Orange Zest

I found a new toothpaste to try! The brand is called “The Natural Dentist”. And it’s orange flavor! Being a fan of orange-flavored toothpaste, I had to get it.

My requirements for toothpaste are: no sodium saccharin, it must have fluoride, and I must like the taste.

This toothpaste has no sodium saccharin. It does have fluoride. I do like the taste. It’s a winner! But I’m sorry, Natural Dentist people, I like the taste of Burt’s Bees Orange Wow better. But I will certainly enjoy using this tube of toothpaste until it is gone.

Orange zest!

Here’s something interesting about “natural” toothpastes: they often do not have sodium lauryl sulfate in them. I personally don’t have anything against it, but I guess I understand why some people would – it’s an ingredient in soap and shampoo. And I guess it’s a chemical. I don’t have any problems with chemicals. Sodium lauryl sulfate makes things foamy, so if it is missing, toothpaste doesn’t foam. It feels a little weird, and if I were honest, I guess I’d have to say I miss it. But it’s worth not having foam if that means no weird aftertaste from sodium saccharin…

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  1. Lauren says:

    I think you need to gather these posts together in some kind of massive Toothpaste Review book since you really are becoming quite the consumer expert.

    Personally, I’m having trouble imagining brushing with a fruit flavor. Cinnamon is the craziest I’ve ever used, and that was way, way out of my box.

  2. Carol says:

    After skimming , I don’t think I’d miss the foamy part of my toothpaste, soaps or shampoos any more if they lacked that stuff. Scary….but who knows who these natural-health-information-centre people are anyway?! I mean, if they can’t even spell “center” correctly…

    • Brad says:

      Wait… sodium lauryl sulfate can give me menopause?!?

      • Peggy says:

        Ahhhh! Now something else to worry about. My new quest: find all cleaning products that don’t foam!

        Or…I could just go with, ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…..or in some cases, turns you into a woman.’

  3. anna says:

    Weird. : )

  4. anna says:


  5. anna says:

    Sorry that was my cat walking on the key board.

  6. anna says:


  7. anna says:

    Bad Snowy! That’s not a pleasant thing to type!

  8. anna says:

    It’s crazy,but yes,believe it or not,my cat did that.

    • Brad says:

      I can believe it. The “p” key and “o” key are right next to each other on the keyboard. I don’t like it when Max walks on my laptop keyboard. He sometimes stands on the keyboard because he likes to bite the corners of my laptop screen.

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