The Sliding Sun

When the students arrive at school in the mornings, we meet them at the door with a thermometer and hand sanitizer. I distinctly remember being blinded and baked by the sun at the beginning of the school as Chloe and I stood outside.

The sun moved as winter approached, and we were soon in the cool winter shade. But as the days grow longer again, I can see the sun approaching. I wonder how long before it overtakes our position and we are bathed in its radiation once again.

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For Babies?

When our classroom spraybottle of sanitizer runs out, we refill it in the principal’s office. Yesterday when I went in for a refill, I noticed a stack of books on the table.

Ha! I was in a rush, so I only looked at the top one, but it was awesome! It looked like a kid’s book, but it was talking about nuclear reactions inside stars and the size of the universe. I loved it!

I should go back and look at the others today…

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A Couch-shaped Couch

Before my visitors came, my couch was always folded down in the “bed” position so I could recline on it. I put it up so my visitors could sit like normal people.

I haven’t yet put it down. Honestly, I haven’t had much time to sit in it. Last night after church, it was pretty late already, so I didn’t even turn the tv on. I just read. Yay! My plans to read are working out!

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A Small Detail

Yesterday was an exercise day. After I exercised I changed into my teacher clothes. I got dressed so quickly, I didn’t notice that my shirt was inside-out. My coworker saw it before school, but by then the kids were arriving, so I just left it.

No one else noticed. At the end of the day, I told my students that it reminded me of a tv show I’ve been watching called “Monk” where the main character notices every detail of his surroundings.

It makes me want to try another weird thing and see if I can get away with it…

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Another Pot Post

Well, I’m doing two pot posts in a row. I can’t help myself, because some pots I ordered came in the mail yesterday and I’m excited about them. They are sold as bonsai pots, but I’ll be using them for succulents.

I’ve gotten several succulents recently, and I want to display them well. With these tray-shaped pots, I’ll be able to put more than one plant per pot and make little arrangements! Woo hoo! I will have so much fun deciding which plants go where!

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