Not Much to Show for It

I had big plans for yesterday – I was going to organize the tools and whatnot from when I worked on my porch. It’s all in a big pile in the basement. I was also going to do some long-range planning for school. I was also going to do several smaller cleaning projects around my house.

I didn’t do any of that.

I cleaned my fish tank, and I hung my sword on the wall. The rest of the time just kind of went by quickly. I’m glad I got at least got a couple things done, but it didn’t feel like a very productive day.

In the frame is a map from 'The Hobbit'.  The other side of the paper is the certificate of authenticity.

In the frame is a map from ‘The Hobbit’. The other side of the paper is the certificate of authenticity.

I heard that there are some long-range weather forecasts that suggest March will bring some snow days. Perhaps if that happens I can be a little more productive. Or maybe all those things will have to wait for summer. Dang it.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I think you were plenty productive. The sword looks great!

    If you really need stuff sorted, I’ll send Lloyd out. He’s great at that kind of stuff – like some kind of robot.

  2. Bev Greunke says:

    Productivity Is Subjective…..Different People Have Different Levels…..Sometimes It’s Just Getting Out Of Bed And Getting Dressed. (I know people who don’t get dressed unless they are going out of the house!) YOU DID GOOD!!!! I went to a movie yesterday….”Fences” ….Have you seen it? I thought it was good. Today, I haven’t done a “cotton pickin’ ” thing (yet!)….My last years receipts/bills/etc. are laying here ready to be sorted for income tax, but they are just laying here. They didn’t magically get done…YET!!! Until then, I hear my recliner calling my name….maybe T.V…..maybe a crossword puzzle/word search….maybe a little reading…..maybe ????? Hanging Something On The Wall Is Definitely Productive!!! Think of All That Went With It…..”Where Do I Hang It?” “How High?” “Getting/Finding The Hammer & Nails”….So Many Details Went Into Your Task!!!! A Job Well Done!! I’d Say!!! Sending ((((HUGS)))) & Love From Arlington….Aunt Bev 🙂

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Strange Sunday

It was so interesting to have my schoolwork done already yesterday. I usually work after church and don’t get home until 3 or 4, at which time I mostly just pout until bedtime. Instead of doing that yesterday, I went to the mall! Woo hoo!

I recently tore one of my long-sleeve shirts while taking it off (I must be getting stronger), so I wanted to find a new shirt. I found two. They were both only $12. Awesome!

The Gus is for scale.

The Gus is for scale.

In the evening, I watched some TV and didn’t pout at all.

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Something Different

I wanted to do something unusual this weekend because it’s an unusually long weekend. I briefly considered an overnight in a hotel, but I have to play piano for the childrens choir this morning in church, so I had to stay local.

Instead, I asked Denis to go on a road trip. We decided to visit the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. I hear about it every once in a while and have been curious about it. It is a collection of medical specimens and oddities originally gathered for doctors to look at. Now it’s open to the public.

It was a really cool old building.

It was a really cool old building.

It was smaller than I thought, and really crowded. It was interesting though. They don’t let you take pictures inside because many of the displays are actual body parts from actual people, and they say pictures would be disrespectful. I only got slightly queasy. There were LOTS of fetuses in jars.

After the museum, we went to King of Prussia mall. I have been there before, but I forgot how truly gigantic it is. We walked and walked and walked, and I still think we might have missed some of the mall. It was cool though.

They have every store imaginable.

They have every store imaginable.

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Day Two

Today is already the second day of my weekend. Woo hoo! We are off on President’s Day, but we also take the Friday before off too. It’s called “Winter Break” and is there in case we don’t get any snow days. Believe me, we really need this break. The kids have been so squirrely lately, and the teachers have been so sick.

I got up at my regular school day time yesterday and went in to school. I got caught up on all my grading. I have a little planning to do before Tuesday, and of course there is always a lot of long-term stuff, but otherwise, this will be a worry-free, guilt-free weekend of relaxing.

I didn’t take a picture of my classroom work yesterday, so here’s a picture of Gus sitting next to me in the dark this morning:

The aquarium light looks bright in this picture.  It's pretty dark in the room though.

The aquarium light looks bright in this picture. It’s pretty dark in the room though.

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Inflatable Valentine

I got a valentine from a student on Wednesday that was a little foil package I was supposed to lay on a table and punch. That was supposed to break a packet inside that inflated a small balloon. It mostly worked (I had to help the balloon break free from the packaging).

It was very interesting. I had never seen such a thing before. The balloon made sizzling noises while it inflated, and it got cold. I was curious, so I cut the balloon open:

Clear plastic packet and some water.

Clear plastic packet and some water.

I did a little searching on the internet, and it appears to have been an acid/carbonate reaction that produces carbon dioxide (like vinegar and baking soda). Clever.

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