Dry Speckles

Yesterday one of my dry-erase markers was dried out. The cap was sitting loosely on it, so I think maybe someone dropped it on the cap. When that happens, the cap can sometimes crack and dry the marker out.

A while back, I saw THIS video about how to re-vitalize a dried out dry-erase marker. I decided to try it on my non-working marker.

Bad idea.

My students thought it was hilarious.

After swinging it for a little bit, I noticed that I was spraying the room with dark red dry-erase ink. Oops.

It came off the floor and cabinets easily enough, but I think it will be on the ceiling tiles permanently. And I’m going to have to replace the Christian flag in my room. It looks like it’s been through a battle scene in a movie or something.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! I shouldn’t laugh, but that was very well-written! At least we know that the method works, if perhaps a little too well. I think some white-out and a tall kid should fix this next issue. 🙂

  2. Deborah says:

    I just store mine upside-down.

  3. Debbie says:

    I’m laughing… and you’ve made a memory for your kids to tell about for years to come. Hey, you never know until you try! Can you wash the flag, get it dry cleaned? Oxy clean is awesome stuff! Magic eraser? More trying! You never know….

  4. Gretchen says:

    I think the problem is that is bad science. There is no such thing as “centrifugal force.”

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I have often posted pictures of sunsets, but yesterday morning while I was at my trainer’s, there was a glorious sunRISE. The clouds looked like a ceiling on the sky, and the sun was lighting it up with such color!

I don’t like GETTING up in the morning, but I love BEING up. Mornings are awesome!

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A while back, I put some coleus cuttings in a vase on my table. They have survived! Not only do they still look good, but they have grown roots. Cool! I think maybe I’ll put them in a pot and just grow them there. Then I’ll always have some nice color without having to buy cut flowers.

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Punctuation Play

It was an okay day at school. Not much happened. So here’s a funny comic I saw online, and printed out to hang on my classroom wall:

Ha! It’s a Language Arts joke! Perfect!

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Seeking Soft

Last time I was in Target, I looked at the toothbrushes. I always have trouble finding what I like, because I like SOFT bristle brushes… like, super soft. It’s supposed to be better for your tooth enamel. I think I have soft enamel, because I got cavities all the time, and my teeth are all cracked now. So I use soft bristle toothbrushes.

I have always only found what I wanted at Korean grocery stores, but this time, they were in Target. Target! They had “ultra soft” toothbrushes. Yay!

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