Ginkgo Going Gone

I’m rarely at home in the daylight any more. Yesterday morning I decided to walk through my back yard and see what the garden is like.

I was surprised to see that my ginkgo tree has lost all its leaves.

Ginkgoes are famous for dropping their leaves in a matter of one or two days. I must’ve missed that day. I did at least get a chance to see the bright yellow leaves last Sunday, though I didn’t take a picture.

There aren’t enough leaves on the ground that they will need raking or anything, but there are enough to make it beautiful and golden.

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  1. Bev Greunke says:

    Anything that was on the ground here is now covered with a Sparkling White Blanket Of Snow This Morning!!! I’m just headed off to church….the drive is always soooo pretty going past the awesome farm places….When I leave Arlington, The St. Paul Church Steeple is visible ahead “right in the middle” of the St. Paul Road…..It’s Wonderful To See….Kind Of Like A “GOAL” or “Prize” In Sight!!! The Landscape Will Be Especially Beautiful Today!!! God Bless Your Sunday!!! <3 Aunt Bev 🙂

  2. Lauren says:

    Lovely! How nice to actually see your winter garden in the daytime. I hope you got to enjoy some down time. 🙂

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New Old Bag

When I travel by air, I like to dress in a suit and tie. I think sometimes people treat you differently when you look nice.

When I fly, my consistent carry on has been a wide mouth duffel bag that I’ve had for years. It’s awesome because the top has wires in it that open the bag wide enough for me to pack it easily. The only problem is that it’s made of canvas, and doesn’t exactly match the dressiness level of my suit and tie attire in airplanes.

I decided I would look for a wide mouth bag that looked a little nicer. Cyber Monday seemed like a nice day to do some internet shopping. It was. Not only did I find a good bag, I got a good deal on it. It’s made of black leather, and looks very nice.

The bag arrived yesterday. Woo hoo! I thought maybe it would be smaller than my old bag, but it’s not. They’re the same size. Nice!

The Gus is for scale.

The Gus is for scale.

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I have some grape tomatoes that have French on the package as well as English. It makes for a very confusing label.

Tomatoes?  Raisins?

Tomatoes? Raisins?

In other news, it’s Friday! Yay! I’m hoping to get some plants in the ground this weekend. I got them on clearance a couple of weeks ago. They will not survive the winter if I leave them in their pots.

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I put on one of my old ties from the forties this morning. The pattern lined up perfectly with my cross.

I wonder if anyone will notice. Yesterday I wore my tie with ferries on it that I got when I was in Seattle. I like to call it my ferry tie. Because it’s a wordplay joke, middle school kids love it. But I didn’t even get to say it once yesterday.

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Spot Remover

Between class periods at school, I stand out in the hallway to help ride herd. As I stand out there and notice scuff or smudges on the floor or walls, I remove them. Sometimes it’s as simple as rubbing my foot on it, sometimes I go all out and get a sanitizing wipe and rub at a spot until it disappears.

The hallway immediately outside my classroom is pretty spotless now, so I only see something to remove only sporadically. But yesterday, as I went around the corner to the eighth grade hallway, I saw the motherlode:

Spots aplenty.

Spots aplenty.

The wall is covered with smudges and spots. Woo hoo! I plan to work on it steadily from now on. Perhaps in a few months, I will have it completely cleared.

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