Stimulating Shopping

The fun for the day yesterday was shopping! Yay!

But first, a stop for some food at a place I can’t go to on Maui: Chick-fil-a.



After that, it was on to the mall!

The most dangerous place we went into was a store that sells a bunch of Japanese items. They are so gadgety and cute, it makes you want to buy ALL of it!

It is a wonderland!

It is a wonderland!

My worst temptation was in the toy aisle. There were some robots there that child-Brad would have coveted so hard that he would have had to go to confession. I almost got them for the child-Brad that’s still inside of me, but adult-Brad saw they were $10 each, and remembered how much junk he already has littering his house.

Just looking at the picture makes me want them again!

Just looking at the picture makes me want them again!

I did purchase some things, though:

My ratchet belt from Ross was breaking, so I went looking for a new one. I found one almost exactly like it at Macy’s. Nice!

I also got a new charge cable for my phone. The one I use every night was a cheap-o one from the checkout line. I got another cheap-o one.

But the most exciting things I brought home were the plastic bags my purchases came in. There are no plastic bags on Maui. Whenever I want to put my shoes or wet clothes in something, paper bags just don’t do it. These plastic bags will be like gold to me!

I may even wash them after I use them so I can use them again.

I may even wash them after I use them so I can use them again.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! What a fascinating perspective on the bags! You’ll probably get searched when you get back to Maui and they will be confiscated.

    I’m so glad you had such a fun time! Maybe if you think that you DO own those toys, but the store is just storing them for you, would that help?

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The day after a flight I usually post about the flight, but I flew overnight, so yesterday felt like the same day as Saturday. Sort of.

My flight was delayed. It was supposed to take off at 9:30pm, but didn’t leave until 11:30pm. Fortunately, I knew that before going to the airport and could just hang out at home a little longer. Other people at the airport weren’t so fortunate:

The flight itself was fine. I had really worked myself up into a panic of anxiety before getting on the plane. I was sure I was going to die. But I didn’t die. My legs got a little crampy, and I didn’t sleep much, but I didn’t die. I landed in LA at 7:30am.

Yesterday was kind of a fuzzy day. I took two long naps. In the evening, we went to a vietnamese restaurant and I had some AWESOME pho. Today I’m going to go to a mall. A MALL!! I’m so excited!

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Condo Cleaning

Yesterday I spent almost the whole day on my condo. There were a million little things that I could have done bit-by-bit after school or on the weekends. Instead, I did a million things yesterday. Ugh.

But I got almost everything done. And the condo is ready for guests.

The biggest change was in the middle bedroom. I wish I would have taken a “before” picture. The difference is pretty dramatic. Here’s the “after”:

I’m supposed to land in LA at 7am, Pacific Time. Hopefully, all is going or has gone well…
United #1110

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School… Condo… Go!

Yesterday I finished with school stuff. Or at least with the stuff I had to do before leaving. My desk is so clean! It hasn’t looked like this since… last summer?

The rest of the day I was at my condo trying to straighten it up a little. I’m going to have some house guests while I’m in Nebraska, so I want my place to look nice.

I leave Maui tonight. I’ll fly overnight to LA, where I’ll have a stop over before continuing on to Nebraska.

My flight info, for those playing along at home:
United #1110
Depart Kahului 9:50pm
Arrive LA 6:02am (Sunday)

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Masked Mouth

I was kind of sick last week. I feel much better this week, but I have a lingering cough. On Wednesday night, I noticed that my back hurt, kind of in the region of my lungs. Yesterday morning, it was really uncomfortable. I decided to go to the doctor, since I will soon be traveling and won’t be able to be in-network.

When I made the appointment, and had to fill in a “why”, I wrote “cough”. When I checked in, they gave me a mask. It’s more common here for sick people to wear masks. At the doctors office, it’s very common.

I think it’s hard to talk with someone when part of their face is covered and you can’t see their expression. Since I was masked, I tried to use a cheery voice when I talked, and I tried to smile with my eyes.

The mask matched my shirt!

The mask matched my shirt!

Oh, and the doctor didn’t know my my lungs were hurting. He did an x-ray, and it’s not pneumonia, so at least I know that.

After my doctor visit, I drove to the west side, where my cousin Becky and her family are staying on their vacation. It was so fun to chat a little. I didn’t have to wear a mask for the occasion, so you can easily see my smile in our picture together.

I always try to look at the lens, and never get it quite right.

I always try to look at the lens, and never get it quite right.

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