Dry Palms

I didn’t do anything but work in my classroom yesterday, so here’s a picture of something I didn’t know existed until I saw it on Saturday:

Hand antiperspirant? I was amazed! But I was also glad for people who have sweaty palms. It must be great to have a product that can help them with their thing.

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2 Responses to Dry Palms

  1. Lauren says:

    I need this to stay in my pocket for church. During the prayer right before the passing of the peace, my palms turn into sprinklers. Nobody needs my sweaty peace.

  2. Debbie says:

    Interesting. There is something for everything it seems. I don’t have sweaty palms but that product would be handy as a body suit several times a day……?

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Small Start

I’ve been thinking about painting my living room. Lauren has been inspiring me with posts about painting her bathroom, so yesterday I decided to do some small thing to get started.

I decided I would take the hooks out of the wall. When I moved in, there were some giant hooks screwed into the wall. I think they were for oars.

They came out pretty easily, but I couldn’t find my patching compound, so that’s as far as I got.

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Dispenser Difference

Ever since I re-did the bathrooms, I’ve been trying to put finishing touches on them.

Finding soap dispensers has taken a surprisingly long time. Over Christmas break, I looked in several stores on the mainland, but none had any dispensers I liked. I already had something from Target in the full-bathroom, so I wondered if I could find one like it online.

I didn’t, but I did find one that had the same color and finish, but was a different shape and design. I decided to get it.

The new one is on the left.

I like them. They’re the same, but different. It seems fancy 🙂

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Boxes of Bags

When I made my lunch yesterday morning, I used the last sandwich bag in my drawer. It surprised me, because it was a big box.

That box of Malama bags are from house guests.

Then I went into my pantry to get a new box, because I bought a multi-pack of boxes of sandwich bags at Costco when I first moved here. I was surprised again. There was only one box left.

I’ve used a lot of sandwich bags. Sorry, Lauren. Sorry, ocean.

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Wall of Wonder

I had some errands to run after school last night. My errands led me to Walmart, where I passed by this display:

It is one of my favorite candies. …a LOT of it …for SUPER cheap. I should have bought a bunch of them and stockpiled them.

But I know myself. If I would have bought several boxes of them, I would have eaten at least two boxes last night. I have poor self-control. 🙁

Hopefully others will find delight in these candies. I can only look in amazement.

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