Sierpinski Christmas Tree

We’ve been doing origami and papercrafts in Art for the last few weeks. Brent had sent me a link for THIS page, and we assembled the cubes. I also assembled the octahedron, because I was curious to see if I could.

The box is easy and fun.

The box is easy and fun.

In the sidebar, there was a link to make a Christmas tree out of paper. I clicked it. HERE is the page, and HERE is the original blog entry by the teacher who did it.

The idea is that you make paper tetrahedrons, and tape them together to make a Sierpinski Triangle. The process is time-consuming, but the result is fascinating. We only got enough tetrahedrons made for three of the 16-piece tetrahedrons. One more 16-piece, and we could have assembled a 64-piece tetrahedron.

Part of the difficulty of the project was that assembling the tetrahedrons takes precision and patience, and most of the kids weren’t feeling much like being precise and patient at the end of a Friday. There were many paper cutters and paper folders, but the taping was done only by me and one other.

Still, it’s kind of exciting. I think I’ll have us continue so that we can have a final product and a fractal Christmas tree. Maybe I’ll make the top tetrahedron out of yellow paper. It’ll look like a star!

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  1. Carol says:

    One of the electives at Trinity in Joppa (where I pinch hit 2 days/week) is origami, and the lady who leads the middle schoolers through it has done some cool figures – but nothing like this! I’ll have to share your blog with her next week, though I doubt her crew would be any more patient or precise.

    Wonder if there was an origami Advent wreath anywhere? Hmm…

  2. Lauren says:

    Holy cats! Those are crazy! How on earth?? I will have to go look at those links, but man – those are so cool!

  3. Michele says:

    Love this! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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Just a Couple of Things

Yesterday after school I stopped at the office supply store. I was just going to get some red and green paper to do Christmas decorations today in art.

I ended up getting a few more things. But they were wonderful, useful, impulsively-bought things.

It was like Christmas in December!

Everything was for my classroom except the candy bar, which was for my stomach.

Everything was for my classroom except the candy bar, which was for my stomach.

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Cardboard Can’t

I haven’t gotten a night stand for my bedroom yet. I’m currently using a couple of boxes with a cloth over them.

I wouldn’t need anything more fancy, except I want to put a lamp next to the bed. Whenever I want light, I either have to use the light switch in the wall, or I have to use the light from my iPad screen.

One of these days I’ll get around to acquiring a night stand. Til then, the boxes and lack of light will have to do.

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The kindergarten and first grade from my school were involved in a music celebration/contest yesterday called “Na Mele O Maui”, which means: “The Music of Maui”

The kids were assigned one song to sing, and were to select one other song as well. Our group was awesome! They won first place in their age division! Woo hoo!

The picture is blurry because it was very dark and I was far away.

The picture is blurry because it was very dark and I was far away.

The assigned song was called ‘Eleu Mikimiki. It was stuck in my head all day. HERE it is for your enjoyment and head-stucking.

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Cool Cat

I’ve decided to stick with the air conditioning. Gus likes it.

I came home yesterday evening and turn on the air conditioner. After eating, I didn’t see Gus. I looked in my bedroom and saw this:

He likes the cold air and warm blanket. I do too. “Like owner, like pet.” Ha!

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