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Lock-In Again

There was another lock-in last night at school. This was for someone who won it at our auction last year. We were a little overdue in delivering it. This was a group of twelve seventh grade boys. It was a lot of fun!

They dragged each other down the hallway in sleeping bags:

They had a TP-mummy competition:
The curse of the mummy: blindness?

Of course we were in the gym a lot. They played basketball and dodgeball, but the big game of the evening was floor hockey:
Check! Goal! (Are those things you might yell at a hockey game? Not being familiar with hockey, I would not know.)

Most of them conked out around 3:00am.
(I took this picture in the morning when there was more light.)

But there was a group who were committed to staying awake. Five of them made it to 5:00 or so, then three of them made it to 6:00. Finally, it was only two that made it to the morning. Congrats to them!

I got a couple of hours of sleep in a couple of naps. I’ll be sleeping later today I’m sure, but it’s so nice out I hope I can work in the garden a little before Sleep takes me.


  1. Kim

    One week ago you were in Amsterdam-what a difference a week makes!

    • Peggy

      But I’m sure your body is saying “What the … ?”

      First time differences going, then jet lag; then jogging; then more sleep deprivation; what’s next?

      Glad you had fun at the lock in!
      By the way, how do you win a TP mummy competition?

  2. Michele

    What!? No picture of the gooey brownie – ice cream sundae – hot fudge treats we made? 🙂 That was the best part for me! Yummmmm

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