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Boxed Books

I ordered some books for school, and they came in such a way that there was no wasted space or frivolous packaging. There were two different kinds of books, and they filled the box exactly. I ordered different amounts of each, and they were almost the same height, again filling the box exactly.

It was so interesting, I had to take a picture. But now looking at the picture and re-reading what I’ve written, maybe this isn’t as amazing as I thought. Maybe it’s simply curious. Reddit has a whole section called “Mildly Interesting”. Maybe that’s more like it…

3 responses to “Boxed Books”

  1. Lauren says:

    Personally, I love that!!! It is one of the reasons I’ve slowed down in ordering from Amazon – the giant box to ship a small thing, then filled with inflated plastic? No thanks. Give me the people who packaged your books! They should be in charge of everything. 😀

  2. Peggy says:

    I love the Graveyard Book! You recommended that to me years ago. I wonder if the library has it…..this is the perfect time of year to reread it.
    (Is the author someone you know….someone you went to school with?)

    • Brad says:

      I love reading it every year with my class, and I always schedule it for October 😉

      I do not know Neil Gaiman personally. I think he would be a fun friend though. Neil Gaiman, if you ever read this and are visiting Maui, let’s have lunch! 🙂

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Sunset, Moonrise

Today is my first day back to school after Fall Break. Yesterday after church, I spent most of the day at school. Report cards are due, which means an extra bit of record-keeping. I got most of it done, so that’s good.

I am anxious to see the kids again. All this preparation and paperwork and anticipation makes me nervous. Once I see the kids, it’ll all be ok.

I finished before dark yesterday, so that was good. The sunset was starting. I enjoyed the skies a little before driving home.

The moon was out, so I tried to take a picture of it. In the picture below, it’s right above the church roof. I don’t know why it looks so big in real life, but so small in pictures. Maybe it requires a special camera?

Bath and Lounge

I had another work day at school yesterday. This time I got a significant amount of work done. School starts tomorrow. Deadlines really help me.

When I got home, I relaxed on my lanai for a while. It is calming to just sit out there and enjoy the air and the plants.

But the garden isn’t looking great right now. I keep everything watered, but things are looking kind of scraggly. Maybe it’s the time of year? No, that’s not it. I found two posts from about a year ago, and the garden looks great in those pictures. Maybe it’s something else…

The bird bath is looking really bad. I think the algae bloom and green water is just part of the aging process though. My ponds in Baltimore always did this a few weeks after I first filled them. As it matures, it should look better.

I have a pot identical to the bird bath that I plant flowers in. These are looking bad because they’ve been sat on. The doves who come to drink at the bird bath have taken to sitting in the pots. It’s cute, but they’re hard on some of the plants. Dang.

Hands in the Dirt

I worked on the native Hawaiian plant bed at school yesterday. There was a big delay in getting the plants, but I finally got them yesterday morning.

I worked all day long.

I spent a lot of time arranging and re-arranging the plants.

I decided I would have one area for the succulents. This area would be mulched with lava rock cinders. Planting the plants through the landscape fabric was tedious.

The other section was bigger than I thought. The center piece of the garden is an ohia tree. It’s very small right now. Hopefully it grows quickly. The rest of the space is filled with five varieties of native plants. I repeated them in order to fill the space.

I didn’t get a proper “after” picture. I was running the sprinkler system to test it and to soak the soil. And I was really tired. It was late afternoon by then.

This morning, Russel is taking me to get some wood mulch from a friend of his. I’m so glad! The bagged mulch at Lowe’s and Home Depot is crazy expensive!

Swift and Scrumptious

When I made this dinner, I had to laugh:

It looks like a generic low-effort meal that would be made by someone with no discerning taste – cheese hotdogs, and sliced cucumbers in vinegar with a glass of milk. Ha!

I liked it though – and it had protein and a vegetable and dairy. The only thing missing was carbs. I got those after dinner when I ate a third of a box of vanilla wafers. Heh.

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