Rabbit and Chicken

My piano playing at church went well yesterday! Thank you, God! I prayed a lot. I was nervous because it was a festival Sunday, and there would be people there who aren’t regular attenders.

When I got to church, Diane had already been there and left me an Easter gift:

Ha! It was a crocheted bunny that held an egg. The egg had jellybeans in it. Mmm… I ate several before church.

After church was over, I was hungry and decided to stop at McDonald’s. They have new chicken sandwiches that look like Chick-fil-a sandwiches, even down to being in a paper bag.

I was surprised to find that they kind of do taste like Chick-fil-a. If we didn’t have a Chick-fil-a coming to the island, this would be a good substitute.

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  1. Lauren says:

    What a relief that it is over and it went well! Thank you for making people’s Easter celebration special! (Diane is so thoughtful, too!)

    That sandwich looks pretty dang tasty. McDonald’s seems to be doing something right.

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Fascinating Finds

Happy Easter! He is risen! Alleluia!

I went for a walk at La Perouse Bay yesterday. I found an unusual shell: a sea urchin spine. Cool! I don’t usually pick up shells and bring them home, because if I did, there would be a ginormous pile at my house. This one went in my pocket.

There is a small section of trail there that goes through an old kiawe tree forest. The trees are fantastic! There were a million places to take cool pictures. Here is my favorite:

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Fixing the Faucet

A while back, I replaced the faucet of the sink in my classroom with something that my aquarium-cleaning equipment could attach to.

The new faucet has been working well, but it has gotten loose. I’ve tried to tighten the nut underneath, I’ve tried adding washers of various kinds… nothing has worked. The faucet just slides against the sink surface and spins.

Yesterday, I tried something new… I put silicone between the faucet and the sink. I’m hoping that when it dries, it will cause strong enough friction to keep the faucet from spinning. I hope it works. Taking the assembly apart with dried silicone on it would be a pain.

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Nervous Night

I played for Maundy Thursday church last night. I was way more nervous than usual. Maybe because it was a holiday service? There were fewer people there than I expected, so that made it a little less stressful.

Things went ok. I’m glad, because I’m going to be playing on Easter Sunday. I’m sure there will be quite a few people there. That’s going to be even more stressful! Practice, practice, practice…

I wish I was quicker with my camera at the end of the service. During the stripping of the altar, I closed the lid on the keyboard, and there was a gecko there! I tried to get my phone out of my pocket, but it skittered away.

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Another Hill Hunt

West of Kahului along the coast, there is a hill that pokes up high.

I spoke with someone about it a while back, and they said there was a trail to get to the top. Yesterday, I went to see if I could climb it.

There is a trail, but it is really steep, and as I get older, my fear of heights is getting worse. It seems like age should take the edge off of irrational fears, but mine seems to be getting sharper. I couldn’t get very high up the side. I did get some nice views of the ocean though.

There were some really cool erosion patterns in the rocks. I’m not sure what specifically is going on with these, but they were all over the side of the hill…

I took a picture of another rock too. It looked like a skull! It made me think of the Goonies. Hehe…

It was also a great opportunity for a “senior picture”… I mean, like senior in high school, not senior citizen. heh.

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