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I have an orange tree in a pot. It isn’t an orange orange. It’s a mini orange. It’s called a Calamondin Orange. I like the smell of the flowers. And it blooms quite profusely. But it’s not as easy to take care of as my moth orchid is. Sometimes it gets red spider mites, so I have to give it a shower. (Red spider mites don’t like water. They wash off and drown, or they get wet and don’t mate. Either way, they’re taken care of.)

I take the orange tree outside during the summer, but in winter, it’s in my bedroom. It hasn’t flowered since I brought it in, but it’s covered with oranges. The oranges are edible. They aren’t as sweet as regular oranges, but they do definitely taste orangey. What will I do with 30 or 40 tiny oranges?

Orange? Tree?

This is actual size.  No tricks of scale like Lloyd did...

I also would like to take this time to announce new category in the margin. I seem to be posting a lot on my outdoor and indoor plants. I’m going to put them all in a category called “gardening”.

I’m not ashamed to be posting about houseplants. It’s what I do. I’m a gardener!


  1. Lloyd

    30-40 tiny oranges? It shouldn’t be hard to take care of any elf “problems” that pop-up this holiday season.

  2. Lauren

    You need yourself some whole cloves, and you can make some awesome-smelling pomanders. (Spelling?)

  3. Michele

    You’re right – you should not be ashamed about being a gardener. There are many other reasons for you to be ashamed – like your policy on grading (or should I say “not” grading!) OR your desire to pick up unopened food items off of the middle school building floor and eat them.

    Oh my gosh – you won’t believe this (unless you’re watching Saturday Night Live) while I was typing, the SNL skit involved a character named Brad! He was a fast food employee. I can almost picture you saying, “Would you like fries with that?”

    O-kee-doke-ee – I’ve been grading too long – it’s midnight. Time to turn in so I can make it to church in the morning!

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