Another One

I’ve posted pictures of the sunset before, but yesterday’s was so nice. I actually stopped my truck along the side of the road and got out so I could look at it. It was so glow-y. I loved it. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but here it is:

It’s still weird for me to see that today is November 16, and it’s so warm. In Baltimore, I’d be wearing a coat and running my heater. Here, I’m sweating and running my air conditioner.

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Taking it Out

At my house in Baltimore, the trash was picked up once a week. If I took trash to the outside trash can, it had to fit, and it had to not have anything that could rot in it, or else it would stink. It seemed so complicated, I always dreaded and delayed taking the trash out.

Here, there is a dumpster just outside my apartment. It is soooo easy to take trash to it. But for some reason, it’s still a big deal to take the trash out of the trash can and put a new bag in. I let the can get stuffed full before I take it out. Why is it so hard?

I can see it from my lanai, for goodness sakes!

I can see it from my lanai, for goodness sakes!

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Dry Clean Only

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Goodwill store, and I saw a really nice aloha shirt. It was so soft. When I looked at the label, I saw that it was a ‘Tommy Bahama’ brand shirt, and it was 100% silk. Nice!

It was cheap, so I was excited to buy it, but then I wondered how I would clean it. The label said ‘dry clean only’. But can you wash silk in the washing machine? I took out my phone and went on the internet for advice.

I saw a lot of people saying ‘dry clean only’ meant you must only dry clean, but then I saw this entry:

Sorry about the swear.

Sorry about the swear.

I liked the sound of that idea, so I got the shirt. I wore it the next Sunday, but didn’t get to washing it until just the other day. The result?

It was fine! I washed it and dried it like a regular shirt, and it came out just fine! Yay! I may never trust clothing care labels again…

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Shopping – a matching game

Yesterday I went shopping. I had to go to several different places to get one thing at each place. I decided I’d make today’s post a game. I’ll show all the places I stopped, then show the things I got, and you can see if you can match them.

My stops:

My stuff:

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Treat Time

At Bible class on Sunday mornings, there are often lots of tasty treats to eat. Diane is usually responsible for them. Yesterday she saw me taking a second cookie. She knows I always stay after church to work in my room, so she said I could take some extras if I wanted. I didn’t take any.

After I finished going to late church, I went back to my classroom and saw this:

Haha! Diane gave me a TON of treats! I ate a few of them while I was working. I took the rest home. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat all of them though…

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