Outside Inside

I have arranged to have my lanai floor replaced. It’s a bigger job than I’m willing to take on right now, so I’m paying someone to do it.

The contractor said he would start yesterday, so I cleaned all the plants and chairs out of the way. After I got everything inside, I saw my resident lanai gecko run under my tv stand. I think it’s an inside gecko now.

Here’s a picture of it from a few days ago, when it was still an outside gecko:

The contractor didn’t end up coming. He had a pipe burst in a different unit, so he had to deal with that yesterday. It’s a big enough problem he asked for a delay til next Monday. I’m in no big hurry, so I said I’d see him then. I think I might need to take my plants back outside again though…

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  1. Lauren says:

    So….. Gus has a new friend, eh? They probably watch t.v. and drink your booze together while you’re at work. Those lazy guys.

  2. Debbie says:

    He’s cute and colorful! You should make him a little apartment in your living room! As Lauren said, they can hang out and have happy hour all day!

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Dryer Drama

Yesterday I spent all day at school. Nothing exciting to report about that. But on Saturday I did something very exciting – I fixed my broken dryer!

The little switch that stops the dryer when you open the door was already broken when I moved in. If I wanted to stop the dryer, I had to turn the dial to “off”. It was inconvenient, but not bad enough to stop me from doing laundry.

It was always stuck in the mashed down position.

It was always stuck in the mashed down position.

But then last week, my dryer stopped working entirely. An internet search suggested that the switch was to blame. A little more searching, and I found the broken part on Amazon. Nice!

It came on Saturday, and I put it in that evening. The dryer works! Yay!

This is the old broken one.  Such a little thing to cause such a big problem.

This is the old broken one. Such a little thing to cause such a big problem.

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Strolling and Scratching

I went on an adventure yesterday. I haven’t been to Lahaina in a long time, so I decided to go there and walk on Front street.

It was fun to walk through some of the stores and mingle with all the people. When I got down to the banyan tree, I remembered a place I visited in 2013. It has many tropical plants for sale, and some pet birds, and a teacup pig. Yay!

I went inside, but the pig was gone. Dang. But the birds were there. An older couple were in there, and were being really friendly and talking about how the bird likes to be touched and that I should hold my finger out for it to stand on, and next thing I knew, it was on my shoulder.

The bird was so friendly. She loved to have her head scratched.

I tried to put her back on her perch several times, but she didn’t want to go back. After maybe the sixth try, she did go back, but then she put her foot out like she was reaching for me. Awww… it was so sweet…

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Close Sight

Something happened to my eyes over the summer. Before, close things were a little blurry, but I could still see them. Now, things are blurry enough that I need to do something about it.

Reading glasses work, and I’ve started to use them on a limited basis at school. But when I’m home, I just take out my contacts. When I’m not wearing lenses to correct my far-sightedness, I can see close things just fine. So if I’m wearing glasses, all I have to do is lift them.

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Unintended Target

On Wednesday morning, the sky and mountains outside my classroom looked like a Bob Ross painting. Just as I was raising my phone to take a picture of it, I noticed the woman across the street sitting in her chair.

She's sitting right next to the white SUV.

She’s sitting right next to the white SUV.

I took pictures of other parts of the sky to show her I wasn’t trying to take a picture of her…

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