Fixing an Old Mistake

I got a note from the condo association that I should remove the hose reel that is attached to the wall next to my lanai. They said it should be removed, the screw holes filled with wood putty, and the paint touched up with paint that the maintenance department could give to me if I made a request at the office.

I was a little confused as to why I would need to remove something that has been there for such a long time already; it was installed by the previous owner. I’m a rule-follower though, so I did it.

The new paint doesn’t quite look like the old, but there is a LOT of dust on the old paint, so maybe with time, the new paint will be just as dirty.

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  1. Lauren says:

    What? That seems crazy. Is that your hose? That seemed to be just fine where it was. Will you get a quick-connect system or something?

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Welcome Wagon

Today is my Half Birthday! Yay! I’m 50.5!

When the students arrive in the morning, we take their temperature. By the main school building, there are two temperature takers. Out by the modular, there only needs to be one. This morning, I was on duty.

It’s interesting to be out there in the morning. In past years, I was in my room chatting with kids or sitting at my desk. Since I’m outside now, I see all the cars driving past after they’ve dropped off kids. I like waving at them. I have to make my eyes really smiley because I’m wearing a mask.

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Same, but Different

Yikes! I forgot to write a post last night! We had parents-to-school night last night, so I got home later than usual, then it went out of my head.

It was a good night. The parents were all happy their kids were in school, and they were good with the precautions we were taking. They like the fun blinking light hand-washing thing I got from Amazon. You push the “hand” button, and it blinks for 20 seconds to let you know how long to wash your hands.

They also liked my usual first day of school get-to-know-you activity where I have the kids trace their foot or shoe and write words in it to describe them, like their favorite food and the name of their pet and stuff. The parents always have fun guessing which one is their student’s foot.

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Postal Plants

During quarantine, I ordered some plants. Logee’s, one of my favorite mail-order places, uses USPS priority mail to ship things, so shipping is just normal price. Woo hoo!

I ordered patchouli. I like how it smells, in spite of it’s free-wheeling sixties associations.

I also ordered a kind of flowering olive bush. I had a relative of this bush in my back yard in Baltimore. The scent was powerful and amazing! I’m hoping this will smell as good.

Olive on the left, patchouli on the right.

As an added treat, I need new pots to hold these plants. Yay! I love shopping for pots! I will take my time and find exactly the right ones!

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A Moment for Mementos

One of the things I ordered during my days of quarantine was a picture frame. I had printed a panoramic picture from my vacation in the Philippines, and needed a frame.

It finally came, and I knew exactly where I would hang the picture: over my dresser. My dresser holds my rings and watch and such, so I go to it every evening and every morning. I put several keepsakes there, so I see them all the time. Now I also see a picture of a beautiful sunrise.

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