I’m helping with the special music for Easter Sunday. I’m playing the recorder! Ha! The last time I did that was for Kathryn and Todd’s wedding! It’s a little nerve-wracking, and my instrument is one of those $3.99 plastic dealies, but I think it’ll be okay.

I’m also playing the organ for a couple of things. I’m playing one piece that’s a duet between organ and piano, and another piece that Judy is playing trumpet for.

The trumpet piece is “Jesus Christ is Risen Today”. I’ve said it before, but this is my favorite Easter hymn. The line that always gets me is “Now above the sky he’s king, where the angels ever sing”. It never fails to choke me up – even just playing it for practice yesterday before school… Sheesh, Brad! Pull yourself together, man!

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  1. Deborah says:

    That line gets me, too. I’m a mess throughout all these services. Even teared up during the Passion chapel yesterday. Of course my third graders immediately notice. Oy.

  2. Lauren says:

    Yeah, too much to get teary about. I’ve been reading the Easter story at naptime and have to think about buying groceries so I can hold it together.

  3. Elaine Royuk says:

    That is my favorite Easter hymn also. Tears are welcome! A few fell last night as I watched the stripping of the altar at St. John last night. Holy Week is very special?

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Done Deal

I closed on my condo yesterday! Yay!

It happened while I was at school. Shortly after 9am, my realtor texted and said it was a done deal. I didn’t get back to the condo complex until later. The door was unlocked, and the keys were waiting on the counter top.

I have school today, and choir practice and church at night. Tomorrow I’ll have more time, because we’re off for Good Friday. Moving should be fairly simple. It’ll be so fun settling into a new place!

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Flowers of Things to Come

There’s a room at our school called “The Teacher Work Room”. It’s funny we call it that because I’ve never seen any teacher work in there. It’s like previous schools calling a room “The Teachers’ Lounge”. No lounging happened.

Anyway, I went into the teacher work room so I could get some cleaning wipes, and I saw a lovely sight:

They smelled good...  mmm...

They smelled good… mmm…

Easter lilies! Yay! Because of my move, Holy Week has been and will be so busy this year. I’m sad because I like Holy Week so much. Hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services in between moving all my stuff and cleaning my apartment.

By Easter Sunday, the moving and cleaning will be done. I’ll definitely be enjoying that!

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Protein Powder

In my effort to find quick protein, I bought some powdered drink mix from Costco. It’s whey protein, which the internet seems to have good things to say about. I read the ingredient list of all the different brands, but none of them did not have some sort of artificial sweetener in them. Ack! I can’t drink artificial sweetener. It leaves an awful after-taste in my mouth that lasts all day.

I got some anyway, thinking I could power through it. I cannot.

The drink isn’t bad when it’s going down, but the after-taste does indeed stay with me. Dang. What a waste.

I have looked online to see if I could just buy plain whey protein without and added flavors or sweeteners. I can! I will order some and try it after my move.

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Shifting Sun

I have been going walking on the beach more often lately. I always do it at sunset, because then I don’t have to worry about sunscreen, and because it’s cooler.

The sun has really shifted its position from earlier this year. Over time, it has moved from setting over the ocean.
I suppose it will keep moving until the summer solstice, then move back again. How fun to watch! I saw the movement in Baltimore, but never so clearly, because the sun always set behind buildings.

Because I’ve posted so many pictures of the sunset this year, I actually have a record. I’ll post the pictures below, but I’m getting them from posts in January, February, and March.


Completely over the ocean.

Completely over the ocean.


See the land off to the right?  The sun has moved north (to the right)

See the land off to the right? The sun has moved north (to the right)


Now the sun is almost touching the land.

Now the sun is almost touching the land.


Now its completely over land.

Now its completely over land.

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