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Delicious Day

Yesterday morning when I went out to my car, I saw that my iris was blooming! Woo hoo! I stopped to smell it for a while. It smells just like grape Kool-Aid! Yum!

During the school day, I walked the eighth grade to a park next to school. We hung out and talked and enjoyed the morning. While walking the park, I noticed that there were honeysuckle plants. Honeysuckles! I smelled them too, because they’re so sweet-smelling.

And then I drank some nectar. You break of the end, then pull the pistil out, and there it is. Yum!

Can you see the drop of nectar on then end of the flower?

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  1. Lauren says:

    Lloyd showed me honeysuckle in Omaha once time. I never knew that was a thing! God does some cool stuff.

    If I remember correctly, today is a half day for you? Woo-hoo! (If I’m wrong, save this woo-hoo for later, please.). 😀

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Busy and Bruno

Things are so, so busy at the end of the year. People always ask if I’m excited for the school year to end. The truth is, I never am, because these last days are so hard.

Yesterday was our Field Day – lots of fun contests done by cross-graded groups. I helped with the frisbee toss. Today is a somewhat unstructured day. All the classes are going on fun field trips, but the eighth graders already did their Disney Day, so we’re hanging out with each other at school and having lunch with our kindergarten buddies, who will be having a stay-cation day. Tomorrow is a half day, then graduation, then a banquet for the eighth grade.

Lately when I come home, I’ve just been having couch time with Bruno. Good ol’ Bruno…

Tray Tidying

I’ve settled into a regular pattern with my tooth tray maintenance. In the evening, usually before eating a snack, I take them out and put them into a UV and sonic cleaner thingy, along with a fizzy cleaning tablet.

Then I put them back in after brushing my teeth. That way, everything is super-clean during the night time hours when I don’t open my mouth much.

It’s nice to have a regular time for the cleanings. I’m pretty careful about never eating or drinking with the trays in, but residual coffee and such does start to leave its mark.

At least I’m down to ten days between trays now, so fresh ones are always around the corner.

Big Screen

I saw this movie in the theater yesterday:

It was the first Lord of the Rings Movie! They were doing a special showing. I have seen this movie dozens of times – I would guess the total number is even surpasses a hundred – but it was so fun to watch it in a theater. There were surround-sound elements that I don’t experience at home, and of course the giant screen was much bigger than my TV.

Today is the second movie, and tomorrow is the third, but I won’t be watching them. It’s a serious time commitment. They are playing the extended versions, so each movie is about 3.5 hours.

Surprise Sprouts

Well, I seem to be posting a lot about plants lately, but what else am I going to talk about? It’s summer, and I’m a plantsman.

I was watering my houseplants yesterday and saw something exciting. My jewel orchid has a side sprout coming up on the edge of the pot:

I am so excited! I’ve just had this one stem for ever so long, and though I love it, it does look a little small. But now I have two stems! I think it’s a foretaste of more stems to come… maybe a whole pot-full of beautiful jewel orchid leaves!

The other surprise was in my geogenanthus pot. I don’t think I even posted about my geogenanthus, because I was embarrassed. It was this beautiful, black-leaved, shiny, fleshy plant. As soon as I got it, it started to die. I was able to slow its death and stretch it out over several months, but eventually, it was just dirt and sticks.

And then yesterday I saw this:

There’s a new sprout coming up on the edge of the pot! The geogenanthus is alive! And growing! I can’t believe it!

It’s a little hard to see, so I circled it:

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