Something Old, Something New

I was talking about date trees in religion class, and several of the kids didn’t know what they were. In situations like this, I often think of a comic about that talks about how you react when you hear someone say they haven’t heard of something that you think they should know about: you can make fun of them, or you can tell them about it and enjoy their reaction. The comic says it’s much more fun to tell them about it. HERE it is if you want to see it.

So I went to the grocery store and got some dates, and brought them to school. I was impressed – all the kids tasted them. No one liked them though, so I ate the rest of the bag over the course of a few days. Yesterday I ate the last of them.

They are sweet, but not really my favorite.

They are sweet, but not really my favorite.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I am sorry to say that I have never eaten a date. That probably makes me a weeny, but they do not sound appealing. Maybe I’ll be brave like your students.

    Your quiz looks fascinating. What do the G P S stand for? Or are those just P and S. Subject / Predicate? The creaky gears in my brain are trying to turn.

  2. Kristi says:

    I have a friend who goes to Arizona for the winter. She brings back fresh dates for me. I put them in zucchini bread. Yummy!

  3. Carol says:

    Gotta love a diet including dates. According to SmartCookie, allegedly they 1) lower cholesterol 2) are full of protein, iron and vitamins 3) promote bone health 4) strengthen t he nervous system 5) promote good digestion 6) can improve skin elasticity 7) can help you lose weight, especially when eaten with cucumber (?!) and 8) can fix a handover (!!) While you might not want to share all these benefits with your students (ahem), the rest might encourage them to try the again some day. Or not. More for us then. 😉

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Text Tomfoolery

The staff at my school here are active texters. We have a group text going that people ask questions in, and others answer back with serious and joke answers. It’s fun. 🙂

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An New Old Friend

I saw a gecko in my house! Finally! I like geckos. They look really friendly and cute, and they eat bugs. They do poop on stuff, so that’s a negative, but other than that, they’re all positive for me. The one I saw was on the sliding door to my lanai.

My apartment is freakishly hot when I come home, so I have to open the windows to let the heat out. Sometimes the wind is blowing hard enough to cool it down. Sometimes the heat kind of slowly leaks out.

Anyway, I had opened the lanai door when I first got home, and later when I walked past, I saw the gecko. It wasn’t in full-blown speckly gold and green color, but I think it was a Gold Dust Gecko. Cool!

I need to get a TV cabinet so I can hide my printer.

I need to get a TV cabinet so I can hide my printer.

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The Same and Different

Yesterday morning was our first Monday Assembly at school. The whole school gathered, we said the pledges, sang Happy Birthday to the birthday people, and heard some announcements.

It’s funny because it is almost exactly what we did on Mondays at my old school. The settings are also similar: both beautiful locations. In Baltimore, we gathered in the sanctuary, surrounded by stained glass and polished wood. In Maui, we gather in the courtyard, surrounded by the colors of nature and living wood. What nice memories… what a beautiful present.

I sneaked a picture during the announcements.

I sneaked a picture during the announcements.

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Spare Produce

A lot of people have fruits growing in their yards. When they get too many at once, they give them away. I’ve had a few “hands” of bananas given to me already, but yesterday in church there was a box full of starfruit. I’ve had starfruit before, but didn’t remember what it tasted like. I was one of the last people to leave, so Judy (the wife of the retired pastor) said I should take several. I did.

The yellower they are, the riper they are.

The yellower they are, the riper they are.

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