes south, I’ll be driving 20 minutes east. I’m excited about joining the ministry in this new location.

I will be joining this new school’s church, so yesterday was my last Sunday at my current church. I said goodbye to many good people, and heard such kind words. But the Lutheran world is a small one, so I may yet see them again.

Warmer Water

I haven’t used my pool as much as I thought because the water always felt so cold. The weather is warm here during the day, but at night it cools down. I think that was making my pool water cool as well.

I have a cover now. I tried it out this week. The pool was covered for almost three days, and then I unrolled it for a swim. The water was warmer than usual! Nice!

It rolls up on a thing that the former owner left behind. I think it’s a little unsightly, but if it makes the pool water warm, I don’t mind at all!

Roses and Rerun

The roses really grew while I was gone. I love them! They all smell so good, and they are so big now, I don’t have to bend over to smell them.

There are so many flowers. As the petals fall, they’re drying up and piling next to the steps. I feel like I should gather them in a bowl or something…

I did go out yesterday. I wanted to get some litter for Bruno. The pet store had cat grass. I tried it once before, but he wasn’t really into it. I tried it again:

He liked it! He ate a few blades, then came back for more.

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