Fellowship Meal

We’re doing fellowship meal dinners at my church. That is, people are in groups and are taking turns hosting for dinner. My first meeting with my new group was last night. Unfortunately not everyone could come. Fortunately, the food was delicious!

The host family lived in a part of town near school that I haven’t spent much time in. It was really fun to be there.

After dinner we went out to the back yard, and they lit a fire. Woo hoo! I was the dessert bringer, and the host had mentioned the possibility of fire, so I brought s’mores ingredients. Yum!

I got to sit right next to it.

I got to sit right next to it.

I’m the host for October if we can figure out a date that works for everyone. Yay! It will be a motivation for a thorough first floor cleaning!

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  1. Lauren says:

    That is such a nice thing you guys do, and as an introvert, it seems so brave. Eating with acquaintances? What?

    The fire looks perfect, too. Ahhhhhh…..

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‘Tis the Season

It was the first day of Fall yesterday, and I had many reminders that Summer is on its way out.

Last night was choir practice, so I stayed late after school. I had brought some Munchkins (donut holes) in the morning, and there were some left at the end of the day. I was surprised to see there was a jelly-filled one left. The others were all pumpkin. It’s pumpkin spice season.

I left them all because I was on my way out to eat.

I left them all because I was on my way out to eat.

I went to Panera Bread for dinner. They had squash soup. Mmm… It tasted like Fall.

I was a little worried it would be cold.  It wasn't.

I was a little worried it would be cold. It wasn’t.

At choir practice, the director told us that the practice for the Holiday Brass concert is being handled differently, so we needed to start looking at the music already last night. Christmas music!

I've heard this one many times in recordings.

I’ve heard this one many times in recordings.

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I’ve planted tomatoes in my garden for the past couple of years. Last year, I couldn’t decide on a particular variety, so I planted six different plants (with some doubles). They ended up producing a LOT of tomatoes.

This year, I planted one grape tomato plant, and two regular-sized tomatoes. The grape tomatoes have been great snacks out in the garden. Of the two regular-sized, only one survived. It is a “Better Boy” variety. They aren’t the best tomatoes I’ve had, but they are certainly better than grocery store offerings. And as it turns out, one tomato plant makes enough tomatoes for me. One.

If I can only plant one, how am I ever going to decide what variety to plant next year? It probably won’t be “Better Boy”.

They're splitting a lot for some reason.

They’re splitting a lot for some reason.

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Future Blooms

Last night was our Parents to School night. I didn’t take any pictures, so I’m going to post about something I did on Saturday.

I like spring bulbs, but I have a hard time finding a place to plant them in my garden. On Saturday, I went to the home improvement store several times in the process of putting in a new faucet. One of the times, I ended up impulse-buying some hyacinth bulbs. Mmm… hyacinths smell so good…

But as I said, there wasn’t a place for me to plant them in the ground, so I decided to plant them in pots. This way, when they bloom, I can put them in a high-traffic area and enjoy their beautiful color and scent. When they’re done blooming, I can simply discard them, or I can let them fade in an out of the way place.

They're pretty big pots.  My foot is for scale.

They’re pretty big pots. My foot is for scale.

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I went for my regular eye appointment yesterday. I wouldn’t have known it was time to schedule my next appointment, but I got a postcard in the mail. My address was hand-written on the post card by me. I don’t remember it, but I guess when I was there a year ago, the eye doctor had me self-address a post card.

Before I had my appointment yesterday, they had me fill in a few forms, including a postcard for next year. Since I was sending a reminder to myself, I took the opportunity to also write myself a note.

I'm awesome!

I’m awesome!

I wonder if I’ll remember that I wrote this when the postcard comes in a year. I probably will, since I wrote about it here.

I also wonder if anyone at the eye doctor office will notice my note.

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