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Another Visit with Max

I went to Destyny Sphynx yesterday again. It was time for another visit with Max. When I got there, he was asleep. Carole said the kittens had all been awake and running around like crazy about twenty minutes earlier. Now they were sleeping. She woke Max up and handed him to me. He was very groggy, but he purred.

After he woke up a little, he walked around some. There was an adult cat that was in a playful mood and Max watched him play for a while.

His eyes aren't really that weird looking. Its a trick of the flash.

I put him up on a chair after a while. He started to wake up and play a little.


He chewed on my finger a little. It was cute, except for the puncture wound from his needle-like teeth.

A fierce beast.

I'm flying to Nebraska today.

After he woke up fully, he was quite playful.

Looking dangerous.

But he was quick to just sit and look cute, too.


Carole put him in the “soccer field” after he woke up. It’s a pen that has a bunch of balls in it. He knocked a ball around for a while. It was cute. I took some movies. Click the links below:

Lauren, if you’re reading this post already, hang on… I’m uploading to YouTube.
Sheesh! It’s taking forever. There are three movies total.
Sorry I didn’t “embed” them, everybody, but this post already has a lot of pictures. I have to conserve bandwidth.



  1. Lauren

    I am reading already – chop chop! It’s 6:30 where you are!

    He is ADORABLE! Why can’t they mutate those cats just a little bit more and make them stay tiny? They’d sell like hotcakes – little hairless hotcakes.

  2. Lauren

    Awwwwww. I love the soccer pit – that’s a genius idea! He’s super-cute. (Bring him here.)

  3. Peggy

    HE’S PERFECT … JUST PERFECT!! Max — you’re awesome! And the movies are great … more movies, more movies, more movies.

    Now, just in case, you know, you end up in a giant fireball later today … I think it would be wise to designate now who gets Max. Keep in mind I’m the biggest overall animal lover in the group & biggest spoiler of pets.

  4. Peggy

    Oops … I meant to say purrrrfect!

  5. Beth

    I’m certain you’ll be setting up a soccer field in your kitchen, right? Because that’s too awesome! 😀

  6. Deanne

    Yes! Yes! Set up a soccer field!!

  7. Kim

    Love kitty kat posts!
    Kan’t wait to meet Max!

    • Kim

      And Destyny Sphynx must be the name of the strip club downstairs from cattery-where are the pictures of that?

  8. Michele (at the lake)

    Michael Steppe says Max has sweet soccer skilz – he can practice with the team this fall. Hey – he could be their mascot!

  9. Karla

    Max has a lot of growing to do so his skin fits better…

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