Last night was our annual Christmas musical. It was a fun one. The musical went well. The kids were a little shaky on some of the words in a couple of places, but it didn’t matter. They were charming.

I was a little nervous about being the substitute director for the concert band as they played some Christmas pieces before the musical. They did a good job though.

It’s kind of a short post for a big production, but I wrote it last night, and I was tired. It was a long day.

I only got a picture of rehearsal.

I only got a picture of rehearsal.

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2 Responses to Musical

  1. Gretchen says:

    Beautiful sanctuary!

  2. Lauren says:

    Yes! What a lovely place to have your production! I bet it was fantastic and the audience was sure to love it. Way to go!

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Evil Weevils

A while back, I bought a bag of flour to refill my flour jar in the kitchen. The jar looked kind of dirty, and I was going to wash it, so I just left the bag of flour on my counter top. I guess it sat there for a few weeks. By the time I got back to it and opened it up, it was full of weevils. Yuck. I threw it away, got a new bag, and put the flour in the flour jar right away. The new flour will stay weevil-free.

But then something bad happened. I found weevils in my cereal. Uh-oh. I threw it all away and got new.

I’ve decided all my food that contains grain will be stored in the refrigerator for a while. If the weevils don’t have anything to eat, maybe they’ll move on to some other place.

My refrigerator looks more full now.

My refrigerator looks more full now.

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Filling Fluid

One of the things I teach in Life Skills class is how to add windshield washer fluid to cars. It’s my firm belief that no one should ever pay someone else to add washer fluid because they think it’s too complicated. My only exception is convenience. If a person wants to pay another person out of convenience, that’s okay with me.

I take the kids out to the parking lot and have them take turns pointing at the washer fluid container. It’s always so plainly visible.

I tell the kids that a bonus of living in Hawaii is that you don’t have to have any special anti-freeze fluid for your windshield. You can just use water! Cool!

I add a little dish soap to make the fluid more effective.

I add a little dish soap to make the fluid more effective.

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Strategic Tissues

I got a new box of tissues for my truck yesterday. I usually use at least one per day – often in the morning.

this is the console between the seats.  The little square boxes fit just right.

This is the console between the seats. The little square boxes fit just right.

I think I must use tissues more often that other people. Besides having tissues in my truck. I have a box in literally every room of my apartment. I visit other peoples’ houses, and I don’t even see one box. What’s up with that? Do they just never blow their noses?

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The Lights of Christmas

The other day, Peggy texted me some Christmas pictures. Here is one of the sparkly ones:

I haven’t visited any Christmas Wonderlands here. I’ve only seen a few Christmas decorations at the malls. I’ve been told that that the resort hotels decorate for Christmas. Maybe I should visit them.

Of course, I do have my Christmas lights up at home, but they don’t look very traditionally Christmasy with a tropical sunset and palm tree in the background:

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