The Lights of Christmas

The other day, Peggy texted me some Christmas pictures. Here is one of the sparkly ones:

I haven’t visited any Christmas Wonderlands here. I’ve only seen a few Christmas decorations at the malls. I’ve been told that that the resort hotels decorate for Christmas. Maybe I should visit them.

Of course, I do have my Christmas lights up at home, but they don’t look very traditionally Christmasy with a tropical sunset and palm tree in the background:

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  1. Lauren says:

    I don’t know. That could be the cover of a Jimmy Buffet Christmas album…..

    Sleight bells ring, let’s go surfin’
    See a shaaaark wave with her fin.
    A tropical night, we’re feelin’ alright,
    Livin’ in an island wonderland….

    • Peggy says:

      Love it Lauren! Please add another stanza & then have you and Lloyd sing it. I’ll be waiting for that.

      And Hehe……when I brought up this site, I was taken aback for a second. My picture is wintery……yours is breathtaking!

      • Lauren says:

        Gone away, is the gecko,
        No he’s back. What the hecko?
        Those dang centipedes, my scissors I needs.
        Living in an island wonderland.

        On the Road to Hana we’ll be drivin’,
        Hours and hours and hours and hours.
        Then back to the beach where we’ll go divin’,
        Then hikin’ through the jungle with the flower.

        Later on, we’ll go sailin’,
        Leaky boat, we’ll be bailin’.
        We’ll sink a bit more, then we’ll swim to shore,
        Livin’ in an island wonderland.

        • Peggy says:

          Hecko……Hahaha!! Love it!! Just brilliant!!

          Now, just one more request….you & Lloyd singing it ….like when when you did the one like Baby It’s Cold Outside

  2. ANN Bergman says:

    The hotels in Kihei do a fantastic job decorating their lobbies and grounds for the holidays. We went several years as a staff to walk through them as part of our Christmas parties. Well worth it. Almost made it feel like Christmas for those of us really missing the snow.

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Empty Space

I really don’t like doing laundry. It’s the easiest thing in the world at my apartment. The washer and dryer are so easily accessible. I even have an extra-tall bed to fold laundry on.

But it still is just a terrible chore for some reason.

The last couple of weeks I’ve had a kind of a pile up of laundry. I originally put it on my bedroom floor so I could sort it into different loads, but I never finished, and the pile of laundry was there permanently. Until now.

I need to vacuum.

I need to vacuum.

Yay! I did the last load and cleared the floor! It may not seem like a big deal, but I consider it a major accomplishment.

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Beach Sighting

I don’t really go to the beach that often. I could be posting pictures like this every day:

This place is called Wailea Beach.

This place is called Wailea Beach.

Yesterday was an unusual day. Yesterday I went to the beach. I hung out with David and Barbara and Sarah, all co-workers of mine. It was windy and sort of cool, but it was a good day at the beach.

I was excited to look up and see a condo on the hill overlooking the beach, because I recognized it. It was in the “for sale” listings I’ve been looking at online. I was not considering buying it, because it’s 25 million dollars, but I did look at the pictures online. It’s gorgeous, and the views are astounding. If anyone out there wants to buy it for me, I’d be really grateful.

This picture looks a little weird because I fiddled with the color and brightness to help make the building more visible.

This picture looks a little weird because I fiddled with the color and brightness to help make the building more visible.

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Tetrahedron Tree Time

We made our fractal Christmas tree at school this week. Yesterday was the feverish push to finish two more third-step tetrahedrons and join them with the first two to make a fourth-step tetrahedron.

I wanted the kids to take more care with the folding and the taping, but in the end, I had to let go of my concerns and just let them do it.

It looks great!

We assembled the final product on my desk because it's the largest flat surface besides the floor.

We assembled the final product on my desk because it’s the largest flat surface besides the floor.

It's big.

It’s big.

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Mixing Methods

I wanted something sweet after dinner last night, so I made some delicious frosting for graham crackers. For the frosting, I mix butter, vanilla extract, milk, and powdered sugar.

I’ve been experimenting a little with the order of mixing. I’ve been melting the butter, then trying to decide what to mix in next. If I add cold milk, that will make the butter coagulate, right? I’ve tried a few approaches:
mixing the powdered sugar with the butter before adding the milk, or
warming the milk along with the butter, or
adding only little bits of milk to the butter at a time and stirring vigorously

Honestly, I can’t really tell a difference. It just tastes like sugar. Mmm… sugar…

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