Bible Project

Sometimes I stop at McDonald’s on my way to school. Once I get to school, I like to watch YouTube while I eat. My favorite videos to watch are from the Bible Project. If you haven’t heard about it, you should check it out. It’s short, interesting single-topic videos about the Bible.

Yesterday I watched the one about Hebrews because we’re studying that in Bible class.

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  1. Lauren says:

    See you on the other side of the rabbit hole…..

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Dark and Hot

My new normal is to go to school on Saturday to grade papers and write scores on paper, then to go on Sunday before church and enter everything into the computer. It means being at school every day of the week, but Saturday and Sunday are both short days, instead of doing one long day on Sunday.

Yesterday when I got to school, I had just arrived and sat down at my desk, when the electricity went off. I decided I’d play on my phone a little bit while I waited for it to come back on. It didn’t come back on.

After an hour, I decided I’d better get to work. I opened the door and graded by natural light. It was hot though. It felt like I was grading in a sauna.

I hope this morning the power is back. I’ll enjoy the air conditioning for sure!

When I left school, I saw why the power was out. They were working on the lines.

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Delayed Dahlias

Six months ago, I started some dahlias from seed. I put the plants in the barrel at school, but they didn’t thrive there. So I pulled a couple of the surviving plants back out of the barrel and put them in a pot. They’ve been growing on my lanai for two months now.

They have finally bloomed. Whew! So much work and waiting! Six months from seed to bloom? That’s crazy! I think next time, I’ll just buy plants.

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Un-cut Cable

I haven’t watched cable for a long time… maybe three or four weeks? I never thought that would’ve happened. I always said that I liked flipping through channels to find some random Harry Potter movie playing. I also said I liked commercials.

So it seems that I don’t miss either of those things.

Basic cable is part of my condo fees, but I pay a little for some extra channels… most notably BBC America, which carries Doctor Who. But guess what? I haven’t seen any episodes from the latest season of Doctor Who. And I don’t seem to miss it. Weird.

Maybe I’ll stop paying extra for the extra channels…

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A Familiar Face

Yesterday I started exercising again! Yay!

My trainer texted me on Monday to let me know she was doing in-person training again. I said I was interested, and we started right away.

We talked more than I exercised, but I was ok with taking it easy… it was my first time back after a LOT of sedentary time. We’ll be back to our our Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule from now on.

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