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Hand Soap

I’ve searched a long time for a good bathroom hand soap. When it comes down to it, the kind of soap you use hardly matters. Hand washing is all about the mechanical action of rubbing your hands under water, not some miracle combination of plant extracts and alcohols. In fact, I’ve read many articles that say you should specifically avoid anti-bacterial soaps. I just want something that smells good.

I started my search at Williams Sonoma. It’s a fancy kitchen place at Towson Mall. I liked the smells of their soaps, so I got one. It ended up being too strong – I choked on the scent. So I got a different one from them. I choked on that too. The third time I thought I would get it right. Nope. So I tried Bath and Body Works. That’s the place with the soap with dots, right? I found a flavor I liked and got it. It was too strong also. If I washed my hands right before I ate, all my food tasted like the soap smelled. And while I enjoy the smell of clean laundry, it doesn’t go very well with beef.

Then one day while I was washing dishes I was struck with inspiration. Why not use dish soap? It has a variety of smells, and when you rinse it off, there’s only the barest trace of scent left. The next time I was at the grocery store, I got a nice grapefruit flavored soap, and the rest is history.

Smell today, gone tomorrow.  Or, er, as soon as you rinse.


  1. Lauren

    Plus, it’s so pretty! Like a grapefruit jewel.

    I bought some Dial foam-soapers a while back and just refill them with a squirt of soap and some water, but I broke the one in the kitchen last week. Now it’s a useless bottle of blue-ish water that’s just sittin’ there by the sink.

    • Annette

      You’ll need to buy a new sink that has a soap dispenser built in. I’m in for next Friday.

  2. Beth

    I have a hand soap fetish, too. Is it genetic?

  3. Peggy

    So they sell grapefruit smelling dish detergent?

    I love your super shiney faucet & sink. That’s my fetish. I can’t stand soap scum, of any scent, splattered in the bathroom. It goes back to my 1st pregnancy when I spent A LOT of time with my head in the sink & not a lot of time cleaning. Soap scum still makes me gag. I know…TMI.

    Funny post.

    • Beth

      Funny Peggy. I have a thing for clean toilets…for the same pregnancy reason…

      • Annette

        Man, you ladies could hold it for a long time. I just had a paper bag by my bed, right next to the fabled saltine crackers which were supposed settle the stomach.

        • Annette

          BTW–nice idea Brad!

    • Lauren

      No pregnant people can visit my house. They’d be barfing all over my gross fixtures.

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