Unusual Spot

On the way to my regular church, I pass the mall, and every Sunday there are signs out that say a church meets in the theater at the mall. In the theater! I’ve wanted to go there for a long time. Yesterday, I finally went.

This is the mall entrance. I couldnt get a picture during the service.  It was packed.

This is the mall entrance. I couldnt get a picture during the service. It was packed.

The service and theology were similar to the last church I visited. The feel was different though. The preacher seemed like a lay person. He talked about Father’s Day. His message wasn’t polished, but it was earnest. I liked it.

The crowd was different, too. They were very vocal, and interacted with one another as if they all knew each other. There was a strong family feeling there.

The service was an hour and fifteen minutes long. Afterward, I stopped at Starbucks.
It was literally on the way out! I got a chai latte. I hadn’t had one of those in ages.

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  1. Lauren says:

    What a great experience! I love that this is something you do. Was it weird being in a theater chair or was is so comfortable you are going to suggest it to all churches? 🙂

    • Brad says:

      The seat was very comfortable. I was glad this theater didn’t have reclining seats though. I would have been asleep for sure, no matter how exciting the music was.

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Christmas in June

I got a craving for what my family calls Christmas cookies, so I decided to make some. But somehow I didn’t pack my rolling pin or my cookie cutters. It was surprisingly hard to find those. I got the rolling pin from Target, and the cookie cutters from Macy’s (thank you, Martha Stewart). They were summer themed shapes.

I was talking with my coworker Chloe at school on Friday, and asked if she and her fiance and family wanted to come over to help me frost the cookies. She said yes. Yay! It’s so much more fun to frost cookies with other people! I baked them on Friday and got everything ready for frosting on Saturday.

The kids were funny. They are um… three? and five? (shoot, I should know that). It was so fun to watch them work. And of course their cookie creations were awesome.

I used a sheet to catch the spare frosting and sprinkles. it was a work of art by the end of our work time.

Because I usually only make these at Christmas time, I had to do at least one Christmas design. I turned a star into a Santa.

And now comes the part that is the most fun: eating them!

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Yesterday I left my apartment early so I could take my truck to the mechanic. My compressor has been working, but the fan hasn’t been blowing. It was okay during the winter, but the temperatures are getting hotter, and I really need my air conditioner.

Anyway, as I was heading out the door, I couldn’t find my keys. I looked in all the usual places, and even some unusual ones. Then I looked here:

They were in the door. I don’t even remember why I put them there. Maybe when I unlocked the door I got distracted and left them? Sheesh!

But I am very happy to report that my truck air conditioner works again. Yay! The cool air feels so good!

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Conclusive Evidence

When Gus had skin problems, I got some prescription food. After giving him some medicine, his skin problems went away, but I had all this special food left over, so I have been mixing it with his regular food.

Yesterday, I decided to stop mixing the prescription food in. That way, when I’m gone, it’ll just be regular food and no need for mixing.

In the evening Gus was scratching a lot. I don’t like him to scratch until he bleeds, so I went over to interrupt him. Then I saw the spots. He had the little red spots on him again.

I think I’ve confirmed it – it was his food all along. The partial mixture I’ve been using must’ve been just enough prescription food to keep the bumps away. I’ll need to go to the vet to get some more prescription food now. I’m not happy to have a special-needs cat, but I am happy to know what was causing the itchy bumps.

I gave him a bath to soothe his itching, then re-mixed his food.

I heat a towel in the dryer to wrap him in after a bath.

I heat a towel in the dryer to wrap him in after a bath.

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Collection Complete

While I’m gone to Nebraska, my classroom aquarium will be unattended. I got an automatic fish feeder. It can be programmed to feed the fish up to four times a day. I’ve programmed it for two.

The container of the feeder is too big for how much food I had. I decided to pick some up from the aquarium store. While I was there, I looked at the fish. I wasn’t going to buy any, but they had albino corydoras catfish. Dang. I had to buy them. I’ve been looking for them.

Now I have bottom dwellers. My aquarium is complete.

The top swimmers are guppies. They are a beautiful gold color. They were swimming too fast for me to get a non-blurry picture.

The reflection in the glass sort of looks like a bare bottom, but it's just my knuckles.

The reflection in the glass sort of looks like a bare bottom, but it’s just my knuckles.

The middle swimmers are neon tetras. I love them. They’re so blue and red and shiny.

They look so cheery to me.

They look so cheery to me.

And the bottom swimmers are the corys. I got albinos so they would be highly visible. They also have a nice shimmery sheen, so that’s nice.

The clearest picture, because it was just holding still.

The clearest picture, because it was just holding still.

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